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Basques of Saint-Pierre
Descendants of Europe's enigmatic people from southern France and northern Spain. Find out about their language, culture and heritage.
CIA World Factbook on Saint Pierre and Miquelon
Includes map, brief history, location, economy, and government.
Homeworld Maps - Saint Pierre and Miquelon
Includes a map, flag, and some basic information.
Map of St Pierre et Miquelon
Small map, 1997.
Saint Pierre and Miquelon
Small outline map and a long list of facts.
Saint Pierre and Miquelon Factbook
Geography, flag, map, geography, people, government, economy, transportation, and communications re-published from the 2001 World Fact Book of the United States Central Intelligence Agency.
Saint-Pierre et Miquelon
North America's often forgotten French enclave. Saint-Pierre and Miquelon is France's oldest overseas territory, only miles from Newfoundland yet part of the French Republic.
St Pierre et Miquelon
Virtual visit of St Pierre et Miquelon includes information on geography, history and pictures. English, French.