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The Embassy of Afghanistan in London, including some consular forms.
Algerian Consulate London, with contact details, and a list of consular services.
Has the necessary information for a visa request, and facts about and statistics of Angola.
Antigua and Barbuda
Antigua and Barbuda Department of Tourism at the High Commission for Antigua and Barbuda, promoting tourism and investment.
With information about Armenia, its government and embassies, and how to obtain a visa.
Australian High Commission. Explains how to enroll to vote in Australian elections.
Has the rules concerning travel to Austria with cats or dogs.
Includes contact details for the Bangladesh High Commission in the United Kingdom and forms for visa applications.
Embassy of The Republic of Belarus in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, located in London and also accredited to Ireland. Includes the rules relating to humanitarian deliveries to the Republic of Belarus.
Embassy of Belgium in the United Kingdom. Includes a brief summary of Belgium's foreign policy, and details of the various consular services.
Belize High Commission in London promoting of Belize's interests in the United Kingdom and in continental Europe.
Includes information about Bolivian economy for potential investors, country description and contact details.
With an overview of the relations between Brazil and the UK, information on state visits and bilateral agreements, and a list of Brazilian Ambassadors to the Court of St James since 1823.
Includes Bulgarian news, and information on starting a business or buying a property in Bulgaria.
With news from Cameroon, and the forms required with visa applications.
Canadian High Commission. Includes an essay on the close relations between Canada and the UK on the political, economic, and security fronts.
With statements on cross-Straits politics, and on the ownership of Taiwan by Beijing.
Embassy of Cuba in the UK. Has information about the political system, national symbols, the blockade, consular services, trade and foreign investment, and tourism. In English and Spanish.
Czech Republic
Embassy in London. Offers information about the Czech Republic, bilateral relations, consular details, calendar of events, and related links.
Comprehensive information for culture, business and travel and tourism in Denmark.
With contact information for the staff of the Dominica High Commission in London.
With Eritrean visa requirements, tourist and travel information, and Eritrean news.
Estonian Embassy in London. Includes information on business in Estonia and its economy, and on Estonian Culture in the UK.
Embassy of The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, London, with news, information about Ethiopia and various issues afflicting the country, and consular details.
Faroe Islands
Mission of the Faroe Islands to the United Kingdom, established as a section at the Royal Danish Embassy in London. Provides general information about the Faroe Islands and about Faroese-British relations.
With a section on Finnish current affairs, and a history of Finland's diplomatic representation in the UK since 1887. In English, Finnish and Swedish.
Provides information on French Foreign Policy, Franco-British relations, French cultural, economic and political life as well as visa procedures and consular services.
Gabonese embassy in the United Kingdom with access to visa information, visa form, travel and contact details.
Includes contact details for General Consulate in Edinburgh and Honorary Consuls in Aberdeen, Belfast, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Dover, Falmouth, Glasgow, Hull, Ipswich, King's Lynn, Kirkwall, Leeds, Lerwick, Liverpool, Middlesbrough, Newcastle upon Tyne, Plymouth, St Helier, St Peter Port, and Southampton. Also information on Germany, German culture and economy, and Anglo-German relations.
With consular, cultural, economic and tourism sections. Also has Greek fonts in the style of Arial and Times New Roman.
Embassy of the Republic of Hungary in Britain. Includes a list of Hungarian associations and social clubs in the UK.
Contact information for and a monthly newsletter from the Embassy of Iceland in London, which is accredited to the United Kingdom, Greece, Lebanon, Malta, Netherlands, India, Maldives, Nepal and Nigeria.
High Commission of India in London, including contact information for the Consulates General of India in Birmingham and Edinburgh.
Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia to the United Kingdom, and also accredited to Ireland. Contains information about the operations of the embassy, Indonesia, obtaining entry visas, and investing.
With consular, including visa, information, and more in Farsi.
Includes links to organisations supporting Anglo-Israeli ties.
Provides information about Italy in general, Italian activities in the United Kingdom, and the activities of the Embassy.
Jamaica High Commission in London, accredited to the United Kingdom and to Portugal. Provides extensive travel information, bulletins and updates for Jamaican returning residents, visitors to the island and Jamaicans living in the United Kingdom.
About Anglo-Japanese relations, travel and visa information, free Embassy film shows, and doing business with Japan.
About upcoming Jordan-related events in the United Kingdom, online registration for Jordanian citezens, and contact details for the Embassy of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in London.
Kenya High Commission in London, with consular information including the requirements for non-Kenyans wishing to conduct a marriage ceremony in Kenya.
Kuwait Cultural Office, part of Embassy of the State of Kuwait, providing information about education-related issues, including universities, and research centers in the UK, Ireland and the Netherlands.
Advocating mountain holidays in this mountainous republic. With visa and consular information.
Embassy of Latvia in London, with a history of Anglo-Latvian relations since records began, and also consular information.
Located in London and accredited to the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, Spain and Portugal, as well as the Commonwealth. Includes a list of staff of the High Commission, a country profile, and links to government sites.
Malta High Commission in London. Includes news, trade, high commissioner's biography, working hours and diplomnatic activities.
Includes a monthly update on Mexican news.
Also accredited to South Africa. With much about Mongolia, its policies, economy, and nature-based tourism.
Royal Nepalese Embassy in London, accredited to te United Kingdom, Malta, and others. Has information on Nepal-Britain relations, trade, state visits, and on the Gurkhas.
Includes information on consular affairs, visiting, and conducting business with the Netherlands.
New Zealand
London High Commission, accredited to the United Kingdom, Ireland and Nigeria. Includes the announcement of the New Zealand Memorial to be built in Hyde Park.
With information about the Nigeria High Commission Library, a reference library holding Federal Republic of Nigeria publications, trade directories and a wide range of general educational and cultural topics about Nigeria.
London embassy and Edinburgh consulate. Includes the Norwegian-British Chamber of Commerce.
The High Commission for Pakistan in United Kingdom. Includes contact information for the consulates in Bradford, Birmingham, Glasgow, and Manchester.
Palestinian General Delegation to the United Kingdom and Office of Representation to the Holy See. Presents articles, events, documents and links relevant to Palestine and the conflict in the Middle East for the past 25 years.
Provides information on a range of shipping-related services including ship registration and closings, manning licences and certifications for vessels wishing to be registered under the Panama Flag.
Provides information on bilateral relations, trade, tourism and culture.
With contact information for the Embassy of the Philippines in London, accredited to the United Kingdom and Ireland.
Embassy of the Polish Republic in London. Includes statements about Poland's policies towards the EU.
Embassy of Romania in Great Britain, with information on scholarships for study in Romania, and about consular matters.
Russian Consulate in London, with information on visas and consular matters.
Accredited to the UK, Ireland and the Nordic countries. Includes much information on the 1994 genocide in Rwanda and subsequent judicial activity.
Saudi Arabia
With a detailed profile of Saudi Arabia, and information about the Hajj, including applying for visas, duties and related matters.
Section de l'immigration du Haut-commissariat
Informations pratiques pour résidents, ètudiants, travaillants et voyageurs.
Embassy of Senegal in London, with visa forms and inoculation instructions for those visiting Senegal.
Serbia and Montenegro
Embassy of the Union of Serbia and Montenegro in London. Lists diaspora organizations and Serbian Orthodox Churches in Great Britain.
Sierra Leone
Accredited to the United Kingdom and Ireland. Includes the Sierra Leone Email Directory, which lists the names, home towns, current residence and schools of Sierra Leoneans around the globe, to link friends and family members.
Singapore High Commission in London, also accredited to Ireland. Includes staff list, map, statements and speeches.
Offers contact details, directory of Slovak and British organisations, and general information about Slovakia.
South Africa
Contains news, consular, passport, visa, economic, political and other information from the South African High Commission.
South Korea
Embassy of the Republic of Korea to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Has contact information and a picture of the ambassador.
General Consulate of Spain in London, with consular jurisdiction in the South of England and Wales, the Channel Islands, the Caymans, Gibraltar and the Bermudas. Includes a list of services offered and relevant forms.
Spanish Embassy Office for Economic and Commercial Affairs, promoting trade and investment between Spain and the UK. Has information on Spanish manufacturers, and trade associations and fairs.
Sri Lanka
High Commission of Sri Lanka in London, with a detailed travel guide covering both natural and artifical wonders.
With advice on motoring through Sudan, and lists of churches, libraries, museums, and mosques.
High Commission accredited to the United Kingdom, Ireland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Malta, the Commonwealth, the Food and Agricultural Organization, the International Fund for Agricultural Development, the World Tourism Organization, the World Food Programme and the United Nations Education, Science and Cultural Organization. With a profile of Swaziland and a list of Swazi diplomatic representation abroad.
Includes contact details for the Swedish consulates in Belfast, Birmingham, Brighton, Bristol, Cardiff, Dover, Edinburgh, Gibraltar, Glasgow, Grimsby, Harwich, Kirkwall, Lerwick, Liverpool, Manchester, Middlesborough, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, St Helier, Southampton, and Stornoway. Also lists forthcoming Swedish cultural events in London.
London embassy. Provides information on the country, tourism and business.
The Taipei Representative Office, which serves as the de facto embassy for the Republic of China (Taiwan). Has much information on post-war history and Taiwan's political status.
London-located High Commission accredited to the United Kingdom and to Ireland. Features information about Tanzania, visa and passport details, and related links.
Embassy of Turkey in London, with information on buying property in Turkey.
Consulate General for the Republic of Turkey in London, providing brief information on visiting Turkey and on visas.
United States
With links and comments on the full range of inter-governmental contacts, including defence and economic, as well as consular services.
Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the UK, with information on doing business in Uzbekistan and on visas.
Accredited to the United Kingdom and to Ireland, though located in London. With information about the staff, consular and investment affairs.
The Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in the United Kingdom, featuring much information on the UK/Vietnam Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement.
With a description of what is needed to obtain a visa.
Zambia High Commission, London, with a chatroom.