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Centro de Estudios de Almejas Muertas (C.E.A.M.), Virginia Tech
Alfred Correya's Baltic Amber Collection, Amber, Amber: A Perfect Fossil Trap, Amber: Jewels of the Past, Amberica West, Dead Bugs in Amber, Gintaro Galerija Muziejus, New Jersey has Treasure Trove of Amber, Swedish Amber Museum, The Amber Collectors Club
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Cretaceous-Tertiary, Permian-Triassic, Recent, BBC Extinction Files, Extinction, Extinctions: Cycles of Life and Death Through Time, Mass Extinction, Phanerozoic Extinctions, The Late Devonian Mass Extinction
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Burgess Shale, Europe, Green River, La Brea, Lyme Regis, Mazon Creek, Messel Oil Shale, Morrison Formation, North America, Petrified Forest
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Fossils, Legal Issues, Fossil Collecting Jive and Terminology, Fossil Web, Fossils Gallery, Xfossils.com. Uncover the Mysteries of Deep Time
A History of Dinosaur Hunting, A History of Evolutionary Thought, Dinosaurs of the Deep, Haddonfield and the 'Bone Wars', Paper Dinosaurs, Strange Science: The Rocky Road to Modern Paleonto, The Granger Papers Project
Arthropods, Brachiopods, Bryozoans, Corals, Echinoderms, Graptolites, Mollusks, Sponges, Invertebrate Paleontology Image Gallery
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American Malacological Society (Union), Charles Schuchert and Carl O. Dunbar Grant, Conchologists of America, Cushman Foundation Awards, NSF, Paleontological Society, Society for Vertebrate Paleontology (SVP), The Paleobiological Fund, The Paul Sanders Fund
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Brule Fossil Trackways, Ichnology, Ichnology Research Group, Precambrian Fossils, Trace Fossils of the Ancient Karoo, Virtual Ichnology
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Chris Clowes's Paleontology Page
Summary information on a variety of paleontological subjects, focusing on the major events in the history of life. Includes extensive links to other resources.
A web portal offering information primarily of use to professional paleontologists, including links to news, articles, job openings, and field class opportunities.
Follow a Fossil
Online museum exhibit tracing the history of a number of types of fossils from outcrop to display case. From the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.
A system of listservers, internet pages, and ftp sites designed to enhance electronic communication among paleontologists. While primarily designed as a resource for paleontological professionals and graduate students, PaleoNet welcomes input and participation from all persons interested in the study of ancient life.
Paleontology and Fossils Resources
Offers extensive list of links about paleontology and fossils, library guides, and lists of books.
Paleontology in the 21st Century
Summary of a 1997 meeting which outlined the current state of paleontology, and the areas which the science will encompass in the future.
Information about fossils, book reviews, photographic images, and Paleolist, a free email-based discussion list.
The Fossil Gallery
Interactive tour through the collections of the Paleontological Museum at the University of Oslo, Norway. Includes areas for plants, mammals, man, dinosaurs, fish, invertebrates, and background information.
USGS Paleontology
Site map for paleontology at the U.S. Geological Survey