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Bellona Foundation, Climate Action Network Europe, EMEP, Europa Bio Association, Europarc Federation, European Association of Research Managers and Admi, European Eco-Forum, European Organisation for the Exploitation of Mete, European Science Communication and Information Net, European Science Foundation
Community Research and Development Information Ser
Cordis provides access to a wide range of information on EU research and innovation development activities.
European Centre for Nature Conservation
Purpose is to further European nature conservation by bridging gap between science and policy. ECNC has become a renowned expertise centre offering support to the development, review and implementation of European nature conservation.
European Environment Agency
Provides information for sound and effective policies to protect the environment and support sustainable development.
European Space Agency
Provides a vision of Europe's future in space, and of the benefits that satellites can supply.
International Commission for the Protection of the
The work of the ICPR aimed at the protection of the river Rhine.
Milieukontakt Oost-Europa
Works with non-governmental organisations on environmental topics in Central and Eastern Europe and the Newly Independent States.
Minerva eEurope
Network of member states' ministries to discuss, correlate and harmonise digitisation of cultural and scientific content. Includes activities and publications.
Organic Europe
An overview of organic farming in 25 European countries.
Planning the Gateway
Information system for projects of regional development, spatial planning, traffic management, cross-border cooperation in the region of Austria, Czech, Slovakia and Hungary.