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A Moment of Science (AMOS)
Two-minute radio broadcasts covering everyday science topics, especially those that are "wow, that's neat" types. Each script for A Moment of Science is checked by a scientist in the appropriate field.
Arctic Science Journeys Radio
A free radio service offering stories about science, culture, and the environment of the Far North.
Australian Broadcasting Corporation - The Science
One of the longest running programs on Australian radio. Scientific issues, debates, events, personalities, scientific fraud exposés, discoveries, and broadcasting pranks are hallmarks of the show. Shows are about 50 minutes in length and are archived for streaming audio rebroadcast.
BBC Radio 4: Science
Regular series programmes plus older occasional series and documentaries available live or with Listen Again. Includes upcoming programmes, science puzzles, message boards and webchat transcripts.
Berkeley Groks
Wednesday radio science program from Berkeley, CA available live online using Realplayer. Includes MP3 archives of previous episodes, Bay Area science calendar and Question of the Week.
Comic Brian Malow hosts a live daily webcast featuring interviews with scientists, authors, techies, artists, musicians and others.
CBC Radio One: Quirks & Quarks
Weekly show from Canada hosted by Bob McDonald and broadcast on Saturdays. Listen to show archives using RealAudio, mp3 and ogg files.
Earth & Sky : Radio Shows
Daily science radio series covering popular science subjects that affect our everyday lives.
Daily one-minute weekday features deal with a broad range of issues in the environmental, natural resources, and energy fields.
Everyday Science
Daily science radio series. Helena Ruoti explores scientific subjects that affect our everyday lives.
Living On Earth
Environmental news and information program hosted by Steve Curwood. Features interviews and commentary on a broad range of environmental topics.
NPR : Health & Science
Collection of NPR stories covering health and science topics.
NPR Topics: Health & Science
Links to recent health and science stories.
NPR: Science Friday with Ira Flatow
Weekly two-hour radio program about science, technology and environment issues in the news. Includes RealAudio archives, FAQ, forum, book discussions and SciFri Kids section. From National Public Radio (USA).
Pulse of the Planet
Produces a two-minute sound portrait every weekday, providing recordings of nature, culture and science worldwide.
Radio Expeditions at Nationalgeographic.com
A coproduction of NPR and the National Geographic Society. Heard on National Public Radio's Morning Edition, Radio Expeditions blends narrative, interviews, and digital sound to document stories of Earth's threatened environments and diverse cultures.
Science and Society
Talk radio broadly focused on the life sciences, physical sciences, and planetary and space sciences, as well as K-12 science education and the intersection between science and art.
Science Update
A long-running, wide-ranging 90-second daily science news feature often addressing listener questions. Archives in Realaudio format.
Updates from StarDate Online, including daily radio show podcast, stargazing tips, and featured images.
StarDate Radio
A production of The University of Texas McDonald Observatory. StarDate tells listeners what to look for in the night sky and explains the science, history, and skylore behind these objects. It also reports on research findings and space missions, and it offers tidbits on astronomy in the arts and popular culture.
The DNA Files: Genetic Science Documentaries Distr
A public radio series that explores the world of genes and genetic science.
The Naked Scientists Online
Online, on-demand radio show focuses on science, technology and medicine. Includes audio archives, articles and news, Ask a Scientist and Cafe Scientifique.
The Planetary Society's Planetary Radio Show
Each week, Planetary Radio visits with a scientist, engineer, project manager, advocate or writer who can provide a unique perspective on the quest for knowledge about our solar system and beyond. Broadcast weekly.
TWIS: This Week In Science
Weekly science news radio show featuring current topics and issues. Site includes live internet radio, streaming audio archives of past shows, weekly text articles, forum and extensive links.
UC: Science Today
Five-day-a-week, one-minute radio science program features the latest scientific breakthoughs and discoveries. Includes text and audio program archives plus a monthly version in QuickTime format. From the University of California.
WFMU - The Speakeasy with Dorian
Interview show with guests from the world of the arts, sciences, the media, and other areas of interest.