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A Cup of Ideas
Sells novelties and pranks, balloons, custom t-shirts, party accessories, and custom corporate and business apparel.
A Practical Joker
Sells practical jokes and prank items including fart spray, squirting bow ties and exploding wallets.
Art's Fart Mart
Browse through selection of dog doo, whoopie cushions, fart spray, and foul smelling lollipops.
BK Puff & Stuff
Items for "over the hill" parties including bedpan gifts, coffins with gag items, and age-themed party decorations.
Boink Mail
Providing prank packages for birthdays, retirement, graduation, and bachelor parties.
Bubba's Wholesale Novelties
Offers fake bullet hole decals, Jurassic damage claws, and glass crack-ups.
Vehicle accessory in various colors. Includes company information and testimonials.
Career VooDoo
Sells VooDoo dolls for the office. Use them to improve your career or send a warning message to your boss.
Carlberg Grafix
Manufacters custom toilet paper based on daily news headlines and including villains.
Trick car cup for the roof of the car.
Cheap Tricks
Specializes in stink bombs, fart spray, electronic fart machines, and noisemakers.
Cubicle Survival Kit
Items to help make the best out of working in a cubicle. Read lingo and fact sheet.
Dain Bramaged Gifts
Humorous gifts including shirts, mouse pads, caps and tote bags.
Dark Sky Glasses
Spoof for the amateur astronomy community. Get dark views of the sky using these special glasses.
Dirty Jokes Inc.
Includes joke letters, dead flowers, funny gift baskets, and bumper stickers. Find a joke and e-cards.
Anonymously send a packaged pile of dog poop to a friend.
Prank products including magnets, window smashers, and toilet paper.
Fart Machines
Sells a remote control fart machine. Includes a message board.
Four Eyes Joke Shop
Features a variety of gag items as well as magic tricks.
Fun Ideas
Selection of gag and humor items, including the smelly stuff, drinking accessories, fun inflatables, and shock products.
Funny Undies
Provides custom made adult thongs and bikinis for both men and women.
Offers a variety of joke and novelty items, including a candom can cooler.
Gift of Gag
Offers an assortment of comical gifts including neckties, stationary, fart powder and false teeth.
Sells humor items for golfers and over the hill gifts for 40th and 50th birthday celebrations.
Hardley Dangerous Illusions
Makers of peel and stick bullet holes.
Hot Gifts and Gags
Offers a variety of items including fart machines, potty putters and underwear keychains.
IMA, Inc.
Offers a hand powered whoopee cushion.
Just Toilet Paper
Sells funny bathroom tissue for a variety of occasions. Products include holiday themes, custom monograms, dollar bills and Wipe Out Bin Laden toilet paper.
Lotto Fun, Inc.
Specializing in gag lottery tickets, million dollar bills and gag parking tickets.
Featuring a variety of items, from special effects and props to blinking navel and tongue rings.
Moe's Best Buy
Selling toys keychains, stopwatch, dice, and giant playing cards.
Naughty Nanas
Offers handmade potholders in the shape of male and female anatomy.
Nuts for Trucks
Available in a variety of colors in rubber, brass and aluminum.
Prank Place
Sells a line of embarrassing bumper stickers and postcards. Other products include bullet holes, fake lottery tickets and rude parking tickets.
Revenge Unlimited
Specializes in helping people get revenge. Products include wilted roses, tombstones, and melted chocolates.
Riley's Trick Shop
Offers tricks, jokes, magic, custom t-shirts, buttons, balloons, and fake newspaper headlines. Other products include general foolishness.
Roadkill Rugs
Sells stuffed animals that appear as various dead animals.
Ronib Innovations LLC
Night lights in the shape of a woman's breasts which glow in the dark.
Rowanlea Grove Novelties
Offering personalized toilet paper.
Rude DVD
Customize an insulting, rude DVD to that person you just can't stand.
Silly City
Offering certificate award, wall plaques, and bumper stickers with humorous themes.
Silly Jokes
A selection of fart machines, false teeth, and telephone voice changers.
Sir Huckelberry Insurance
Offers a practical online insurance policy for alien abductions, divorce and stock market crashes.
Smelly Shit
Offers bathroom related novelty gifts including fart machines and CDs featuring "Trailer Trash Monkeys". Humor bulletin board and jokes included.
So Immature
Specializes in bizarre gifts including whoopee cushions and remote control farting machines.
The Bearded Clam Society
Sells dolls and gifts related to humorous clams with beards.
The Black Rose Floral Co.
Offers a variety of black rose bouquets and arrangements.
The Gag
Choose from a variety of pranks, gags, card or coin tricks, and magic sets.
The Gag Works
Offers stink bombs, shock pens, x-ray glasses, and whoopie cushions.
The Prank Store
Supplier of practical joke, revenge and embarrassing gifts.
The Restless Mouse
Sells gifts for the office and college dorm. Also offers daily content changes and a newsletter.
Turd Twister
Kit includes an instruction manual to turn poo into funny shapes.
Whoopass Enterprises
Sells custom bobblehead dolls hand-sculpted from any photo.
Offers a variety of pranks, party supplies, and novelties.