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America West Archives, Antiquary Partnership, Antique Scripophily, ATS Numismatics, Boone Scripophily, Collectible Stocks and Bonds, Collectible Stocks and Bonds Catalog, Daly's Mining Shop, Denver Stock Exchange, eOldstocks.com
Banknote / Paper Money Supplies, Currency Displays, Kelgory Coin & Currency Supply, Inc., Supersafe Currency Holders
A La Carte Paper Collectables
Offers paper money, world banknotes, German notgeld, banknote puclications, paper ephemera, war bonds, and currency holders for storage of paper collectables.
AA Banknotes
Offers banknotes, cheques and information on notaphily.
Antarctica Dream-Dollars
A Brief history of Nadiria, the Lost Colony of Antarctica. Read about the history of the colony as well as purchase sets of Dream-Dollars, the official currency of Nadiria.
Antique Currency, LLC
Buyers and sellers of rare antique U.S. paper currency, with listing of events, grading information and currency terms.
Baker Notes
US currency, military notes and World notes.
Banknote Heaven
Shop for numismatics treasures. American and foreign coins and banknotes. Silver, gold, coppers, bronze. A collector site for currency from around the world.
Banknotes of Central Asia
Coins and banknotes from Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan.
Site contains a paper money gallery.
Variety of world banknotes for sale.
An on-line source for collectible bank notes from the U.S. and most countries around the world.
Capital Currency, Inc.
Dealer of rare and unusual U.S. currency.
Colin Narbeth & Son, Inc.
Banknote specialist.
Columbia Notes
Specializing in paper money from Latin America.
Crutchfield's Currency
Offers currency, collectible checks, souvenir cards, Colonial and Continental notes, obsolete bank notes, as well as Confederate States of America, Southern States, US Federal Issues and Republic of Texas currencies.
CSA Notes
An on-line buyer, seller, and appraiser of Confederate currency.
Currency Auctions of America
Currency offered at auction online. Sales close the 15th and 30th of every month.
Currency Grading and Certification, Inc.
Grades United States currency, Fractional notes, Military Payment certificates, and select foreign notes. Grading standards guide, subscriptions to population reports and pricing guides.
Denlys of Boston
A full range of banknotes and currency collecting books and supplies.
Deuceman Currency
Offering Colonial, Obsolete, Broken Bank Notes, Confederate, CSA, and National Bank notes. Educational section about Obsolete Bank notes. Coin and Paper Money convention schedule. Member dealer of PCDA
Offers US Paper Money for sale: colonials, national bank notes, confederates, silver certificates, gold notes, fractionals, and obsoletes.
A good source of World paper money - several thousands of notes are listed online. Additional service - online banknote identifier.
Educational Coin Company
Banknotes wholesale for dealers and retailers.
Exotic Currency
Offers exotic currencies including and coins from all over the world.
Geneva Currency.
Specializing in all U.S. Paper Currency - Small and Large Size, Error notes and Fancy Serial numbers.
US large size currency with rare signature combinations.
Horwedel's Currency
Collector and dealer of paper money.
Ian Gradon World Paper Money
Extensive list of world banknotes.
Iran Paper Money
Here you will find much information about paper money or bank notes and stamps of Iran.
James R. Hatch
Specializing in CU $1.00 FRN notes with unusual serial numbers.
Jamestown Stamp Company
Banknotes, stamps, and coins served fresh daily.
Jane White Banknotes
Banknotes and paper money from around the world. British Commonwealth, English, Scottish and Irish as well as general world banknotes.
Kates Paper Money
World paper money for collectors including banknotes.
Luciano Lazardi
Banknotes for sale, standard catalogs of world paper money and coins, numismatic supplies, online price-lists and credit card payment system. Site available in English or Italian
Lyn Knight Currency Auctions
Online and real world paper money and banknote auction. Has a price guide for US currency.
Michael Morris World Paper Money
World paper money bought and sold. Online price list, large image gallery.
Millon Antiques
Dealers in world paper money specializing in European and East European issues from 1900 up to date. Finder service for rare Balkan States issues.
MJP Numismatics
Offering information regarding currency collecting and selling banknotes from around the world.
Mr. Peso, Inc.
Offering Mexican Currency for sale online. Includes gasllery of photos of pesos.
Neal's Collectable Currency
Paper money offered for sale by one of the first Internet collecting pioneers.
Norbert von Euw - World of papermoney
Site for papermoney collectors.
Paper money site in English and Spanish.
Dealer in world paper money. Site is in English, Spanish and French.
Banknotes for sale by a Portuguese dealer.
Dealer in authentic scripophily, postcards, paper money, and other collectibles sold individually or in quantities.
Paper Money of the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939)
Site mainly devoted to collectors of spanish banknotes issued during the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939).
Pekunia Banknotes
Online store of Dutch dealer with hundreds of banknotes for sale.
Perth Numismatics
Perth Numismatics offers a huge selection of banknotes, paper money, currency, free classified ads, and online appraisals of your banknotes
Philip Driver Currency
Lists investment grade US Paper money. Offers images of pictured currency that is rare and many times unique.
Pomexport provides wholesale paper money from more than 275 different countries.
Republic of Texas
State currency and historic documents.
Richard J. Reed World Paper Money
Specialist in world paper money and Hollywood prop movie money. Also deals in collectible stocks, bonds, and antique checks.
Ron's Currency, Stocks and Bonds
A site for collectors of currency, paper money, stocks and bonds, and the hobbies of syngraphy and scripophily.
Tim Kyzivat Currency
Includes offerings of large and small notes, national bank notes, obsoletes, confederate currency, error notes, fractional currency and colonials, as well as upcoming shows and reference links.
Treasures of the Middle East & North Africa
Extensive banknote price list from Asia and Africa.
U.S. Currency Auctions
Auction site for U.S. Currency.
U.S. Rare Currency
Buying & selling large size legal tender bank notes, gold and silver certificates, paper money and Federal Reserve notes.
US Paper Money
Sales and auctions of rare United States currency (paper money).
USA Rare
Dealing in special serial numbers on united states paper money. Rare us currency, small size, large size, and errors.
Vinny's Coins
Offering US large size currency and gold and silver coins.
World Bank Notes
Bank notes, paper collectibles and coins from Ukraine and Russia.
World Banknotes and Paper Money
Online store for world paper money.
In English, German and Spanish contains information, hints and many beautiful scans, and an extensive price list of world banknotes.
Providing professionally graded and certified United States banknotes.