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80-20 Software
Enterprise solutions that work with existing infrastructure to simplify knowledge management and improve knowledge worker productivity, including Personal Knowledge Portal to control email chaos for Microsoft Outlook.
Developer of product to search, analyze and manage text-based information. Features overviews, demonstrations and contact information.
Adaptive Solutions
Information management software designed for the collection, storage, management, and distribution of corporate information assets. Features product description and contact details.
AskMe Corporation
Provider of solutions that enable companies to create and manage employee knowledge networks. Features company overview, product description and demo and contact information.
Being Meta
Develops metadata services, technology and applications for content, information and knowledge management services. Features overviews and contact information.
Offers solutions for government and the automotive industry. Features white papers, evaluation demo, and a newsletter.
Click4DS - Decision Support
Web-based tool offers free list prioritization to support decision making. The process is based on voting the relative importance of items in ?pairs?. Lists may be simple or complex. Outbound email is supported. The tools are based on Dr. Thomas Saaty's work on Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP).
An application for managing and searching news articles. Provides a description of the software and contact details.
System for analysing, debugging and delivering knowledge about some domain. Features contact information.
Comintell Inc
Software to visualize the changing external business environment, structure unstructured information, establish portals, promote collaboration, find who knows what, facilitate mentoring, and implement context management.
Commence Corporation
A customer relationship management (CRM) and sales automation software tool for small to mid-size companies. Provides information about the company, news, a calendar of events, as well as testimonials and details on the product.
Provider of business intelligence, enterprise reporting, data transformation and service management solutions. Features case studies, white papers, products overviews and contact information.
Dyna-Q Corporation
Publisher of software for creating problem solving wizards by graphically modeling troubleshooting processes in a decision tree. Offers a description of the product, news, customer support, and contact information for the company.
Software tools to better organize and process information, create and distribute knowledge, transform knowledge into competitive assets, for media companies and major corporations willing to apply a Knowledge Management Strategy to a content creation environment.
Infrastructure software for information delivery.
Bottom-up solutions for individuals, work groups and enterprises. Features news, events, a newsletter and employment opportunities.
Future Edge Ltd.
Offers embedded technology, customizable web and network applications. Features overviews, news and employment opportunities.
General Knowledge Machine Research Group
Open source initiative creating a platform for the development of knowledge-based applications. Features a description of the software, news and download information.
Hindin Communications Ltd
Offers KnowledgeBase, which is a set of modules built around the concepts of capturing a business work flow, improving customer service through easy access to knowledge, and ensuring visibility and access to the processes within an organization. Features news and contact information.
Solutions for developing a standard protocol for the exchange of knowledge. Features a demo lab and employment opportunities.
Internative Solutions Ltd.
Offers solutions for management and personalization of corporate knowledge in the contact center environment, with special focus on the telecommunications industry. Features case studies, news and employment opportunities.
Inxight Software
Unstructured data management solutions.
Provider of self-service search and navigation software for mission-critical applications.
Software for knowledge management, based on concept understanding within unstructured information. History, press, partners, sales, solutions, demonstration.
Karomi Technology
Offers portal software to integrate and deliver personalized aggregations of internal and external information, services, and applications. Features a description of the software, customer support, and contact details.
Captures knowledge automatically by indexing and archiving email discussions. Offers trial version, documentation and testimonials.
KBOS Knowledge Networking Platform
Provides technological infrastructure for the development of unified knowledge and process management solutions. Includes development history.
KMI FolioOne
Web-based application designed to build portfolios of individuals' learning experiences. Features overviews, an FAQ, previews and a demo.
Provider of collaboration and document management solutions. Features white papers, evaluation demo, news, events and employment opportunities.
Knowledge 111
Modular suite of knowledge management and e-learning applications and asset management, reporting and auditing tools. Features overviews, news, resources and contact information.
Knowledge Business Operating System
Provides the technological infrastructure for the development of knowledge management solutions for business, scientific and public organizations or networks. Features development history.
Knowledge Reef
Controlling and spreading knowledge within organizations. Features overviews, help desk, search and contact information.
LTG Systems
A turnkey group decision-making solution that creates and manages decision making, knowledge and projects within organizations. [English, French, German]
Enhances information handling, from inception to delivery, in a collaborative, reactive working environment. Features product overview, demos, FAQs, free trial version and contact information.
Mint MCI
Software for capturing information and experiences, and facilitating staff collaboration via discussions and a skills register. Features product description and contact details.
NetMesh Inc.
Developer of situational software that connects mobile decision makers to dynamically changing enterprise information in real time.
Offers software to increase the power of intellectual capital by harvesting, adapting, and reusing knowledge. Feature press releases, information on the company, as well as contact details.
Optient Systems
Offers SoluDyne, aimed at the aviation maintenance and energy sectors. Features screen shots.
PI ETA Knowledge Engine
Encourages the sharing of expertise and know-how with other members within the organization. Features seminars, articles and forum.
Project Assistants
A process management tool integrated with software for automating methodologies. Offers a demo version, an overview of the software, FAQ, and information about the publisher.
Question Understanding Aid (QUAID)
Software that assists survey methodologists, social scientists, and designers of questionnaires by improving the wording of questions. Features a publications list, project information, as well as contact details.
Resourca Digital Asset Management
Web based digital asset management system offered as licenced installation or externally-hosted ASP. Product information, background, online demo.
Web-based idea management software. Features product information, company profile and contact details.
Retain International
System combines organized sharing of information across a law firm and each lawyer's individual way of working. Features screen shots, technical information, pricing and contact information.
Ribbit Software
Australian developer of browser based tools which include hierarchial categorization of information, document management, resource location and Intranet portal applications. Features company profile, products and contact information.
SAA Consultants
REIMS Knowledge Management Server provides an infrastructure for the acquisition, management, moderation and dynamic publishing of information. Features technical information.
Siderean Software
Builders of search, personalization and CRM applications.
Silent One
An Internet based Knowledge Management product that provides an integrated approach to identifying, capturing, retrieving, sharing, and managing file based information.
Silverback Software
Publisher offers software for knowledge discovery and sharing. Provides product descriptions and contact details.
SilverCloud Software
Natural language knowledge engine and document management system for credit unions. Features information about the software, press releases, FAQ, and contact details.
Strawberry Media Library
Software for managing and sharing electronic files. Offers company profile, FAQ, news, and contact details.
SuperMemo Library
A collection of learning material for SuperMemo software. Offers modules for sale and freeware, as well as a free newsletter. Features hints and tips for users of the software.
Svivot develops and provides professional solutions to the needs of Knowledge Management, Document Management, and Business Intelligence.
Tacit Software, Inc.
Enables employees throughout an organization to connect with one another on key topics.
TAD Spectra
A knowledge-based intranet system. Free download and trial period. Features product information, message board, news and ordering information.
Targit Software
Powerful Business Intelligence tools, that will empower decision makers to perform analysis, ad-hoc queries and even applications without help from the IT department.
Software being developed to share knowledge and provide task management and help desk solutions over the Internet. Offers FAQ, news, and a description of the project.
Textology Inc. Home Site
Technology provider for unstructured information management, categorization, personalization, natural language processing and data retrieval.
The Salamander Organization
Developer of Knowledge Map, which provides a visual representations of business processes and resources, integrating them into a business infrastructure. Features news, articles, downloads and employment opportunities.
Union Square Software Ltd
Publisher of Internet-based knowledge and document management and portal software. Features product description, demo software, testimonials, as well as contact details for the company.
Visual Intelligence Ltd
Publisher of software for compilation, analysis and presentation of data extracted from one or many sources. Features product descriptions, demonstrations and contact details for the company.
Xyvision Enterprise Solutions, Inc.
Provides XML content management, information sharing, workflow and publishing software with integration services that allow organizations to derive and leverage the inherent value of collaborative creation, management, assembly, and distribution of digital assets.
Produces software for KM, document control, manufacturing, and team flowcharting. Provides product overviews and information about the company.