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Aleksiuk, Michael
Ph.D., Zoology. The site outlines interests, education, research experience, and publications on the subject of adaptation to environmental change (ecology).
Alonso, Ricardo
Contains resume, activities, hobbies, research and material on process engineering.
Arbiol, Jordi
Ph.D. in Physics and Associate Professor (Universitat de Barcelona, Spain). Research areas: Nanostructured Materials, Transmission Electron Microscopist and Microanalyst, Semiconductor Gas Sensor materials, Mesoporous materials, III-V and II-IV semiconductor compounds, Superconductors, Metals and Nanostructure.
Ashworth, Malcolm
UK Hydrogeologist provides a summary of skills offered and a detailed resume.
Baines, Elizabeth
Ph.D. in reproductive neuroendocrinology, UK. Curriculum vitae.
Banerjee, Gitanjali
Wildlife Science and Ecology. Interests include landscape ecology with relation to anthropogenic changes and patterns with particular emphasis on the implications for Indian rhino (Rhinoceros unicornis) conservation.
Berjaoui, Nasser
Ph.D, English-French-Arabic, Ibn Tofail University, Morocco. Interests include secret languages, argots, codes and slangs (French, Standard Arabic, Moroccan Arabic and Tamazight Berber).
Boaz, Mona
Ph.D., epidemiologist. Researcher's CV and list of scientific publications and presentations.
Bonkowski, Terren
Bio-medical, medical, or related fields.
Botros, Andrew
BE MBiomedE. Software engineer and biomedical engineer.
Bowman, Barry
M.S. in Geology with training in computer technologies and field data acquisition. Interested in a challenging position as a geologist in engineering, environmental firm, or economic resource exploration company.
Britton, Graeme
Associate Professor at NTU, Singapore; expertise in CAD, CAPP, satellite engineering, and design and management of manufacturing networks.
Bronfenbrenner, Urie
Ph.D., Human Ecology. Curriculum vitae and research interests.
Calleja, Gerard
Research scientist: organic synthesis, analytical techniques. Resume. Page written in French.
Catledge, Shane
Research interests (physics: synthesis and characterization of hard carbon films on metal surfaces) and resume, University of Alabama at Birmingham.
Cependa, Sven Iglesias
A university graduate in chemistry seeking a job as a chemist in a company.
Cerveny, Karen
MS in molecular genetics and microbiology. Seeking a full-time research associate position that will maximize leadership, organizational, and technical skills.
Chamarti, Aravind
PhD(Engineering), microtechnology specialization in polymer electronics. Louisiana Tech University, Ruston, U.S, Native of Andhrapradesh, India.
Chandna, P.R.
Resume of a zinc technologist with experience of more than 26 years in operation and maintenance, consultancy, detailed engineering, project management, commissioning and technoeconomic studies of Zinc extraction plants.
Choi, Key-Rok
PhD in aerospace engineering. Current interests are in satellite orbit determination, gps data processing and analysis. DORIS or laser ranging data (SLR) data processing.
Choy, Chris
Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Research interests are in distributed computational intelligence, intelligent transportation systems and 3D Vision. Currently pursuing Ph.D. with the National University of Singapore.
Collier, Thomas Lee
Ph.D. Organic Chemistry at Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada. Thesis: "Synthesis of Dioxins as Analytical and Toxicological Standards".
Curran, Arran
Seeking employment in the fields of experimental and theoretical physics.
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Da Silva, Nicolas
PhD in Blood Cell Biology, Denis-Diderot University, France. Online resume and list of publications.
Das, Pradeep Kumar
Linguistics, an assitant professor in university of Delhi,India.
Datta, Payel
MS in Microbiology with a first class distinction. CV entails profile, education, experience, technical and computer skills, workshops, awards, and co-curricular activities.
Dergachev, Vladimir
Ph.D. Math and Comp. Sci., consultant.
Dinkins, Meghan
Work experience in grassland ecology, ornithology, botany, and ungulate telemetry.
Dupont, Vanessa
Geologist looking for a job in France or in an English speaking country. CV, resume in French.
Edo, Jacobs Edoite
IT Engineer. Resume.
Eric Cline: Profile
Eric Cline - History and Background. At this site you can view my bio and resume, or download a resume as a word document or .pdf file. Constructed Wetland
Fritz, Laurent
Senior geologist in 3D reservoir modelling. 6 years of solid experience in geology, computer mapping and 3D geological software modelling, for oil and gas reservoir characterisation and resource assessment purposes. Expert in using Petrel software.
Gmyrek, Bryan D.
Master of Arts in Physics from Boston University in January 2001. Experience with Unix/Linux as well as Windows platforms and programming in HTML, Perl, C, Java, Mathematica and Matlab.
Guerena, Katherine
CV Resume. Marine biology/ecology student looking for research position. Interested in arctic research as well as coral reef studies.
Gururaja, Kotambylu Vasudeva
A post-doctoral fellow at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. Effects of habitat fragmentation on anuran amphibians in the central western Ghats, India. Interested in bio-statistical applications in ecology and related fields.
Hajimiragha, Amirhossein
B. Sc. in Electrical Engineering, University of Technology, Tehran, Iran. Experience and interest in power plant electric and control systems. Resume and other relevant information.CV, work and research interests.
Hall, Rosemary
M.S. in Marine Science. Seeking research or environmental analysis position in marine ecosystem management, conservation, or ecotoxicology.
Heathcote, Julia
BA (Hons) MSci MRes, a graduate in vertebrate paleontology with skills in preparation, computers and anatomy.
Henderson, Lolitha D.
Desired occupation: electrical and electronic inspectors and testers, electromechanical equipment assemblers.
Hensley, Thomas E.
Resume, career interest in hazardous materials management. Cleveland, Ohio.
Hines, Stewart
Environmental engineering consultant and senior project manager. Resume and cover letter.
Hoerman, Brent H.
Ph.D in Materials Science and Engineering. Interests in electrical, optical, and magnetic characterization and modeling of materials, and vacuum deposition of thin films. Curriculum vitae, PhD thesis, publications, and presentations.
Houston, Douglas
A list (with links) of all the papers in which Douglas Houston appears in the list of authors.
Hu, Baoyang
A Ph. D. of Anatomy and Embryology, with research focus on retina development and related disease.
Ilic, Dusan
Specialist in chemical sciences from Belgrade, Serbia, looking for employment in chemistry. He also speaks, reads and writes in English and Russian.
Iskenderova, Kamilla
PhD in Mechanical Engineering. Experience in plasma physics and materials processing, chemistry kinetics, HDP-CVD, CFD, electromagnetics and numerical computations. The site presents resume, list of publications, and presentations.
Islam, Shahidul
Md., Dr. in aquatic sciences - aquaculture, fisheries and fish science including coastal and marine fisheries biology and ecology. Website contains online resume and biography.
Johnson, Shawn
PhD (Geophysics) from University of California, Berkeley, MS (Physics) and BS (Geophysics) from University of New Orleans. Curently, Assistant Professor of Physics at the University of New Orleans. Resume and list of publications.
Jonte-Pace, Diane E.
Professor at University of Santa Clara, California. Page includes curriculum vita and publication list.
Katancevic, Aleksandar R.
MS in Electrical Engineering from Helsinki University of Technology. Special interests power systems - HVAC, power engineering, wind energy (wind farms), distributed generation, electricity markets.
Keller, Stephane
Ph.D in theoretical high energy physics. Curriculum vitae in English and French.
Kotelenko, Sergey
Ph.D. in Computer Science. Professional interests, list of publications, curriculum vitae, all scientific and software projects in which the author has been involved.
Laurikko, Juki
M.Sc. Swedish, geological consultant to gold and base metals exploration industry with experience from Central and South America, Europe, Asia and Saudi Arabia.
Lencinas, Miguel
Resume , Activities , Photos and special interests.
Liberzon, Alex
Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, "Coherent Structures Characterization in the Turbulent Boundary Layer". Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel. Curriculum vitae, research, personal, links and contacts.
Lin, Fan
Curriculum Vitae. Department of Computer Science, Univ. of Maryland, College Park. Machine learning.
Madden, Jaren Irene
Biologist seeking an opportunity in research and development. I have an MSC and a broad background in both molecular and organismal biology.
Marinkovic, Gvozden
Hardware and Software Design Engineer. Resume.
Meager, Justin
Marine ecologist specialising in interactions between animals and their environment, and between predators and prey. Research background, publications, Ph.D abstract, curriculum vitae and links in marine ecology.
Millson, Bradley A.
An MBS student at Keck Graduate Institute of Business and Biotechnology. Currently looking for an internship position.
Mishra, Kishore
A scentist working in IPR, DAE towards research and development of fusion energy. Engaged in edge plasma phenomena for India's tokamaks.
Moroz, Paul
PhD in physics and mathematics. Experience in plasma physics and materials processing, plasma sources, rf design, electromagnetics, and numerical computations. The site presents resume and research interests.
Movahed, Hanif Bayat
M.S. Candidate in Physics, Guelph University, Guelph-Waterloo Physics Ins. Interested in modeling and simualtion of complex systems such as society modeling, liquid crystals, biomathematics and financial mathematics.
Negi, Jeetendra
Resume of a nuclear technician responsible for maintenance or sales of nuclear instruments.
Nourse, Jennifer C.
Bachelor's degree in biochemistry as well as completion of the co-op program at Simon Fraser University.
Parsons, Abby
A resume and statement of qualifications for a junior/intermediate engineer in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
Parsons, Ben
Environmental Engineer. The site displays a resume and statement of qualifications.
Pobiega, Michael J.
Looking for opportunities in the meteorology, aviation or broadcasting fields.
Pogosov, Walter
CV, publications, research, photos, links, contacts.
Prakash, V. V. S.
PhD from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India. Microwave engineering, electronics and communication engineering. Provides information on education, awards, projects, and jobs.
Prew, Paul
Computer programmer and instrumentation specialist. Creating custom systems for data acquisition and control.
Quet, Pierre-Francois
Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, looking for a challenging position in research and development.
Ramelot, Theresa
NMR spectroscopist at Cornell University, doing structural studies of the amyloid precursor protein. Resume, CV, and papers.
Raskind, Alexander
Ph.D. in Biochemistry. Experience in molecular biology, protein and plant-specific techniques, as well as in computers. Looking for a position in a biotechnology company.
Ravisankar, T.
Fisheries Economist: CIBA (ICAR), Chennai, India.
Rears, Johnothan
Information technology specialist and operations research analyst with experience in chemistry, engineering, and applied mathematics to find optimal or best fit solutions to complex and challenging problems.
Reyes, Freddy
Information technology professional with experience in helping technical and business organizations achieve strategic and tactical objectives.
Richmond, Alan
Resume and employment history. Seeking a leadership position in a scientific / technical company or academic / research institute, utilising strong background in scientific software and web development. USA or Europe.
Robert Crescenzi Jr.
Market Research Analyst and Utility mapping Specialist. Esri, Arc8, GE smallworld.
Saha, Deepak
PhD, Material science. Site links to resume, personal pictures, publications, conferences, etc.
Sellappan, Subramani
Resume. Food/enzyme/nutraceutical scientist.
Senechal, Neil
Ph.D. in Plant Breeding at Texas University. Dissertation: Mode of inheritance of embryogenesis in cotton. The site contains alternative forms of resume focusing on different areas of expertise.
Shamiryan, Denis
PhD in Applied Sciences. Specialist on ellipsometric porosimetry with interests in semiconductor processing/material characterization.
Shor, Boris
PhD in molecular and cell biology. Seeking postdoctoral or scientist position in a biotech company.
Smith, James A.
PhD in Optical and Ultrasonic Sensing. The site outlines interests,research experience, education,and publications on systems engineering and measurement systems design.
Spickert-Fulton, Shawn P.
A physicist well educated in chemistry and programming who is seeking meaningful employment.
Stefanovic, Peter
Degree in Material Science at Slovak University of Technology. Looking for a challenging position as an Oracle / C / Unix Developer. Site presents resume, interests, articles, photos and some interesting links.
Stuetzle, Karien
Interested in pursuing immediate opportunities in marketing, product management, and business communications.
Stuetzle, Karien
Enthusiastic Science and Business graduate seeking a position in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology or consumer products.
Tan, Pengfu
Ph.D. seeking a research position involving process simulation in metallurgcal processes, dynamic process simulation combined with thermodynamic calculations, kinetic calculations and computational fluid dynamics (CFD).
Taylor, Richard
Interests in virology, molecular biology, biochemical engineering. Current work is on functional formulation of gene therapy vectors and vaccines. University of Cambridge, UK.
Thanki, Paragkumar
Ph. D. from National Chemical Laboratory, Pune, India. Polymer researcher with skill in polymer characterization, surface grafting, polymerization/depolymerization, and photostabilizer synthesis.
Timmermans, Jacques
Ph.D. in pharmaceutical sciences with 20 years professional experience in health care, university and industry R&D, Belgium. Curriculum vitae.
Trindade, Marcelo A.
Ph.D. Resume, research interests, and list of publications on vibration damping, piezoelectric actuators and structural dynamics. Links to related web pages.
Vanden Berghe, Chris
Working towards PhD at IBM Research in Ruschlikon (Switzerland). Online resume. Education, language skills, work experience, interests.
Varma, Hemant
An expert in bioinformatics, specializing in data and application integration. Extensive experience coordinating projects across cross-functional teams within a biotech research organization.
Velarde, Sandra
Peruvian Forest Engineer from Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina (Lima, Perú) and MSc. Ecological Economics from the University of Edinburgh (Edinburgh, UK).
Vialatte, Francois
Cognitive neuroscience research - Laboratoire d'Electronique in Paris / team Neurobiology de la memoire olfactive in Lyon.
Whiddon, Robert G.
Ph.D., M.S.P.H. Resume and CV. Experience includes all areas of microbiology to include virology (both serology and viral isolation), parasitology, mycology, tuberculosis, and clinical immunology.
Wills, Quintin Frank
Medical doctor and geneticist with international experience seeking employment in the human sciences.
Wong, Renee
Singapore Polytechnic graduate in microelectronics. Area of interests: firmware programming, AI, and computer and real-time embedded systems.
Wright, James F.
Ph.D. Qualified and experienced as a chemical project manager, systems analyst and computational, experimental, chemical, and nuclear consultant.
Yamilov, Alexey
A member of Condensed Matter Theory group in Queens College (CUNY). Interests include general questions of localization of light, polariton optics of disordered crystals and quantum heterostructures.)
Yun Mao's homepage
Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, Research in computer systems, networking and security
Zoellner, Stefan
PhD in biophysics. Background in biotech, drug development, and genomics. Experienced in genotyping and pharmacogenetics. Site includes resume and curriculum vitae.
Zukaitis, Anthony
Ph.D. in Physics. Resume.