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Usual ranges of pen plus older pens from Cross. Desk stands and pens cases also sold.
1001 Pens
Collectable vintage and modern fountain pens, pencils and ink bottles.
1001Antique Ink Bottles
Selling vintage ink bottles with variety of brands including Carter, Waterman, Parker, Caw, and bakerlite. Singles and collections.
Ambrosia Sky
Custom, handcrafted fountain pens, rollerballs, and ballpoints, featuring acrylic materials.
Andy's Pens
Purveyor of fine writing instruments; antique, vintage and classic fountain pen sales and restoration.
Antique Line
Offers antique and collectible inkwells, desk sets and fountain pens.
Art Brown International Pen Shop
Fountain and ballpoint pens and desk accessories including Montblanc, Parker, Nextpen, Itoya, Cross, and Visconti. Pen show information included.
Avalon Jewelers
New and used fountain pens. Inks, refills and pen cases.
Battersea Pen Home
Specialists in buying, selling and repair of vintage pens
Bear Tooth Woods
Fine hand-crafted writing instruments made of exotic woods from around the world.
Bittner Fine Pens
Large selection. Brands include Waldmaan and Waterford and many limited editions. Also inks, refills, paper stationery, chests, cases and books on pens.
Colorado Pen Direct
Sells selected ranges of pens from a wide range of manufacturers. Pen accessories also sold.
CVS Pens
A variety of Conway Stewart vintage pens for sale.
Dream Pens
Restores and sells a variety of vintage fountain pens.
European designer, distributor and manufacturer of fine and high range writing instruments. French and English.
Edinburgh Pen Shop
Fine pens from many brands. Vintage pen repairs. Sells inks, refills and accessories. Offers engraving service. Worldwide shipping.
Executive Essentials
Writing instruments from many fine brands. Also a large selection of pen accessories.
Fahrney's Pens
Offers fine pens, refills, and accessories from a variety of manufacturers. Also watches and jewelry. Free catalog available.
First Class Pens
A selection of Mont Blanc and other fine pens.
Floaty Industries
Designers of custom floaty pen artwork.
Giardino Italiano's
Brands such as Ancora, Columbus, C. Emiliano, Marlen, Nettuno, Parafernalia and Torrini. Many limited editions. Also leather pen cases and desk sets.
Hans`s Vintage Fountain Pens
Large selection of vintage fountain pens and ballpens. Also pencils, penholders and vintage inkwells. Can repair and service most makes.
IVT - Caran d'Ache Collection
Only sells Caran d'Ache items.
Jim Griffiths' Vintage Montblancs and Pelikan
Other vintage pens and newer pens also sold.
Joon of New York
Extensive online catalogue. Has a refill directory, pen guide and an informative FAQ.
June's Antique Deskstuff
Offers fountain pens, mechanical pencils, inkstands, inkwells and other desk paraphernalia.
Kamakura Pens
A reference guide to Japanese pens and early American pens. Information on early makers such as Paul E. Wirt and Lewis Waterman. Also many pens for sale.
Marc Steele Pens
Rare and expensive handcrafted gold, platinum, and titanium pens & pencils. Each pen is customizable according to the buyer, and handcrafted by Marc Steele himself.
MIK Pens
Custom hand made olive wood writing instruments. Visitors can subscribe to an E-zine.
MK Pens
Sale, service and repair of vintage fountain pens, pencils and ballpoints, including Parker, Sheaffer, Conway Stewart and Mabie Todd.
Moonbeams, Lilacs & Roses
Featuring artistic beaded pens and beaded carved pewter bookmarks.
Namiki Vanishing Point Pen By Pilot
Innovative technology makes the Vanishing Point Collection unique among fountain pens. The patented Vanishing Point design allows the nib to retract completely into the pen body after use.
Old School Pens
Vintage and modern fountain pens for sale, all restored to perfect writing condition. Specialising in Sheaffer, Parker and Cross.
On-Line Pencil Sharpener Store.
A large selection of die-cast collectible pencil sharpeners available for on-line ordering.
Pen For You
Pens, pencils, refills, and other executive accessories for sale.
Penbox: Vintage Pens, Pencils & Inkwells.
Sale and repair of vintage pens, pencils, inkwells and writing accessories. Vintage items by Parker, Conway Stewart, S.Mordan, Onoto, Sheaffer, Waterman and others.
Many vintage pens and inkwells. Some new pens. Also old inks, pen cases, blotters, nibs, sacs and other parts. Various pen ephemera and paraphernalia.
Specializes in a variety of pens including Montblanc, fountain, ball point, rollerball, refills, ink, pencils, accessories, and gifts.
Penkala ballpoint pens, fountain pen and writing sets. English/Serbian
Vintage fountain pen repairs, restoration and sales. Also inkwells and other accessories.
Popular brands. Also has limited editions from Rotring and pen care information.
Pinky's Floaty Pens
A selection of floaty pens as well as snowdomes, salt and pepper shakers, souvenir spoons, and refrigerator magnets.
Platinum Place
Only sells pens from Platinum. Wide range of unused vintage Platinums.
Rivera Fountain Pens
Wide range of vintage pens, pencils and inkwells. Pen show information for vintage pen collectors.
Has the usual brands plus Delta, Tibaldi, Stipula, Visconti. Pen descriptions, when available, are in Italian.
Santa Fe Pens
Range includes pens from B&E, Bexley and Marlen-Krone. Also sells some vintage pens and offers a vintage pen restoration service.
Sigma Pens
Features personalised fountain and ballpoint pens handmade from a variety of materials.
Speakeasy Pens and Gifts
Custom crafted wood pens, pencils, and accessories for sale
Stipula Pens & Nibs
Offers fountain, roller, calligraphy, and ballpoint pens and nibs in gold and silver.
The Ink Palette
Fine inks and refills from a wide range of brands. Also stain removers, polish and FAQ for refilling pens.
The Inkflow
A selection of pens from brands such as Colibri, Giuliano Mazzuoli, Visconti and Waterford. Also sells limited editions.
The Vintage Pens Website
Wide range of fine vintage pens and pencils along with an assortment of other antique writing equipment. Site also includes information and resources.
The Writing Desk
Both new and vintage pen instruments. Also a range of inks.
Thompson Fountain Pens
Handcrafted Parker and Sheaffer replica pens. Can also make custom pens. Contains advice on valuing vintage pens.
Timber Pen Company
Custom manufacturer of pens made from your own wood or wood of your choosing.
Trice Pens
Wide variety of pens hand turned from various exotic woods. Engraving service for pens and pen boxes. Refills also supplied.
UrbanArt Pens
Ballpoint pens created from brass and beaded paper.
W-B Vintage Fountain Pen and Watch
Vintage pens and nibs for sale. Also pen related books.
Webster's Pen Shop
Pens and refills available for most major manufacturers.
Wood `N Dreams
Pens from Cesare Emiliano, Cross, Dani Trio, Hero and Green Mountain. Wide range of accessories and Private Reserve inks.
Unique pens turned from wood, antler and other materials. Mostly ballpoints and rollerballs.