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Alternative Power
Generators, Solar, Wind, and Hydro, Electric America, Master Distributors, Sierra Solar Systems, Woodland Products
Emergency Kits
1st Emergency Kits, LLC, 72 hour kits.com, 72hoursafety.com, 911 Kits, 999 Kits Ltd., AERC, Inc., Anthrax Disease Antidote.com, Earth Shakes Inc., Homeland Security Pack.com, Life Kit
1st 4 Safety.com, Advanced Fire Technologies, CKS Company, Detectors and Alarms, EZ Out Escape Ladder Company, Fire Angel, Fire Beater Industries, Fire Check, Fire Escape Systems, Fire Online
First Aid
1FirstAid.com, 911 Medalert.com, A First Aid and Survival Kits Online.com, Adventure Medical Kits, All Things First Aid, Always Be Prepared.com, American EHS, Inc., American Natural Technology Services, Bostock Health Care, By Dezign Products
Food Preparation
Daily Value Enterprises, Fox Hill Corporation, Living Foods, Mixer Pro.com, Nesco/American Harvest, On-Line Health Products, Professional Marketing Group, Inc., Sun Ovens International, Inc., The Gray Area, The Living and Raw Foods Marketplace
Gas Masks
America's Personal Security Inc., Approved Gas Masks, Civilian Gas Mask.com, CODRUS F.D.S. Ltd., Emergency Gas Masks, Filter Science, FMJ ChemBio, Gas Mask Mart, Global Protection, LLC., NBC Gas Mask.com
Alta Labs, Applied Innovative Technologies, Battery Savers, Black Out Candles, BriteLyt, Flashlights by Battery Savers Inc., Flashlights Inc., JSL Trading, Lanterns Online, New Option Lighting
Natural Disasters
All In 1 Goods.com, Earthquake Plans.com, Earthquake Store.com, eSandbags.com, MACAW, Inc., Quake Proof, Inc.
Personal Defense
Pepper Sprays, Action Stun Guns, Armed.com, Artemis-Cutlery.com, Bladezz, BRM Enterprises, Close Quarters Defense, Degrata Tactical Inc., Earth Spirit Emporium, EnGarde Body Armor, K.C. Knife Co.
Manufacturer's Marketing, Inc., Reecom Electronics
Phillips Environmental Products, Tota-Toilet
Access Underwriting Limited, ADCO Marketing Inc., Alarm It Now.com, Alarms Yourself.com, American Security Company, Amsec Ltd., Asset Confidential Ltd, BetterHomeSecurity.com, Black Ridge Security Products, Brill's Discount Alarm Store
Home Guard Inc., StormX Shelters LLC, UniFold Shelters Ltd., Utah Shelter Systems Inc.
A Survival Center, Adrian J. Canton and Co., American Safe Room, Inc., C.F. Resources, Frugal Squirrel Preparedness Educational Services, Homestead Products, Joseph Prep L.L.C., Lehman Hardware and Appliances, Inc., LM Publications, Mayflower Trading Company
Water Pumps and Storage
Aquatank and Extra Packaging Corp., Chuen Jing Water Pumps, Dean Bennett Supply, Nurse Healer.com, WaterCenter
2k Store.com
Food storage, equipment, books, first aid, generators, water storage, water pumps, and cook stoves.
911 Supplies.com
Includes first aid, trauma, and burn kits, lighting, heating, and emergency tools.
American Products Corporation
Includes books, storable food and water, safety equipment, and outdoors supplies.
American Red Cross of Massachusetts Bay
First aid kits, disaster kits, CPR supplies, and books.
Camping Survival.com
Offers camping gear, survival and emergency equipment, optics, clothing, weapons, and radiation protection.
Canada Peace Corp.
Offers Potassium Iodide pills for protection of the thyroid from radiation.
Citizen Safe
Includes surveillance systems, survival kits, gas masks, radios, solar powered equipment, and generators.
Disaster Necessities.com
Products include 72-hour kits, first-aid kits, emergency lighting, year supplies of food, and auto emergency kits.
Disaster Survival Company
Specializes in an emergency preparedness plan for biological, chemical, or nuclear terrorist attacks.
Domestic Front
Includes gas masks, insect repellents, self-powered radios and flashlights, goggles, generators, and survival and paramilitary gear.
eMarket Ventures
Provides emergency survival kits and other safety and personal protection products in case of a earthquake, hurricane, tornado, terrorist attack, or other disasters.
Emergency Essentials
Offers food storage, water purification, camping supplies, 72-hour kits, and years supply of food. Also offers emergency preparation articles.
Emergency Preparedness Center
Features freeze dried food, 72 hour kits, first aid kits, water storage, and personal protection equipment.
Emergency Preparedness Service
Water storage barrels & containers, water filters, dehydrated and freeze dry foods, food pails, Mylar bags, LED flashlights, lamps and oil, emergency kits.
Emergency Resources
Water filters, food and water containers, including foldable 200 gallon water container, emergency lights, stoves and ovens, first aid, fire starters, potassium iodate, ammunition, and batteries.
Emergency Safety Management
Includes earthquake kits, first aid kits, emergency food rations, sterile drinking water, communications, and sanitation.
Epicenter Supplies, LLC
An extensive selection of items including food, water, power generation supplies and equipment, first aid, and military surplus. Also offers a changing list of individual items.
ET America Corp.
First aid and safety supplies, security kits, fire escape products, survival, and preparedness.
Excalibur Enterprises
Meals-Ready-to-Eat and long-term storage foods, survival gear, two-way portable radios, Bay-Gen Freeplay radios, knives, survival gear, first aid kits, and disaster preparedness supplies.
Frontier Survival.com
Offers emergency supplies, survival kits, water storage supplies, food ration products, auto emergency supplies, and temporary shelters.
Healthy Wealthy and Wise.com
Offers gas masks, emergency kits, water purification, storable food supplies, and also alternative power information.
Homeland Preparedness
Carries disaster kits, earthquake kits, survival kits, earthquake supplies, MRE's, blankets, and emergency sanitation items.
Innovative Technologies
Solar powered/crank radios and short-wave radios, flashlights, solar chargers, lanterns, emergency kits, and water treatment.
Offers disaster kits, first aid kits, shelters, emergency radios, and storable food.
Includes flashlights, clothing, camping gear, and knives.
Knife and Gear.com
Includes military, police, EMT, fire, rescue, and outdoors equipment.
Life Safety Innovations
Offers survival and first aid kits, food and water, lighting, power, safety equipment, and tools.
Military Supply Line
Tactical, paint ball, camping, hunting, and military supplies.
New Beginnings Management Company, Inc.
Includes generators and transfer switches, security safes, heating products, and fuel containers. Also offers equipment for construction, welding, air tools, and air conditioning.
NW Safety Solutions.com
Includes a large variety of first aid, disaster preparedness, and safety supplies. Also offers first aid and CPR training in the Vancouver, Washington area.
Orion Safety Products
Selection of safety flares and distress signals, first aid kits and accessories. Product lines also include marine flares, road flares, light sticks and wilderness survival products.
Pilgrim's Products
Products include emergency wood stoves and water filtration.
Pioneer Emergency Preparedness
Solar and crank-powered radios, nuclear and biological protection, and water filters.
Prepare 2 Survive
Includes emergency food and water, lighting, radios, first aid, and tools.
Preparedness Industries, Inc.
Offers emergency, disaster, personal security, self-reliance and outdoor products.
Offers potassium iodide anti-radiation pills, gas masks, radiation meters, and first aid.
Features items and information for natural disaster preparedness including first aid, radios and lighting, sanitation, shelter, and emergency kits.
Raytech, Inc.
Providing survival equipment, first aid kits, storable food and water, lighting, radios, smoke hoods, water barrels and auto emergency supplies.
Carries a full line of first aid and emergency preparedness supplies for natural and man-made disasters.
Red E Supply Emergency Kits
Offers a wide variety of home emergency preparedness products.
Includes safes, 72 hour kits, first aid, and outdoor equipment.
Regional Environmental Hazard Containment Corporat
Offers emergency preparedness, gas masks, survival (readiness) kits, water purification, food supplies, and alternative power ideas.
Rock Bottom Company, LLC
Offers home emergency and disaster preparedness products including car emergency escape hammers, fire escape hoods, self-powered radios and flashlights, alert radios, and emergency kits.
Rockland Fire Equipment Co.
Includes bio-chemical protective suits, gas masks, and homeland defense equipment for first responders and the public.
Safer America
Provides homeland security products including gas masks, NBC suits, first aid kits, and survival gear.
Safety Buddy.com
Includes disaster kits, pepper spray, earthquake preparedness supplies, and independently powered radios.
Safety Central
Offers items including personal protection, water supply, sanitation, books and videos, first aid supplies, lighting, outdoors, lighting, radios, and cooking.
Safety Products Unlimited, LLC
Offers first aid kits, personal emergency response systems for medical emergencies, fire safety, outdoor survival, medical alert, self defense, emergency radios, and independently powered flashlights.
Safety Square
Offers personal safety equipment including survival gear, gas masks, first aid kits, radiation and fire protection clothing, and escape parachutes.
Offers carbon monoxide, fire, and microwave detectors. Also water filters.
Security World International
Includes first aid supplies, alarms, books and videos, home safety, surveillance, and emergency lighting.
Sergeant Slater Safety Products
Offers disaster relief kits and emergency preparedness training for agencies and businesses. Also includes information and links on disaster preparedness.
Southern Communications and Electronics
Includes navigational equipment, solar power items, weather monitors, and outdoor products.
Survival Instinct
Offers storable food, body armor, first aid, books, and lighting.
Survival Solutions
Offers sanitation equipment, water storage, shelter, first aid, and storable food.
Survival Suppliers
Includes medical kits, auto emergency kits, storable food and water, disaster kits, smoke hoods, and fire extinguishers.
Survival Unlimited
Includes radios, storable food, water storage equipment, optics, lighting, radiation detection equipment, and first aid.
Survive America.com
Includes food, portable water filters, generators, solar power systems, camping gear and equipment, first aid supplies, NBC (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical) protection equipment, gas masks and filters.
SurviveAll UK
Offers gas masks, NBC equipment, chemical suits, radiation monitors and body armor.
Surviving with Basics - CD-Rom
Offers a living through hard times guide on CD-Rom which includes preparedness information and plant identification.
Survivor Crates.com
Offers emergency supplies for future power-outages, evacuations, and natural disasters.
The Nuke Ready Company
Offers potassium iodide tablets.
The Smartcard
Offers wallet-sized, fully laminated emergency contact cards. Also offers important date cards.
Two Tigers Radiological
Offers potassium iodide for protection of the thyroid gland during nuclear / radiation disasters. Also includes comprehensive information resources, usage guidelines, and official findings.
Unlimited Resources, Inc.
Offers disaster and counter terrorism items including shelters, gas masks, nuclear, biological, and chemical equipment, generators, and emergency sanitation. Some items can only be purchased by phone.
USA Emergency Supply
Offers dehydrated eggs, vegetables, military meals ready to eat, year supply of food, water storage, first-aid, camping, and survival kits.
Wellness and Energy Products
Quantum heatpacks and hand warmers provide instant heat, up to 130 degrees and lasting up to two hours.
Woodland Products, Inc.
Supplier of kerosene heaters, kerosene cook stoves, baygen radios and flashlights, emergency candles, electric generators, water purifiers, and outdoor equipment.
Yellowstone River Trading
Includes emergency foods, generators, independently powered radios and flashlights, water filters, grain mills, and solar ovens.