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Embassies and Consulates
Abroad, Foreign, Diplomatic and Consular Missions of Serbia and Mon
Dragan's Aviation Corner, Yugoimport - SDPR, Yugoslav Army, Yugoslav Military Forces, Yugoslav Model Club
Can Real Democracy Exist After a Sultanate
Article by Dusan Pavlovic for Rec magazine.
Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Gov
From CIA.
Constitution Finder: Serbia and Montenegro (Yugosl
Full text of the constitutions of FRY and its two constituent republics, Serbia and Montenegro. From the University of Richmond, Virginia.
Federal Statistical Office
Official source of numerical data on population, economy, elections.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Serbia and Montene
Information about embassies, consular affairs, diplomatic traditions and foreign policy.
President of FRY
Official site of the president. Features biography, facts about Yugoslavia, press releases, videos of press conferences and contact information.
Republic of Serbia National Assembly
Includes information on legislature, parties and deputies, activities, history, and art collection.
State Union of Serbia and Montenegro
Official information from the government including flags, statistical information, history and other resources.
World Directory of National Parliamentary Librarie
A Deutscher Bundestag resource.
Yugoslavian Legislation
Links to full online texts of the constitution of Yugoslavia and related regulations. From AustralAsian Legal Information Institute.