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Heights of Famous People, Trivia Guy, Worlds Fastest Talker
Gliding World Records, Weightlifting Records, World Swimming Records and Rankings
Around the World in Record Time
Describes various attempts to be the first around the world and the ways it was done.
Aviation and Space World Records
Compiled by Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI).
Guinness World Records
Online edition of the book bearing the same title. Features world records arranged by category, the Daily Wow selection, games, and user favorites. Flash plugin recommended for viewing.
International Federation of Memory Sports
Mental records, memory contests and achievements.
International Guinness Record Holders' Club
Information for record breakers, record statistics, contacts for event organizers and record festivals.
Records, amazing stories, supernatural tales and funny pictures.
The Most Translated Web Page
World record attempt for the most translated www page. Contribute by translating this web page to your language.