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Pond and water garden supplies for fish ponds and garden ponds of all sizes.
Adams Aquatics
A complete line of water garden and pond products.
ADG Water Gardens
Specializing in natural water gardens with supplies and some general information on eco-system water gardening.
Affordable Ponds and Gardens
Online water gardening store, catalog, services, virtual pond tour, tips and professional consultation.
Al Zimmer's Ponds and Supplies
Distributor of pond and water garden supplies and related products.
Allied Industries
Custom made ornamental pond netting. UV stabilized polyethylene fiber.
Aqua Landscapes of Houston
Offers an online store and services for water garden design and installation. View the pond gallery of custom designed and installed water gardens.
Aqua-Force System
Biological water treatment system.
Supplies and equipment for ponds, fountains and waterfalls.
Aquatic Gardens & Koi Company
Ponds, pond accessories, pumps, aquatic plants, water treatments, UV lights & clarifiers, pond and garden gifts, water garden specialists, filters, pond fish, water lilies
Arbordale Nurseries
Contains information on making gardening, landscaping and pond care easier and more fun. The plant doctor can also answer some of your common questions.
Arizona Aquatic Gardens
Plants for aquariums, vivariums, ponds, terrariums, aquascapes, and environmental habitats.
Water garden and pond supplies, with links to pond forum and chat.
Bear Valley Store
Videos, kits and supplies for garden ponds, plus home decor and kitchen goods.
Burns Water Gardens
Canadian aquatic plant nursery. Includes online catalogue, info about ponds, waterlilies and plants, lots of beautiful pond pictures, and gift ideas page.
Cajunace Enterprises Mail Order Nursery & Pond
Selling pond supplies, liners, pumps, covers, plant protectors, fountains, plants, seeds, water and marginal plants.
Cascading Waterscapes
Waterfall and Pond Construction Kits and Supplies.
Cheap Pumps
Discount pumps, pond lights, pond kits. Pond installation instructions.
Clear Pond
Water fountains, ponds, pond equipment, filters, skimmers, aquarium products, aquatic plants, fish food, koi, japanese koi, hydroponics, hydroponic equipment, pumps, waterpumps and fibre glass ponds.
Country Garden
Complete line of Water Gardening supplies. Imported koi, UV sterilizers, pond liners, pond pumps, pond plants, and bio filters.
Desert Rain Floating Fountains
Manufacturer of commercial quality lake fountains with bottom draw aeration.
Discount Pumps and Liners
Selection of pond and water garden supplies from leading manufacturers.
Djs Koi and Pond Garden Shop
Total pond and koi supplies. From pumps and liners to water plants and seeds.
Dragonfly Landing
Canadian site offering water garden and Koi pond service, supplies and equipment. Information on seasonal maintenance, aeration and algae control.
Dylog Hydro-Systems
Water gardening guide and supply catalog.
Emperor Aquatics, Inc.
Commercial and residential water garden, aquarium and aquaculture supplies.
Environmental Solutions
Provides natural microorganisms and enzymes that remove and control pond nutrients: to clean and clarify, remove noxious odors, and restore ecological balance to lakes, lagoons, fish ponds, and water gardens.
ePonds offers a selection of equipment and supplies for your water garden project, as well as helpful FAQ and articles on various water gardening issues.
Exotic Waterscapes.com
Offers pond tours, contains information on the eco system, pond construction, kits, supplies and an on line store.
Exotic Wings and Things
Water garden kits, garden wildlife and water garden accessories.
Field Lining Systems, Inc.
Offers custom fabrication and installation services, products and materials, fish and pond supplies.
Filtrific Pond Filtration System
Expandable filtration system with underground overflow containment. Offers design examples.
Gallery of water features designed using holistic principals of patterns in nature. Colour images of products including solar installations, prices and enquiry form for world-wide mailing.
Fountain Mountain
Distributor and retailer of fountain pumps, fountains for indoors and out, floating fountains and pond aeration equipment.
G Designworks
Watergarden, garden, and landscape supplies.
Grassroots Nursery
Water gardeners source for plants, liners, koi, butterfly koi, critters, and anything else for your gardening needs.Michigans most experienced water garden center.
GrayStone Creations
Sells supplies for water features, aquariums, and ponds, including pumps and lighting.
Great 'Scapes, Inc.
Offers a range of pond kits which include filters and other required gear.
Great Lakes Landscaping
Water gardens, kits and supplies, outdoor lighting, fountains, irrigation, and plants. Informative articles on water gardening, tips, and techniques.
Hardscape Materials
Water garden products of all types, pond Kits, pond ecology, pavers, retaining walls, stone, boulders, anchor retaining walls.
Koi Gardens
Koi, pond supplies, aquatic plants, fluidart filtration.
Koiko Pond Design and Supplies
Products for koi and pond.
LaBrake's Water Gardens Store
Garden ponds and water garden kits and supplies. Fountains, water wheels, and stepping stones.
LilyBlooms Aquatic Gardens
Water garden enthusiast source for pond and water garden products
Lilypons Water Gardens
Pond supplies including water lilies, bog plants, koi and goldfish, scavengers, pumps, and liners.
MacArthur Water Gardens
Pumps, filters, ultraviolet sterilizers, fish and koi foods. Tips and techniques.
Masterson's Garden Center, Inc.
Water gardening products including pumps, filter, and plants with seasonal information.
Mist Magic
Mist Makers produce clouds of mist in anything from a simple bowl to a large pond without using chemicals or heat.
Custom pond kits.
Natural Solutions Etc
Garden pond supply including barley straw and pond care for all backyard ponds.
Natural Water Gardens
Water garden supplier offering all the necessary components to build a water garden or pond.
Oasis Water Gardens
Offers aquatic plants, fish, pond information and maintenance, algae control, seminars, filtration, and a detailed map and catalog.
Patio Garden Ponds
Pond, water garden and Koi supplies. Includes plants.
Perfect Ponds
Pond construction kits incorporating a surface skimmer housing a pump that supplies a biological/mechanical filter producing a balanced ecosystem for a low maintenance clear water pond.
PF Pros
Pond and fountain equipment and supplies. Information and diagrams for the contractor, architect, or experienced do-it yourselfer to help design, build, maintain, and troubleshoot a pond or fountain.
Pond Guys
Kits and parts for water gardens. Discussion board.
Pond Management
Aerators, Fountains, Diffusers, Liners and Slider Boxes for water control. Send an email to be contacted by a salesman.
Pond Tech, Inc.
Pond, garden, and Japanese Koi supplies. Information on pumps, filters, pond additives and accessories.
Name brand filters,pumps,pond kits,liners u.v.sterilizers,filter media,accessories at discount prices.
Supplies for garden ponds and fountains. Ships within the USA.
Pond equipment, including pumps, filters, hardware, UV lights, heaters, and air pumps.
Pond kits, pumps, plants, liners and fountains.
EPDM pond liners direct from the manufacturer.
Ponds 2 Go
Water garden hardware and supplies including filters, liners, preformed and kits, pumps, water treatment, plants and Japanese Koi Pond.
Ponds, Plants and More
Pond plants, fountains, pumps, fish food, plant food, watergardening books and other related pond supplies.
Premier Ponds
Retailer of Aquascape Designs Pond Kits, water garden supplies, bridges by Danove, ScareCrow Sprinkler.
Air pumps, water vacuums, drain traps, DC-AC inverter and battery chargers as well as automatic pet feeders.
Puddle and Pond Lawn Design
Hand-crafted items as well as a full line of watergarden products.
Reeds 'n Weeds Garden Superstore
Water garden equipment and supplies. Pond kits, winterizing products, filters, lighting, fittings, liners, netting, tubing, fountain nozzels, pumps, water and plant care.
Rman Productions
Offers an online catalog containing fish ponds, lighting, photographs and accessories.
Sicce Pumps
Pump shop for aquariums, hydroponics, fountains and garden ponds.
A source for plants, liners, koi, and accessories.
Still Pond Farm
Barley straw supplies and information for algae control in water gardens and ponds.
Water purifier and high nutrient. It lowers the amount of unwelcome compounds created by decaying organic materials and toxic particulates discharged by fish.
The Lobster Guys.com
Rio pumps for ponds and miniature fountains, waterfalls, and aquarium/lobster tank service and below wholesale supplies.
The OxyMax Aerocleaner
Regulates oxygen levels reducing waste through mild current and mixing.
The Pond Broker
Prefabricated pond kits. Sizes range from 4 feet by 6 feet to 26 feet by 26 feet.
The Pond Outlet
Offers pond kits, algae products, pond renovations, repairs and maintenance, and a demo pond.
The Ponder's Bible
Information about this book that explains to build and maintain a pond without the need for expensive equipment.
The Water Garden
Products for building and maintaining a pond or water garden. Information and instruction for water gardeners and pond keepers.
Tranquil Gardens Co.
Tranquil Gardens Co - Ponds, Koi fish (Foreign, Domestic and Butterfly), ponds plants, pollywags, and fish food.
Uber's Lilypond Supply Company
Lily pond sweeps and filters.
Ultra Bio-Logics Inc.
Water garden kits and supplies, equipment and accessories, lighting, spray heads, liners.
Van Ness Water Gardens
Catalog of aquatic supplies as well as information about water gardening.
Water Features
Backyard water ponds and equipment.
Waterford Gardens
Lilies, lotus, Koi and water garden equipment.
Windmill Pond Aeration
Provides pond aeration systems and water treatment systems.
Yard Ponds
Offers pond kits, pumps, liners, filters, preformed ponds, water care, and waterfalls.
Your Pond Store
Offers liner pond kits, pond lighting, aeration and heaters, pumps, filters, pictures of customers ponds, and an on line store.