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Ancient Coins
A. G. & S. Gillis, Aeratus Ancient Coins & Antiquities, Aeternitas, Akropolis Ancient Coins, Alex G. Malloy, Inc., Ancient & Early Coins, Ancient Coin Art, Ancient Coins Auction Sales, Ancient Coins Canada, Ancient Coins.Net
American Numismatic Rarities, Arsantiqva London, Bowers and Merena Galleries, Canadian Coinoisseur, Coin Auction, Coin Auction Site, Coin House, Dix Noonan Webb, e-Costa, Gatewest Coin Ltd.
Certified Coins
All Certified Coins, Alpha Rare Coins, American Federal Rare Coin & Bullion, American Rarities, Camco Coins and Bullion, Canadian Coinoisseur, Capeway Coins, Carolina Gold and Silver, Inc., CCRC, Certified American Silver Coins
Coins at collectibleclassifieds.com, CoinsWanted.com
Error Coins
Al's Coins, Byers Numismatic, Error Trends Coin Magazine, Fred Weinberg & Co., Ken Potter, Rich Schemmer Error Coins, The Error Collection
Gold Coins
A-Mark Precious Metals, Inc., Allgold of Sevenoaks, American Bullion & Coin Co., American Gold Exchange, Awesome Coins, Bret Leifer Gold Coins, BuyGoldBars.com, California Numismatic Investments, Chipman Coins.com, Clark Smith Numismatist
Grading Services
ANACS, Ancient Coin Certification Service, ASA Accugrade, Inc., Coin Grading Australia, Independent Coin Grading Company, Numismatic Guaranty Corporation of America, Numistrust, PCI, Professional Coin Grading Service, Robert Matthews Coin Authentication
Medals and Tokens
Alaska Tokens, AMA Amusement Automaten, Anything Anywhere, Cera, Civil War Tokens, Civil War Tokens, Cobwright's Paranumismatica, Exocoin, Latter Investments, Inc., Medallions
Private Mints
Africa Mint, Alaska Mint, American Commemorative Mint LLC, Custom Medals and Coins, Evergreen Mint, Friends of the Segovia Mint, Great Western Mint, Hoffman Mint Home Page, Honolulu Mint, KV Coins
50 States Quarter Holders, Software, Aaron Reinhart and Sons Woodworking, LLC, Air Tite Holders, Air-Tites.com, Amos Advantage, Brent-Krueger Group, Brooklyn Gallery Supplies, Capital Plastics, Inc, Cassidy Frames, Coin Collecting Supplies, Coin Displays
World Coins
Canada, Europe, Mexico, United States, a1coin, Aethelred.net, All Collectibles from Central Asia, AnythingAnywhere, Asian Numismatic, Aspen Coins, ATS Bullion Ltd, Beeker1 Coins, Brads Coin Pages, CE Collection's Inc.
Offering coins and books from ancient to modern.
ACB Coins
Offering a selection of both U.S. and World Coins.
Alabama Coin and Silver
Selling ancient Greek and Roman, modern, and U.S. coins, paper money, medals, and Indian artifacts.
Allen's, Inc.
US and Canadian coins, US currency, collector supplies, silver collector bars and rounds, coin jewelry.
American Historic Society
Selling sets of ungraded coins for the non-collector, coin jewelry and coin products.
ANA Market Place
Site contains a database of dealers, which can be searched alphabetically by name, or by specialty, country, or state.
Apollo Coins & Stamps
Specializes in buying and selling precious American and foreign coins, but trade in other items such as jewelry, estates, sports cards and other collectibles.
Coast to Coast Coins
Offering rare coins, Ancient coins, U.S. coins and currency with specials available online.
Coin Boutique
Specialize in current year U.S., Canadian, and UK. Official Mint Sets.
Coin of the Month Club
Website selling gift package subscriptions of world coins and geography fun fact cards for kids aged 7-13.
Coin Store Online
Offers, US coins and paper money, world coins and paper money, sets, commeratives, supplies and exonumia.
A retailer, operator, and manufacturer of elongated coin or penny press machines.
Coinman's Coin Website
Individual selling U.S. and Foreign coins and currency.
CoinSite Collectors' Showcase
Sellers can automatically create a virtual Web page with an image for each item they wish to offer.
Collectors Internet
Offering US, World and Ancient coins.
Colonial Acres Coins
An online store that carries coins, paper money & supplies specializing in US, British and Canadian Numismatics.
Offering US and World coins. Site includes a chat room, a message board, and an online catalog including a large number of pictures.
Eastern Numismatics Inc.
Offering Rare coins, World coins, and Ancient coins. Also selling a wide variety of US rare coins, certified and raw.
Falcon Coins
Specializing in U.S. and Canadian coins, bullion and supplies for the collector.
Hallenbeck Coin Gallery, Inc.
Offering US and World coins, supplies and bullion.
An opportunity for customers to buy rare coins at a prices they offer.
International Coin and Stamp, Inc.
Offers gold, silver, and platinum bullion, and a wide variety of coins and stamps for collecting and investing.
Jake's Marketplace, Inc.
Chicago Coin Dealer. U.S. & Foreign Coins Bought, Sold & Appraised.
Jefferson Coin and Bullion
A wide variety of hand-picked rare coins and paper money.
John Franklin Coins
Providing collectors with U.S. and foreign coins and currency.
Offering to assist collectors in acquiring the finest and rarest numismatic properties and providing professional testimony and expertise for government agencies, numismatic guide books and certification services.
Kelleys Coins
Dealer of US coins, mint sets and proof sets and coin collecting supplies, as well as gold and silver coins from Canada, Australia, China, Mexicao, Laos, Israel, Great Britain, and Austria.
Offers secure online sales of US and World gold and silver coins, proof sets, and commemorative coins.
Littleton Coin Company
Provides US, World and Ancient coins, paper money, coin folders and albums to collectors. Free appraisals for coins and paper money.
McKinn's Coins
Auctions and Sales.
A Minneapolis based numismatic firm. Find coins using an online inventory that is updated daily.
Miller's Mint
Selling US and World coins, and collecting supplies. Offers appraisals of US and foreign coins, stamps, old paper money, old postcards, and old envelopes.
Bank notes, numismatic books, coins, medallions, medals and tokens in all price ranges, with links to numismatic sites.
New World Rarities
Offers information on the rare coins market, US minted coins, gold coins, and ancient coins as well as offering a wide variety for sell.
North Atlantic Coin & Bullion
offers the rare coins and bullion products.
Numismatics Hungary
Hungarian site with regularly updated news and articles, history of money (especially Roman and Hungarian related), also a catalog of coins (Roman, Hungarian) and banknotes in both Hungarian and English.
Old Glory Coins
Offering rare US, Ancient Greek, Roman & Byzantine coins.
Paradise Coin
U.S. & World Coin Inventory from Paradise Coin & Gift.
Offering supplies and coins for Elongated collectors.
Pressed Penny
Elongated coins and pressed pennies from around the globe. Site includes sales and information.
Red River Rarities
U.S. and World coins and currency; collectible, rare and unusual.
RJ Gillio
Dealer in US and World rare coins. Member of PNG, ANA and IAPN.
Robert G. Duncan's Numismatic Offerings
U.S., British world, Ancient Roman and World collector coins bought and sold since 1959
Robin-on-Acle Coins
Offers ancient and modern world coins, books, paper money and exunomia.
Rockford Coin Vault
Online coin store based in Rockford, Il selling US and world coins, world paper money, exunomia and stocks and bonds.
RR Rare Coins & Currency
Offers US and World coins and currency, books, supplies and tokens.
Ryedale Coins Numismatic Service
A UK based dealer selling coins from around the world including British, decimal, and ancient coins, notes and tokens.
S & S Sourcing
Offering U.S., World, and Ancient coins.
Scott A. Travers
Offering full consulting and appraisal services, expert testimony, certification submission, and auction services.
Retail and wholesale dealer specializing in precious metals, gold, silver bullion, and assays and appraisals.
Sirfinamma's Collectibles
Offers coins, currency, tokens, stamps, medals, military badges, and pins.
The Copper Penny
Stocking U.S., Foreign, and Ancient coins.
The Old Coin Shop
Offering US and World coins, certified coins and gold coins. Contains a library of information about US coins with images.
The Penny Farmer
Offers a secure catalog containing a selection of collectable coins.
Unique gifts and supplies for coin collectors.
Dealer of Roman, Greek, Byzantine, Judean, US and world coins, currency, books, and nusmismatic software for all coin collectors.
Vend-a-Coin Company
US and Canadian coins for sale.
Vinson Financial.
Offering gold, silver, platinum, rare coins, coin supplies, books, and numismatic materials.
World Wide Coins
English & world coins, and paper money from 1500's to present day.
Dealer offering US and world coins, supplies, paper money and sets.