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Earthquake Learning Activities and Lesson Plans, Earthquakes Theme, High School and Undergraduate Seismicity, iNFO-EQ, Plate Tectonics, Princeton Earth Physics Project, Resources for Earthquake Education, Seis-School Seismograph Network, Virtual Earthquake, Why the Earth Shakes
Past Earthquakes
Indian Ocean 2004, Earthquake Image Archives, USGS Northridge Earthquake Research Products
Seismicity Reports
United States, Amateur Seismic Centre, Earthquake Forecast, Earthquake Information, Earthquake Information from the USGS, Earthquake Information- Recent Global Events, Global Current Earthquake Information, Global Earthquake Report, Lamont-Doherty Cooperative Seismographic Network, Latest World Earthquake Map, National Earthquake Hazards Program: Western Canad
Automatic monitoring of regional seismic events
Technical paper describing an approach to automatic, real-time monitoring of regional seismic events, based on the theory of pulse propagation in a randomly stratified medium with waveguides.
Center for Earthquake Research and Information
University of Memphis (Tennessee)
Debate: Is the reliable prediction of individual e
Technical background paper and online debate sponsored by the journal Nature.
Earthquake Advisor
Broad range of information regarding earthquakes, safety, history, and earthquake related products and services.
Earthquake prediction based on electrical signals.
A new approach on earthquake prediction is presented, based on the study of precursory electrical signals recorded on ground surface.
Earthquake Prediction Homepage
Information on using earthquake clouds and geoeruption to make short-term earthquake predictions.
Equip for Earthquakes
Collection of links and information on earthquake preparedness.
Geodynamics and Seismicity of Italy
A geodynamic model of subduction in Italy helps to understand seismic hazard and active tectonics. Both model and seismological data are shown.
How to Build a Seismograph
Detailed instructions with links.
Internet for Civil Engineers
Selection of web sites and articles about the aftermath and damage produced by world's earthquakes.
Ministry of Energy & Mines - Earthquakes in Br
Find the causes, effects of the earthquakes in British Columbia. Includes photos of the aftermath from the 1946-earthquake and describes the ways to measure earthquakes.
Multidisciplinary Center for Earthquake Engineerin
At State University of New York, Buffalo. Website provides access to extensive information on earthquakes, earthquake loss prevention, and engineering and economic aspects of recent earthquakes.
Pacific Northwest Seismograph Network
Use a clickable map of western Washington state to access the data of the seismographs connected to the network.
Queensland University Advanced Centre for Earthqua
Research institute located in Brisbane, Australia.
RED Systems Initiative
Multifunctional seismic alert system that provides alert messages for seismic early warning plus real time shake maps within a few minutes.
Seismological Lab at. the University of Athens
Information on seismicity, seismological news, research projects and activities.
Swiss Seismological Service
Latest earthquake information, interactive map, catalogue of Swiss earthquakes, and a feedback forum.
Worldwide earthquake predictions and earthquake prediction information.
UIUC - Smart Structures Technology Laboratory (SST
Facilities, research topics, and researchers. Includes educational readings, videos and strong motion data.
University of Nevada at Reno, The - Seismological
Search for the recent earthquakes and its effects in Nevada and eastern California. It includes research projects, a lecture on plate tectonics and prepareness against earthquakes.
US Geological Survey - Real Time Earthquake List
Peruse a list of earthquakes occurred in the last hours. Epicenter location, depth and magnitude are available. It includes an interactive location map.
US Geological Survey - Recent Earthquakes in Hawai
Browse a list of the recent earthquakes occurred in Hawaii. Contains the magnitude, date, epicentral localization, maps, and wave forms.
US Geological Survey - Seismic Catalog
Find a search machine to obtain the earthquake data from different seismic cataloges. With the option to select a circular area defined by longitude and latitude.
USGS Earthquake Hazards Program
Provides real-time displays of seismicity, frequently asked questions, historic earthquake information, seismicity maps and products and a comprehensive list of education links.