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Bath Mat, Spectrum Products, Triple B Studio
Shower Curtains
Aim-Co, Albany Shower Door, Bathroom Shower Enclosures, Canada Shower Screens, Painted Shower Curtains by B. Mclane, Shower-Curtains.com, Showerail, Stay Dry Systems, Subtle Concepts Ltd., VaVa New York
Best Shower, Bidet World, Cotton's World of Water, Eotec, Instant Hot Showers, Mini-Shower, Shower Filter Store, Showerhead Depot, Showers Plus, Stick-it-Spigot
Toilet Seats
Advanced Toilet Seat (ATS), Art de Toilette, Bath Global, Comfy Seat, Designerloo, Kyle's Sea Krafts, Miracle Seat, Nifty Lifty, Pilot Bidet, RSD Hygienics Ltd.
A & R Beach Towels, Big Ass Towels, Biju, E & H Textiles, EastCoast Scrubs and Towels, enRobe, Fat Towels, Jersey Towel Supply, John Paul Products, LazyPoint.com
Bare Manufacturing Inc
The Washmate backwasher adheres to shower walls with suction cups to become an extra hand.
Bath Hardware Designs
Coordinating towel bars, curtain rods, switch plates and accessories by Gatco and Baldwin manufacturers.
Clear Mirror
Several models of electric bathroom mirror defoggers. Item adheres to the back of the mirror and meets international safety standards.
Clear Products Inc.
Self-adhesive heating pad that eliminates steam from bathroom mirrors through a low voltage power supply.
E-Buy Radiators Direct Ltd
Heated towel warmers and rail radiators in contempary, antique, ladder, corner, traditional and bespoke styles.
For Bath
Solid oak vanities and tops, mirrors, hampers, toilet seats, cabinets, light bars and toilet tank covers.
Gaylin's Bath Shoppe
Toilet seats, brass rods, towels, rugs, magnified mirrors, storage containers and scented gifts.
Hair Dryer Holster
Wall mounted storage device for hair dryers.
Mex By Net
Hand crafted free-standing ceramic sinks, and bath sets that include soap dishes, hooks, brush holders and other accessories.
Mirror in the Mist
A heating unit placed behind wall-mounted mirrors, that operates with the light switch, to keep the mirror free of condensation.
Netsale Bathrooms
Bath pillows, custom shower curtains, novelty toilet seats and other bathroom accessories.
Penda Organizers
Rust-proof white and clear organizer shelves for the bathroom and shower area.
Decorative plungers stored in a high gloss, novelty, laminate, wood or tumbled marble box.
Universal heaters for hydromassage bath units in flow-thru, short T and long T styles. Several different models available.
Simply Brilliant Products
A tray that fits inside the bathroom cabinet and holds tubes, cosmetics, tweezers and other beauty products.
The Dispenser
Wall-mounted shampoo and soap dispensers for homes and hotels.
Toilet paper holder that can be rotated to dispense from the top or bottom of the roll.
Towel Racks
Polished brass and chrome wall-mounted or free standing heated towel racks in traditional and classic designs.
Triple Towel Product
A hanger with rungs, in 3 sizes, that provides more space to hang towels, or to let wet items drip dry in the shower.
Vita Futura
Bath mats and rugs, shower curtains, safety inserts, curtain rods and accessories.
Wholesale Bath Accessories
Selection of bathroom accessories.
Zehnder America
Chrome, metallic and white heated towel radiators in different styles and sizes.