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Cyndi's List - Iceland, Genealogy Helplist Iceland, Iceland Family Genealogy Forum, Iceland Genealogy, Icelandic Alphabet, Runes and Pronunciation, Snorri Program
Antique Maps of Iceland, Embassy of Iceland - History of Iceland, Postcards from Iceland
Religions, Agricultural Association of South Iceland, Association of Icelandic Horticultural Producers, Consumers' Association of Iceland, Federation of Icelandic Industries, Grand Lodge of Iceland, Icelandic Radio Amateurs, National Association of Rescue Teams, Samtökin '78
Personal Homepages
Alexa's Homepage, Ari K. Jonsson, Björn Þór Jónsson, Facts about Iceland - K. Jóhannsson, Iceland, Land of Historical Significance and Natural Beauty, Personal Home Pages of Icelanders Worldwide, Torfi Frans
National Youth Organisation of the Independence Pa, Progressive party of Iceland, Sjálfstæðisflokkurinn
Christmas in Iceland
E-zine on Icelandic yule, yuletide lads, yule food, stories, songs, links and photos.
Iceland Bulletin Board
Service provided by the Embassy of Iceland in Washington, D.C.
Iceland History
Article from Encyclopedia.com.
Icelandic National League of Iceland
Information directed to persons of Icelandic heritage.
Libraries in Iceland
Directory of libraries connected to the internet.
Virtually Virtual Iceland
Personal opinion on things Icelandic, from the Sagas to the fishing industry.