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A View From the Peak
Musing about Peak Oil and Gas, as well as the social, physical, and political causes of biosphere destruction and related issues.
A Voyage to Arctucus
Jay Manifold's blog about science and scientific applications.
Affects Me: Science Watch
A peronal weekly summary of the latest research into science, technology and the environment.
Algorithm and the Blog
A philosophical and biased look at science, algorithms and the web.
All These Worlds
Weblog with reflections on current news. Emphasis on science and space news.
Alternative Energy Blog
News, views and strong opinions on alternative energy sources including wind power, solar power, wave power, biofuels and other renewable energy sources.
American Physical Society - What's New by Bob
A weekly satirical and skeptical take on current news.
Another World Is Here
Collaborative blog dedicated to current events and news, also covering scientific issues.
AYM Network
Provides news on the latest developments in culture, music, art, technology. Includes an extensive Southern California Events Calendar.
Biology News .Net
Daily updated biology news by a PhD bioinformatics student working on AIDS.
Christian Science Monitor - ScitechBlog
The impact of science and technology on our lives.
Blog to discuss the new trends in the digital media
Dura Mater: Odd Bits From a Distracted Scientist&a
Reflections by a practicing science program director on science and technology news, and its influence on society.
Ethno Log
The finest stuff from ethnology social/ cultural anthropology and cyberanthropology. Collected with ceaseless endeavour by the staff of the Institut für Ethnologie and Afrikanistik in München/ Germany and countless others.
Future Technologies Blog
From the Future Technologies Advisory Group, a blog focused on promoting awareness and understanding of radical scientific advances and emerging technologies, as well as evaluating their impact on individuals, businesses and societies.
Future Technologies Blog
From the Future Technologies Advisory Group, a blog focused on promoting awareness and understanding of radical scientific advances and emerging technologies, as well as evaluating their impact on individuals, businesses and societies.
Future technological trends and their likely effects on human society, politics and evolution.
Gooz News by Merrill Goozner
Award-winning journalist Merrill Goozner, author of "The $800 Million Pill: The Truth Behind the Cost of New Drugs" comments daily on science, health and the public interest.
Green Trust Renewable Energy & Sustainability
Discussion and education on renewable energy, permaculture, biofuels, and independent living.
Gyre.org is an attempt to track the breakthroughs and implications of the next military and technological revolutions.
Highly Imaginative Technologies, Bits, Atoms, Neurons, Genes. News and thoughts from futureland and other interesting places, covering mainly but not only new development in science, space, IT and NBIC.
House of Baloney
Blog revolves around science, technology and NASA news stories and issues.
Impact Lab by The DaVinci Institute
The Impact Lab is nothing less that a relentless pursuit of the critical components of the world to come. We're all about emerging technology and the forces impacting it. We would like to hear your thoughts and ideas as we journey into the future.
In Translation: Molecular Approaches to Cancer
Molecules will form the basis of new diagnostics and therapeutics for cancer. This blog comments on developments in this exciting area.
Jason Skie's DNA Blog
News, commentary, and careers in biotechnology and DNA medicine.
Johns Hopkins - Behavior and Health Blog
Multi-disciplinary forum about how to most effectively change behavior to improve health.
A weblog about science (particularly chemistry and pharmaceuticals) from a working researcher at a drug company.
Life Studies Blog
Discussion about philosophy of life, death, nature, science and technology, and their impact on contemporary culture & society.
Math News and Online Tools
Mathforge provides news and discussion about current events in mathematics and general science. Users may also explore various tools for the effective communication of online technical content.
Microarray and Bioinformatics Blog
Microarray and Bioinformatics News Source...
Thoughts on thinking - roots of creativity, madness, social networks and software
Organic Matter
A community-oriented weblog focused on ecological issues and environmental politics.
Pickover Report
Cliff Pickover's blog about science near the edge, including news, concepts and scientists. Extensive links.
Precautionary tales
A critical look at the precautionary principle through science and health news stories.
Pseudoscience in Mental Health Blog
Explores issues related to pseudoscience in the mental-health industry, as well as unethical behavior among pharmaceutical companies.
Science and Society Weblog
The mission of "Science and Society" is to promote advances in the life sciences, physical sciences, space and planetary exploration, K-12 science education, and the intersection between science and art, and facilitate/stimulate public policy discussions on related issues.
Science Blog
General science and technology news blog.
Science for All
P. Gomez-Romero presents a blog about science, technology and society.
Science in Action
Explorations of science and math in the real world, with topical comments, unexpected connections and wierd facts. Science can be interesting and fun.
Science Jobs Blog
Recruiters of scientific sales people at all levels from graduate to sales director. New jobs will be posted here as soon as we receive them.
Science Musings Blog
A regular meditation on humankind's quest to understand the universe.
Science's World
Essays about science topics.
Science news and features by award-winning British science writer David Bradley. Includes blog, search tools, recommended books and archives.
Provides coverage of space and science news.
Scientific Cage
Scientific content with link to additional background information. Updated monthly.
Community edited science blog and discussion forum.
Seb's Open Research
Pointers and thoughts on the evolution of scholarly communication, collected by Sébastien Paquet.
So I Want To Be An Astronaut
A Kuwaiti girl simply dreams of being an astronaut and be the first Kuwaiti, Arab, Muslim female goes to the space.
A weblog covering mainly hardware in space.
Aggregating news with a technology, science and business focus.
Tech Central Station
Features in-depth coverage on how public policy will affect a free market. Reader feedback invited.
The Event Horizon
Latest Physics, Astronomy, IT and other science News
The Loom
Lively commentary and edification on evolution, biology and more by leading science author Carl Zimmer.
the plexus
the plexus is a science-centric blog based on the idea of interdiscipline. The new wave of science is all about junctions and common ground. We blog about it.
The Struggling Grad Student
Microbiology and microimmunology researcher comments mainly on science and medicine topics.
The Wandering Skeptic
Random thoughts and philosophies by Larry Kwong: biology, existentialism, and skepticism.
theWatt: Daily Energy News and Discussion
Read up on the latest and greatest energy news and discussions ranging from alternative energy, alternative fuels and environmental news.
Thoughts from Kansas
A grad student in ecology and evolutionary biology fighting for progressive politics, evolution, and endangered species.
Triple Point
A weblog with links to the best chemistry sites, news and events.
UBC Botanical Garden Weblog
News from the world of plants.
Universal Rule
This weblog presents notes on coping with the rapidly changing world of science and technology. The author is an expert on computational science, and has published several dozen books and hundreds of articles.
Whackademia: Research Blog
News of the bizarre and absurd from the world of scientific and cultural academia.
World Science
A Web news site aimed at timely reporting of global science developments not always covered in the general media.
Blogging the world through a scientific perspective.