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A New Kind of Science 2004
Held in Boston Massachusetts from April 22 though April 25, 2004.
Academia Exchange
Listing of science of philosophy conferences, workshops, and other meetings. Emphasis on European meetings.
Alberta Teacher's Association Science Confere
Topics will include dinosaur history, pharmagenomics, Galapagos Island and Darwin, ants, and the Herschel Space Telescope. Takes place in Edmonton, Alberta during 11th - 13th, November 2005.
International event for those interested in the explosion of activities at the intersection of art, science, and technology. The Graduate Center of the City University of New York (CUNY) November 3-4, 2001.
Atlas Conferences
Database of academic meeting announcements, with abstracts, browsable by subject, by date or by country.
Information about conference that addresses interdisciplinary issues in scientific and technical data management and dissemination.
European Research Conferences (EURESCO)
A programme of the European Science Foundation in Strasbourg. Conducts conference series in all scientific areas: discussion meetings exploring research frontiers.
Euroresidue Conference on Residues of Veterinary D
Conference on residues of veterinary drugs in food. Noordwijkerhout, The Netherlands, 12-14 May 2004.
EuroScience Open Forum 2006
The second pan-European scientific meeting providing an interdisciplinary forum for open dialogue, debate and discussion on science and technology in society. Munich, Germany; 15--19 July 2006.
First World Conference on the Future of Science
A documented reflection about the dynamics and the impact of scientific progress on our society. Venice, Italy; 21--23 September 2005.
Gordon Research Conferences
To promote discussions and the exchange of ideas of studies in the biological, chemical and physical sciences.
Hope 2005
Organized by DAIRRC, in association with the Ministry of Health, Government of India. Topics covered include drug abuse and HIV, environmental concerns, population growth, and human rights. Takes place in in Mumbai, India.
Allows for the organization of virtual meetings, especially with topics combining science and humanities. Includes list of conferences and bibliography from these meetings.
IPSI Belgrade Conferences and Workshops
Scientific conferences emphasising synergy and interaction. By invitation with a special emphasis on young researchers.
JOBIM 2005
An annual meeting at the frontiers of biology, mathematics, computer science and physics. Lyons, France; 6--8 July 2005. English/French.
Laboratory Management Summit
Networking for laboratory executives from organizations across the USA. Cambridge, MD, USA; 14--16 November 2004.
Mathematics and Engineering Techniques in Medicine
Next meeting will be held 21--24 June 2004 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.
NATO ASI and ARW calendar
Information about Advanced Study Institutes (ASIs) and Advanced Research Workshops (ARWs), which are scientific meetings supported by NATO.
Nature Events
Contains meetings, symposia, conferences, courses, seminars, workshops, awards and programs. From the Nature journal.
Wessex Institute of Technology
A postgraduate research engineering centre offering a series of conferences in science and technology. Site includes schedule of events.
WIPCE 2005 - Indigenous Peoples of All Nations
Dedicated to promoting inspirational ideas and practices from indigenous communities that can be applied on an international scale. Invited are educators, researchers and students. From Friday November 25 to Thursday December 1, 2005.
Wonderfest Festival of Science
Biannual event in which pairs of researchers discuss and debate current scientific questions. Much of the event is available for review over the internet in audio and video formats.
WSEAS Conferences
Promotes the development of new mathematical methods and computational techniques as well as their applications in science and engineering.