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2001 Earth Odyssey
Canadian Geotechnical and Joint IAH/CGS Groundwater Specialty Conference. Calgary - September 2001.
2001 European Optics Workshop
28th Annual European Meeting on Atmospheric Studies by Optical Methods held August 19-24, 2001 in Oulu, Finland. Abstracts available online in PDF format.
29th European Optics Meeting
Annual meeting on atmospheric studies by optical methods to be held September 3-6, 2002 at the Leibniz-Institute of Atmospheric Physics in Kühlungsborn.
2nd Swiss Geoscience Meeting
Lausanne, Switzerland; 19--20 November 2004.
34th COSPAR Scientific Assembly
Conference on upper atmosphere, space physics, space weather and related topics to be held October 10-19, 2002 in Houston, Texas.
6th International Conference on Substorms
ICS-6 conference on topics related to magnetosphere, ionosphere, and auroral physics to be held March 25-29, 2002 at the University of Washington, Seattle, Washington.
American Association of Petroleum Geologists Meeti
Announcements and schedules for annual meetings and research conferences covering diverse topics in sedimentary rock geology.
American Geophysical Union (AGU)
Information about upcoming meetings.
AUGC 2004
Atlantic Universities Geologic Conference 2004. Members of the AUGC send undergraduate student representatives to present research that they are currently pursuing. Acadia University in Wolfille, NS, Canada; 28--30 November 2004.
CEDAR Workshop
Annual CEDAR (Coupling, Energetics and Dynamics of Atmospheric Regions) workshop on the physics of the upper atmosphere.
Chapman Conferences
Regular program of small, focussed meetings that provide significant time for discussion and interaction among the participants. Topics include all aspects of geophysics and space physics.
EGS-AGU-EUG Joint Assembly 2003
Joint meeting of the European Geophysical Society, American Geophysical Union, and European Union of Geosciences to be held April 6-11, 2003 in Nice, France.
European Floodplains 2002
Information about a conference on floodplain ecology to be held in Strasbourg (France), July 2002
First S-RAMP Conference 2000
Conference held October 2-6, 2000 to review a five-year effort to optimize the analysis of data obtained during STEP (Solar-Terrestrial Energy Program, 1990-1997). Reports and abstracts available online.
Florence 2004 - 32° International Geological Congr
To be held in Florence, Italy.
GEM Workshops
Workshops on Geospace Environment Modeling, held annually in June in Colorado.
Geological Society of America
Upcoming national and sectional meetings.
Goldschmidt Conference 2002
Diverse topics ranging from presolar grains to biogeochemistry to be held August 18-23, 2002, Davos, Switzerland. Includes information on program, online registration and abstract submission.
Halifax 2005
Joint meeting of four geoscience societies (GAC, MAC, CSPG and CSSS) on the theme "Building bridges, across science, through time, around the world". Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia, Canada; 15--18 May 2005.
IAMG 2001
2001 Annual Conference of the International Association for Mathematical Geology. Cancún, Mexico, September 6-12, 2001.
IBS 2005
16th International Biohydrometallurgy Symposium. Cape Town, South Africa; 25--29 September 2005.
ICAM 2000 - 6th International Congress on Applied
Göttingen, Germany, 13-21 July 2000. Interdisciplinary forum for specialists in the fields of mineralogy, chemistry, mineral exploration, engineering, environment, ceramics, metallurgy, archaeometry and medicine.
International Coastal Symposium 2002
Multi-disciplinary international symposium to discuss the latest advances in the scientific understanding, engineering and environmental issues of coastal processes. Northern Ireland, March, 2002.
International Conference on the Biogeochemistry of
Provides information on the next conference (Uppsala, Sweden, June 15-19, 2003), including venue, first announcement, call for abstracts, on-line registration and submission of abstracts, news and links.
International Symposium of Earth System Science. Istanbul University, Turkey; 8--10 September 2004.
IUGG 2003
International Union of Geophysics and Geodesy general assembly to be held June 30 through July 22, 2002 in Sapporo, Japan. This meeting is held every four years.
IV International Symposium ProGEO
On the Conservation of the Geological Heritage. Braga, Portugal; 13--16 September 2005.
Kimberlite and Diamond Conference
International conference on the geology of kimberlite and diamonds in Canada and internationally. June, 2003, Victoria, British Columbia.
Nepal Geological Society Fourth Congress
To be held in Kathmandu, Nepal in April 2004.
Regularities of the Structure and Evolution of Geo
Vladivostok, Russia; 20--24 November 2005.
STOMP 2005
Structure, Tectonics and Ore Mineralization Processes. Townsville, Australia; 29 August -- 2 September 2005.
Substorm-Onset Workshop
Small workshop on the topic of substorm onset held February 17-18, 2001 in Fairbanks, Alaska.