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Climate Prediction
Clear Sky Clock homepage, Climate Diagnostics Center, Climate Graphs, Climate Prediction Center, Climate Prediction Products, Daily 30-day Long Range Weather Forecasts, Experimental Climate Prediction Center, Experimental Medium-Range Weather Forecasts, Flagstaff USGS -- Deserts, High Plains Climate Center
Commercial Websites
Advanced Meteorological Intelligence, Advanced Weather Solutions, Climate Data Services, Climatological Consulting Corporation, Cloudman.Com, Falconer Weather Information Service, Firnspiegel, FlightBrief, Ice Crystal Engineering, Infinity Weather Services
Air Quality Meteorology, Auroras: Paintings in the Sky, Australian Observation Weather Techniques - lightn, Bad Meteorology, Booty Meteorological Information Source, Bournemouth School Met Office, Caribbean Institute for Meteorology and Hydrology, Carroll Magnet High School Atmospheric Sciences, Center for Atmosphere Ocean Studies, Courant Insti, Dutch Meteorological and Climatological Associatio
Accu Weather Forensic Services, Atmospheric Information Services, Climatological Consulting Corporation, Climet Systems, Falconer Weather Information Service, Forensic Meteorology Assoc, Inc, Forensic Weather Consultants, Forensicmet, Freese-Notis Weather, Ion Weather
Government Agencies
Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Directories, Europe, Middle East, North America, Oceania, World Meteorological Organization, World Weather Information Service
Radar, Satellite, Current Weather & Climate Images, Earth's Current Temperatures, Interactive Weather Information Network ----Nation, Operational Significant Event Imagery, StormVideo.com, Sweetlake City Sunset Site, TempestTours, Tornado Quest, Ultimate Chase Stock Footage - Severe Weather Stoc, US Weather Maps
Aanderaa Instruments, Advanced Sensing Products, AeroVironment Inc., AllWeatherInc, Applied Technologies, Inc., Atmospheric Radar Systems (ATRAD), Axinum Innovations & Technologies, B. K. Consimpex Meteorological Systems, Belfort Instruments, Campbell Scientific Ltd.
Geostrophic Wave Circulations, IDS Meteorological and Geoastrophysical Abstracts, The Journal of Meteorology, World Climate Report
Antarctic and Arctic, AER's Radiative Transfer Working Group, Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) Program, Benfield Hazard Research Centre, CLARA, Climate Research Division, Climate Research Karlsruhe, ELDAS, Environmental Technology Laboratory, European Storm Forecast Experiment, GKSS cloud radar group
A Guide to GRIB, Ambient Software, AvnPlotter 1.2, DIAD Incorporated, HamWeather, InterRAD - A system by Freese-Notis Weather, Jincsolutions Global Tracks, Jorick Enterprises Weather Software, MeteOS, Portable University Model of the Atmosphere
Storm Chasing
Commerce, Organizations, Personalities, A Hurricane Hunter's Photo Album, Australian Severe Weather, Breaking New Video Network, Brisbane Storm Chasers, Charlotte Area Skywarn, Dutch Storm Chase Team, Elite Storm Chasers, Hook Echo, In Search of the Perfect Storm, Kansas Tornado Chasers
Urban Climate
Climatic Design of Buildings - An Overview, Heat Island Group, How Shiny Is L.A.?, New York City Urban Climate, Project ATLANTA - Urban Heat Island Study, Sacramento urban heat island, Scientists Watch Cities Make Their Own Weather, Stadtklima / Urban climate, Sustainable Urban Design and Climate, Urban heat in Salt Lake City
Weather Phenomena
Drought, El Ni+¦o and La Ni+¦a, Hurricanes, Ice Storms, Image Galleries, Nor'Easters, Snowfall, Thunderstorms and Lightning, Tornadoes, Wind
Allexperts Meteorology Q&A
Experts ranked by knowledge or prestige offer answers to questions in their areas of specialization.
Artificial Intelligence and Meteorology
Collection of links to web resources related to the applications of artificial intelligence to the field of weather forecasting.
AWS Inc.
Sponsors school WeatherNet, StormDisplay, InstaCam and WeatherBug. Includes product details, news, events and employment information.
Climate and Radiation
From the NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center. Includes information about aerosols, clouds, rainfall, remote sensing, current projects, publications and personnel.
Colin Martins UK Radio Scanning and Weather Site
General information about weather and radio scanning with links to related resources.
Freese-Notis Weather - Worldwide Meteorology
Source of weather information for agriculture, aviation, commodities, construction, energy, forensics, and transportation. NEXRAD radar imagery via InterRAD.
Fremont's Contribution to Meteorology
Fremont's 1848 description of the forces that govern the weather of California.
LWXI Community Forums
Live Weather Images community forums message board with chat topics primarly about meteorology and current weather events as well as discussion about atmospheric physics, dynamics and modeling.
Meteorological and Climatologial Resources
Comprehensive links to world-wide weather and climate information, as well as journals, newsgroups, job opportunities, software, and imagery.
NASA's Global Change Master Directory
A comprehensive directory of information about Earth science data, including a broad coverage of the oceans, atmosphere, hydrosphere, solid earth, biosphere and human dimensions of global change.
NCDC: Get/View OnLine Climate Data
Repository of U.S. weather observations and climate data, including maps, models, links and publications.
Highlights natural phenomena and current events from around the world.
Portsmouth Weather Records Service
Local weather data, forecasts, summaries on the web since 1995 in Portsmouth, Virginia. The service was established in 1976 and maintains an archived weather database.
Resources in Atmospheric Sciences
An educational tool comprised of short articles on the subject and a comprehensive collection of links to outside weather sources.
RMS Forecasting Services
A wide variety of meteorological consulting services; forensic meteorology, expert testimony, forecasting, training, site surveys and instrumentation, fire weather, and applied meteorological and climatological services.
Scott's Weather Page
General information on severe weather, current conditions, radar, satellite and other topics including a detailed forecast for the Detroit Metro Area.
The Danish Weathercenter
Climate information for Denmark and Northern Europe. Includes forecast charts, satellite photos and observations.
UM Weather
From the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor. Includes forecasts, maps, models, radar and satellite images, weather cams and a collection of weather-related links.
Weather and Climate Resources
From the Institute of Global Environment and Society. Includes links to maps, analyses, climate data and satellite images.
Weather Legacy
Meteorology information including glossary, definition of meteorological scales, software, poetry, and links.
Weber's Weather World
Forecast and precipitation links, with imagery links to climate date, hurricane information, lightning strikes, satellite photos and the National Weather Service.
Whirling Winds of the World
Information on specific winds around the world and the underlying physics driving them.
Wiese Weather Links
A resource for weather links.
World Climate Data
Weather rainfall and temperature data with long-term monthly averages for over 20,000 weather stations worldwide.