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Center for Marine Conservation - Navassa
Offers information about the wildlife, key habitats, threats and ways to help.
Haiti: Navassa Island
A number of files dealing with Haiti's claim to the island.
Maps of Navassa Island
Nautical chart and small map.
Navassa Island
Brief introduction to the island including photographic tour and history.
Navassa Island
Includes information about the island's early history and guano mining, as well as the website owner's attempts to gain ownership of the island.
Navassa Island (U.S. Minor Outlying Islands)
Unofficial flag of Navassa designed by Skip Wheeler.
Navassa Island in the World Factbook
A profile prepared by the United States Central Intelligence Agency.
Navassa Island: A Photographic Tour
Several thematic photographic tours compiled from photographs taken by geologists surveying the island.
Navassa Remote Sensing Experiment (NASA-GSFC)
Gives details about a mapping experiment using satellite data.
Poop Dreams
Article from Baltimore City Paper about the 19th-century guano mining and recent attempts to claim ownership of the island under the Guano Act.
Reptiles of Navassa Island
Description of the reptiles found on the island and a bibliography for Navassa Island.
The New York Botanical Garden
The Navassa Island project provides a database of the flora on the island.