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Farming Systems, afagrict-l Resources, Cover Crops in West Africa / Plantes de couverture, Lost Crops of Africa: Volume I: Grains
Organizations, African Rainforests and the Conservation of Biodiv, Wildnet Africa Chat
National Parks
The Living Africa: national parks
Water Resources
Emerging Water Management Issues, Management of Water Demand in Africa and the Midd, Managing Water for African Cities, Nile Basin Initiative, Nile Basin Society, Nubian Sandstone Aquifer System, The African Water Page, Water Africa 2003 North, Water Africa 2003 Sub-Sahara Exhibition, Water in Africa
Management and Ranching, African Wild Animals Photography, African Wildlife - Taxonomy, African Wildlife and Conservation, African Wildlife Club, African Wildlife Guide, African Wildlife Photography, AfriCat, Field Guide for Southern African Mammals, Pan Africa News, Rhino SADC
AAAS Africa project
American Association for the Advancement of Science Africa Project: focusses on improving access for African researchers to scientific and technical information, on encouraging other aspects of scientific capacity-building, on articulating research and policy agendas for critical issues facing African science and society, and on promoting productive collaborative ties between US and African scientists and their institutions.
Africa - Forestry, Agroforestry and Environment
Promotes the protection, health and sustainability of African forests and forest environments.
Africa Journals On Line (AJOL)
Offers the contents and abstracts from journals published in Africa in order to promote the awareness and use of African journals in the fields of agricultural sciences, arts, culture and literature, health, science and technology, and social sciences.
Africa Resources Trust
Campaigns for the right of rural communities to benefit from sustainable use of their natural resources -- newsletter, projects, publications.
Africa Volcanoes and Volcanics
Descriptions and maps.
Africa's Natural Resources Conservation and M
Summary Proceedings of the UNU/INRA Regional Workshop. Accra, Ghana - March 1998.
Africa: Environment
African studies links page.
A division of USAID that supports regional networks of African policy makers and scientists in agriculture, natural resource management, and the environment.
African Centre for Technology Studies
An international inter-governmental policy research and training organization located in Nairobi, Kenya. The Centre's activities focus on the implementation of Agenda 21 and related conventions on biological diversity, climate change and desertification.
African Forestry Policy Forum
Proceedings, summaries and case studies: August, 1996.
African Journals Online
Tables of contents and abstracts of articles from journals in agricultural sciences, science and technology, health and social sciences, published in Africa.
African Scientific Societies and Associations
A list compiled by the AAAS in 1998.
African Technology Forum
Practical information on science and technology in Africa to corporations, individuals and institutions in the US, Africa and the rest of the world.
FAO project dealing with land cover assessment for the African continent, based on remote sensing and GIS techniques.
AllAfrica.com: Environment
Links to current news stories from around the continent.
AllAfrica.com: Science and Technology
Links to current news from around the continent.
Arid Climate, Adaptation and Cultural Innovation i
Research on the historical development of the African continent and its people during the last 12,000 years in light of the complex interrelation between Man and changing environmental conditions.
Arid Lands Information Network
A network of Community Development Workers involved in drylands development. Information about activities, partners, publications, technologies.
Basel Convention Regional Centre Pretoria
Aims to assist in building the legal, institutional and technological capacity of English-speaking African countries, enabling the management of hazardous waste in an environmentally sound manner as provided in the Basel Convention.
Centre for Environment Information and Knowledge i
CEIKA's objective is to build African capacity for environmental management through the provision of relevant training and multi-media information and knowledge products.
Chemistry in Africa
A resource for African Chemistry Departments, research and other organizations, plus databases for retrieval of the continent's scientific information.
Climate & Environment in Africa
Columbia University - Area Studies
Down to Earth: Geographical Information for Sustai
Complete text of the 2002 book published by the Board on Earth Sciences and Resources. Covers Agenda 21 implementation, the use of geographic data, and GIS-based decision support systems.
Empowerment for African Sustainable Development
A private non-profit corporation focussing on the empowerment of African people and institutions operating in the area of environmental management and sustainable development.
Environment and Ecology
Stanford University Libraries/Academic Information Resources
Environmental Information System on the Internet
Environmental information management tools for implementing legal instruments related to the environment in Africa. Includes text of environmental legal instruments, training modules (in PDF format), portals for West Africa, Benin, Mali, Senegal, Uganda, North Africa, Morocco.
Famine Early Warning System (FEWS)
Meteorological Analyses, Cold Cloud Top Graphics and Animations, Precipitation Estimates, CPC Global Monitoring and Analysis Products.
United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Famine Early Warning System. Features articles and reports on drought and food shortages.
Food Supply Situation & Crop Prospects in Sub-
Report of the Global Information and Early Warning System (GIEWS) that provides an assessment of the current food supply situation in sub-Saharan Africa. Articles in PDF format.
GeoAfrica Earth Science Resource Directory
Directory of earth science companies who have offices in Africa and who are geared to working in Africa.
Global Environmental Change Program - Africa
Describes GECP research programs in Africa.
Grassroots Indicators for Desertification:
Experience and Perspectives from Eastern and Southern Africa. Documents why grassroots indicators should play a key role in the monitoring, evaluation, and reporting systems for sustainable development and, more specifically, in efforts to reverse desertification and other forms of land degradation (Online book: IDRC Focus Collection).
Medicinal Plant Use in Africa
People and Plants Online - Working Paper 1.
Natural Resources and Rural Development in Arid La
UNU Press online book. Four studies under the overall heading "Obstacles to the Application of Existing Knowledge in Arid Lands".
Natural Resources Development in the Sahel: The Ro
UNU Press online book. Focuses on the problems of socio-economic development, environmental conservation, and the application of scientific knowledge and technological resources in the Sahel.
Participatory Development Communication: A West Af
CIME is a development communication program that reflects the interrelations between Communication at the grassroots level, the exchange of Information, two-way Media, and nonformal Education. This online book presents the conceptual framework that led to the articulation of the CIME program.
Science in Africa
A monthly magazine containing popular articles, research findings, events, scientific developments, and resources about science in Africa.
Scientific African
An African-located institute hoping to enhance the worldwide accessibility to scientific publications from Africa.
Searching for a Cure: Conservation of Medicinal Wi
Identifies 102 medicinal plant species and 29 animal species as priorities for conservation and management action. September 1998.
Sustaining the Future: Economic, Social, and Envir
UNU Press online book. The authors were given the objectives of analysing the trends and processes of environmental change in Sub-Saharan Africa, and of identifying key issues for reaching sustainable environmental and resource management in the region within the medium-term future until around the year 2005.
Technology Policy and Practice in Africa
Online book - case studies demonstrating the need to pay greater attention to an enabling macroeconomic environment and the ways that environment interacts with an effective technology policy.
UNESCO Nairobi Office
United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization's Regioanl Office for sub-Saharan Africa. Information about programs, staff, online journals.
United Nations Environment Programme - Regional Of
Acts as the link between the various units and centres of UNEP and the countries in the region, and promotes collaboration and partnerships with organizations active in sustainable development in Africa.
United Nations University Institute for Natural Re
Established in 1986 to catalyze the formation of human capital in science and technology for the effective conservation, management and utilization of Africa's natural resources.