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CEE Bankwatch Network
Monitors activities of international financial institutions working in the region, aiming to prevent environmentally and socially harmful impacts. News and information about the development banks and current projects and issues.
Information on the macroeconomic situation in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Russia and Slovakia.
Real-time news coverage, press reviews, macroeconomic analyses, country reports on the emerging markets of Central and Eastern Europe, political comments, and forecasts.
The official pages of the Central European Free Trade Agreement.
Central and Eastern European Business Directory
Profiles of companies in the region, with information about the investment climate.
Eastern Europe Country Reviews
Economic and financial data for Eastern Europe contries.
Eastern Profiles
Business research and analysis consultancy specialising in Eastern and Central Europe, Iberia, Turkey and the Maghreb.
Economic Reconstruction and Development in South E
Reconstruction and development projects, grants, initiatives, and credits. Maintained by the European Commission and the world Bank.
Graham Press
Specialist consultancy offering business guides and reports to Central and Eastern Europe, news updates, events, free newsletters, translation and research services.
Business intelligence (BI) and knowledge management (KM) for the information & communications technology business, security technology business and e-business sectors in Central & Eastern Europe.
Pan EurAsian
Information about energy markets and privatization conditions in Poland, Ukraine, Russia.