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Applied Knowledge Research Institute
Works towards a greater understanding of all aspects relating to the application, organization, representation and dissemination of knowledge. Features research, services and membership information.
Council on Library and Information Resources
Identifies and works on critical issues that affect the welfare and prospects of libraries and archives. Offers publications, summaries of project activity and fellowship information.
Non-profit association of individuals and organizations in the European current research information systems (CRIS) community. Features information about technology, events, publications and membership information.
Information & Knowledge Management Society
Non-profit makes information available through seminars, conferences, networking opportunities, books, journals, and group discussions. Features events, a newsletter and membership information.
Knowledge and Innovation Network
A organization with an interest in enhancing knowledge management practices. Features news, current projects, membership information, and contact details.
Knowledge and Organizational Performance Forum
Global consortium of member organizations engaged in understanding and advancing how organizations derive value from knowledge. Features a research portfolio, publication library, member-only area and contact information.
Knowledge Management Benchmarking Association
Conducting benchmarking studies to identify practices that improve the effectiveness of Knowledge Management activities, the website provides information on its mission and objectives. Extensive link set is also available.
Knowledge Management Consortium International
Membership organization that provides certification training with course descriptions and workshop calendars available.
Knowledge Management Group - Charles Sturt Univers
The Group provides definitions, details of current projects, and contact information.
Knowledge Management in the Federal Government
A premier resource for knowledge management initiatives in the Federal (U.S.) Government. The site contains links for documents, special interest groups, and further resources.
Knowledge Management Network
Based in the Netherlands, the site provides a discussion forum, course information, and details of the Network's publications.
Knowledge Management Professional Society (KMPro)
A non-profit association promoting KM worldwide. Offers details of membership, certification, mentoring, career center, group discussions, blogs, newsletter, journal, partnerships, news and events.
Knowledge Management Research Center
An extensive archive of issues in knowledge management, together with facilities to request professional advice, access reviews, examine projects, and develop careers is offered at the Center's site.
Knowledge Management Research Group (Indonesia)
From the Institute of Technology Bandung, this site contains links to publications produced by the group, descriptions of projects undertaken, and details of events concerning Knowledge Management.
Knowledge Media Institute, Open University
A program of research into Internet collaboration media, multimedia environments for disabled learners, and intelligent agents. Features white papers, staff profiles, news, and employment opportunities.
Knowledge Organization
Group researches theoretical and methodological aspects in the Czech Republic. Offers agenda, abstract, contact information, and links.
Based in Australia, the forum aims to provide networking, discussion, and ideas exchange with global participation. Free membership.
KnowNet Initiative
Uses and propagates ICT models for creating an open system for recognising, valuing, enriching and sharing of local knowledge, in parallel with human capacity building efforts in developing countries. Features resources, news, e-communities, publications, events and contact information.
Loka Institute - Living Knowledge Organization Dat
Offers a publicly-accessible resource for science shops, community-based organizations, government agencies, and universities. Offers background information on individual members and organizations, contact details, and an overview of the project's goals and achievements.
Paradigm Shift International
A forum is provided, resources for knowledge management, collaborative learning resources, and change management information.
Research Center in Knowledge Technololgies
University of Aberdeen project that creates software tools for knowledge management. Features newsletter, papers, brochures, as well as a glossary of terms.
Society of Knowledge Base Publishers
Information professionals engaged in all aspects of managing intellectual assets in a business context. Includes events, articles and membership information.
Swedish Society for Technical Documentation (TLS)
Swedish non-profit organization dedicated to knowledge and documentation management. English content is available.
The Association of Knowledgework
Community network where collaborating minds exchange knowledge to generate ideas. Features conferences, news, a library, white papers and membership information.
The Know Network
International Web-based professional knowledge sharing network. Features membership application, library and contact information. Japanese translation available.
Twin Cities Knowledge Management Forum
Providing the goals of the Forum, also includes member list, meeting dates, meeting notes and presentations.
World Wide Web Consortium
Contact information for the 500 organizations comprising the consortium. The site hosts specifications for Internet protocols, guidelines, software and tools. Foreign language mirrors linked.