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.Net-based Simulation & Modeling Consultants, 20-sim modeling and simulation of dynamic systems, A Collection of Modelling and Simulation Resources, A Modeling, Simulation and Control System Software, Abstraction Software LLC., ACIMS -- Arizona Center of Integrated Modeling &am, Advanced Simulation Systems Flight Simulators, AERO - Animation Editor for Realistic Object movem, Agent based simulation 4 : Workshop in Montpellier, AMESim: Modeling & Simulation Environment for
Australian Scientific Software
Comercial software a economical rates
Home page of SysQuake, powerful software for scientific visualisation. Through innovative use of interactive graphics, SysQuake reveals insights into complex mathematical systems.
Cite Wise
Manufacturers of Endnote, a tool for bibliographic and scientific reference organization and citation.
Clemex Technologies Inc.
Provides digital imaging solutions for the acquisition, archiving, and analysis of images used in quality control and research laboratories.
CoHort Software
CoHort Software creates graphics and statistics software for scientists and engineers. CoPlot is an extremely versatile program for creating publication-quality scientific graphs, maps, and technical drawings. CoStat is an easy-to-use program for data manipulation and statistics.
Energy Science and Technology Software Center
The ESTSC is the U.S. Department of Energy's central repository and distribution point for Federally funded software dealing with all forms of energy, energy conservation, waste management, mathematics, and a myriad of other topics.
eXY, Data Analysis and XY Plot Package
Shareware Windows application. Capabilities include Least-squares, Akima and Cubic spline interpolation. Creative freedom with page layouts allows shared/multiple plot axis, dimensioning and inclusion of pictures/logos.
Field Precision
Finite-element software for electromagnetics, bioengineering, and shock hydrodynamics
Genamics SoftwareSeek
A fully searchable database of more than 1200 free and commercial software packages for science.
GNU Scientific Library
The GNU Scientific Library (GSL) is a numerical library for C and C++ programmers. It is free software under the GNU General Public License.
Hearne Scientific Software
Caters mainly to scientists, engineers and researchers.
Henry Thorson Consulting
Customized scientific computer applications on Unix and Windows platforms and distributed systems. Bothell, Washington, USA
Hoare Research Software Ltd.
We are New Zealand's supplier for the world's best technical business, statistics, mathematics, engineering and scientific software for your needs: including MATLAB, SPSS, Mathematica, Mathcad, and SigmaPlot.
HVLCOM Software
Free Software WinRoot, Nonlinear System Equation Roots Solver, Serial Terminal for buffalo, a FREE 68HC11 Simulator.
Inspiration Software - Strategic Transitions Inc.
Inspiration Software- a graphic organizer ideal for both education and business diagramming , concept mapping and process mapping.
iPodion HandelsgmbH
Major distributor for scientific software and programming libraries in Austria. Featured product is the coimbra document management system and the derived Teach/Me products for learning and education.
Linux Software Encyclopedia
Scientific and other software for Linux.
Matrox Imaging: Scientific and Industrial Imaging
Designer and manufacturer of PC-based hardware and software for machine vision, image analysis, medical imaging and video surveillance.
Media Cybernetics Image Analysis Software
Makers of industry standard Windows and Mac image analysis software including Image-Pro Plus and Gel-Pro Analyzer.
Multidisciplinary Software Systems Research Corpor
Custom science, engineering, and mathematical software for business, academia, research, and government.
Neyer Software
Sensitivity test and analysis software for Windows platforms. Also includes descriptions of the algorithms used and a glossary.
General purpose software for visualizing a variety of scientific data as surfaces. [Win9x/NT, Power Mac]
Northern Lights Software Associates
Nova for Windows tracks an unlimited number of satellites in real time.
Perfectly Scientific, Inc.
the scientific algorithm company. Experts in compression, wavelets, FFT, general transforms, color graphics, Monte Carlo, fractals, convolution,signal processing, matrix algebra, genetic algorithms, number theory.
PhotoModeler - photogrammetric software
PhotoModeler Pro is a Windows program that extract measurements and 3D models from photographs
A freely available 2D plotting tool for Win32 Platforms (Windows NT/95/98/00) inspired by Grace/xmgr.
Purebits Homepage - Professional Audio Software
Home of Sample Champion, a real-time software tool designed for high precision acoustic measurements.
ScanIt is a utility for obtaining numerical data from a scanned or bitmapped graph. Features: an intuitive interface for defining axes, a snap function, automated tracing curves and symbols. Program demo, download and online help.
Find every software needed for scientific needs easily and fast. Download programs to accomplish science projects.
Scientific Computing
The use of modern computer science techniques is rapidly becoming an accepted and invaluable component of nearly all facets of basic and applied research. This forum will address many of the exciting issues in this growing field.
Scientific Image Processing
Pixlock develops and distributes 'Exbem', a software for scientific image processing and analysis, for Apple Macintosh.
Scientific Imaging Software, Systems and Solutions
Noesis offers a family of 2D and 3D imaging software and systems to extract quantitative information from a wide range of scientific images. Windows 95, NT 4.0, 2000.
Scientific Letter. Mailer with equation editor
Scientific Letter is an original mail program that allows you to create messages including complex equations.
Scientific Software
Choose from thousands of scientific, academic and laboratory software programs.
Scientific Volume Imaging
Deconvolution and visualization software for microscopy, available on Windows, Mac, Irix and Linux.
Scientific Web
Information about scientific software, the addresses of producers and distributors, tips and tricks, product announcements, lists of available books, links to other internet servers of interest, links to user groups and mailing lists, and test reports of users.
Software for the preparation and editing of scientific manuscripts.
Soft Analytics Home Page
Low-cost simulation software for engineering and science. Analysis and design consulting for communication systems.
Software for Science Initiative
Information, links and interactive on-line processing services for scientists, developers and users of scientific (particularly, imaging) software.
Startek Technology
Custom software solutions for mechanical, electrical and chemical engineering applications, including instrument interface and communications. Boronia, Victoria, Australia.
Summit Research Services
Pharmacokinetics and metabolism software and services for research and education.
SYTEK Canada
SYTEK Canada specialises in developing custom scientific applications.
United Devices, Inc.
Headquartered in Austin, Texas, is a technology company that develops the infrastructure required to aggregate unused computing resources on the Internet.