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Animal Pests
AgriZap, Inc.: Rat Zapper, Arz Sales, Humane Mousetrap, Livetraps, Maine Supply Co., Moleblaster, Online Trapping SuperStore, Roll Guard, Inc., Texas Extension Resource Center Publications, Tomahawk Live Trap
Bird Pests
Bird-buster.com, Bird-X, Cat Claw Inc, Fly-Bye Bird Control Products, Nixalite
1st and Foremost Inc.
Pest repellants that use ultrasonic waves.
Big H Products, Inc.
Spider glue traps, pheromone baited.
Bug Blaster
Creates a wall of water which blasts bugs from plants.
Bye Bye Bugs, Inc.
Automated spray system for mosquito control.
Contech Electronics
Motion detected animal control devices. Includes a discussion forum.
Electronic Pest Control
Ultrasonic Pest Control Devices to Repel Insects and Rodents.
Gobblin Mosquito Eater
A portable, affordable, safe, totally effective mosquito and biting insect death trap.
Insect Aside
Makes a bug vacuum that catches bugs without pesticide, and the Bug Rack-It, a hand-held racket with a sticky netted surface.
Insect Inn IV
Lighted traps for flying bugs.
Hand held battery operated electronic bug zapper.
Mag Enterprises
Electronic ultrasonic pest control device.
Mole Pro
Mole traps and an instructional video.
Mosquito Control Trap
Sells the Lentek mosquito trap.
Mosquito Killing System
Attracts and kills biting mosquitoes.
Mosquito Magnet
Control mosquitoes and no-see-ums in your yard.
Mosquito Terminator
Mosquito Control Device.
Mosquito Trap
Mosquito trap device distributor in Australia.
Sells Mosquito Magnet, a silent device that mimics human breath composition to lure bugs into a vacuum.
Australian designed Insect Pest Control.
Paul Lauria Enterprises, Inc.
Zapper kills mosquitoes and other flying pests electrically.
R.I.P. Mosquito
South Florida Mosquito Magnet retailer.
Rodar II
Ultrasonic Pest Repeller.
Safeguard Products
Non-lethal, live animal traps. Also offers pet cages.
A barrier that can be filled with liquids and that connects to serving dishes, to prevent ants from getting into the foods.
Scoro Enterprises
Tapes, one for indoor, the other for outdoor use, that create a sticky barrier designed to trap scorpions and other insects.
Sonic Technology Products, Inc.
Sonic Technology: PestChaser Electronic Rodent Repeller
Biting insect control device attracts and kills mosquitoes and other pests over an entire acre.
Australian based company offers termite control products for the underslab and critical wet areas of homes and commercial buildings.
The Antser
Device uses a hidden, internal moat to create a non-toxic barrier between ants and whatever is placed on top of it. Suggested uses are pet food dishes and trash cans.
The Bug Eater
Mosquito control device featuring black light and water trap system.
The Insectivore
Controls cluster flies through a synthetic sand and light trap.
The Mouse Depot
Live mouse trap made of a special blend of plastics.
Wizard Innovations
Backyard Avenger, a device for control of mosquitoes, flies, and yellow jackets.