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A Lighter Side
Gold, silver and platinum designs including Mokume-gane, fine jewelry, and unusual metal sculptures such as the Harley Davidson motorcycle ring and a 1965 corvette.
Abrego Jewelry
Unusual bracelets and necklaces using German deco glass, art glass, crystals, biwa pearls, ebony, recycled machine parts, and precious metals. Many one-of-a-kind pieces. Gallery in New York City.
Art jewelry by Elliott Arkin
Jewelry inspired by paintings of Picasso, DeVinci, Michelangelo, Cezanne, Degas, Botticelli, Van Gogh, Klimt.
Art of Stone
Blend of traditional Norwegian technique and American design. Spectrolite, larvikite, opal, and sunstone.
ArtMetal Jewelry
Jewelry designer for individuals who enjoy unique fine art jewelry. Featuring ancient and contemporary fusion designs.
Atelier Boss and Harrison
Contemporary studio art jewellery set in sterling silver and gold with semi-precious stones.
Bernardine Fine Art Jewelry
Handcrafted jewelry in silver, gold and unique gem stones, with pendants, rings, bracelets, earrings and pins.
Beth Piver Designs
Contemporary jewelry and sculpture. Artists' style incorporates use of moving parts in their art.
On-line gallery of designer jewelry. Emerging and established artists, provides information on art, fashion and design.
Castor Jewelry
Tom Castor creates custom jewelry designs in 18k gold and platinum, with fine gem stones.
Castos Unique Jewelry
Custom made gold nugget jewelry specializing in opal cutting and stone polishing. All jewelry is unique thanks to mother nature.
Cruz Studio Jewelry
Featuring Santa Fe's finest contemporary jewelry designers who handcraft unique wearable art in silver and gold.
Cynthia Rand Design
Original designer jewelry handcrafted in silver, gold and natural gemstones; by Monterey Bay jeweler/metalsmith.
Dave B. Design
Sterling silver art jewelry and laser cabs. These cut onyx cabochons are etched using a state-of-the-art laser and have an intricate design etched into their surface.
Designer Jewelry
Handcrafted fine art jewelry of silver, gold and unusual gemstones. Offering pendants, earrings, rings and pins.
Elizabeth Nowers Fine Jewelry
An American jewelry designer from Maine who makes fine handcrafted jewelry in silver, gold, and vermeil. Many designs make use of natural beach stones from her local beaches.
Expressions With Metal
Offers unique custom bracelets in silver, gold and platinum (featuring a specialized safety catch), necklaces, rings, earrings and cufflinks.
Fabrizio Franzini
Italian goldsmith creates unique jewelry using the technique known as lost wax and he signs every single jewel.
Fairchild and Co. Jewelers
Contemporary art jewelry incorporating traditional stones and other gem varieties. Custom design to your specifications.
Fine Jewelry by Rishar Miranda
Rishar Miranda's jewelry is constructed in sterling silver and 14K gold accented with precious and semi precious gemstone. Rishar creates a variety of rings, bracelets and pins.
Fire and Ice, Inc.
Ancient Roman glass, native American, amber, silver and pearl jewelry. Dealers in fossils and mineral carvings.
Fleury Jewelry
Upscale custom jewelry from a group of Houston, Texas artists.
Frank Hyden
Handcrafted gold, silver, and gemstone jewelry by designer Frank Hyden.
Gael and Howard Silverblatt Jewelry
Gold miniature narrative cloisonne images fashioned into art jewelry.
Glastonbury Jewelers
Specializing in fine jewelry with rare and exotic gemstones and diamonds.
Gold Graphix
Award winning fine art jewelry by Wendy Newman using exotic stones to create her one-of-a-kind pieces.
Gold's My Bag
Specializing in handcrafted, nautical fine jewelry featuring their own signature pieces of unique sealife, Nantucket baskets, all cast in precious metals and set with gemstones.
Goldsmith Gaia Pelikan
Offers fine gold and iron jewelry, some with precious gems, others with ancient artifacts. Custom jewelry work offered.
Goldworks Jewelry Art Studio
Goldsmith Gary Dawson displays current and ongoing works with featured guest artists including Deborah Spencer, Mike Leckie, and Milo Spindt. Twenty-five years experience.
Features designer gold and silver wedding jewelry. Also, handcrafted one of a kind jewelry. Based in Denmark.
Holly Yashi
Colorful and stylish jewelry created in Humboldt County, California.
Jan David Design Jewelers
Award winning jewelry design group creating individual works of art.
Gallery of sterling silver. Handcrafted wire art jewelry with beads from Africa, India, Thailand by Connie Fox.
Jewelry by Danielle
Handcrafted sterling silver and karat gold jewelry by Danielle McVoy Kohler.
Jewelry by Keith Farley
Gold and platinum jewelry, pasta jewelry, rings, pendants, pins, earrings. Also, contemporary sculpture in precious metals.
Jewelry By Michele
Handcrafted mixed metals jewelry which consists of sterling silver, copper, gold-filled, and 18k gold/sterling bimetal.
John B. McNamara
Gallery of jewelry from designer John B. McNamara. Selection of fine art jewelry in rare and exotic gems, gold, silver,and ancient coins.
John Field Contemporary Jewellery
Sculptural and asymmetrical contemporary jewelry from exotic hardwoods, silver, gold, opals, bone, amber, and other natural materials.
John Landrum Bryant
Features designs from "Jewelry for the Individual", "Jewelry for the Home" and "Private Collection Jewelry." Based in New York City, on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.
KC Enamels
One-of-a-kind cloisonne jewelry, boxes, wall pieces and more in silver and gold. Custom orders accepted.
Kelly Darke
Sterling silver crochet bracelet with multicolored beads and toggle clasp.Jewelry and oil paintings by artist Kelly Darke.
Krikawa Jewelry Designs
Designer wedding bands, diamond engagement rings and lockets using gold, platinum, mokume gane and white gold.
Laney Clark Kinetic Jewelry Designs
Hand fabricated kinetic jewelry designs in silver, copper, steel, mokume-gane, and gold designed and created by Seattle metal artist, Laney Clark.
Lanka Blue Jewelry
Unique jewelry from designer Gary McVean set with precious and semi precious gemstones in gold and silver, specializing in Naja jewelry.
Lee Griffin, Fine handmade jewelry
Custom designed, gold, sterling silver, with precious or semi-precious stones, jewelry.
Hawaiian jewelry, handcrafted on the island of Kauai. Offering 18kt gold jewelry designed around Hawaii's tropical and sometimes endangered flora.
Linda Crawford Designs
Cloisonne enamel jewelry including amulets, beads, pendants, rings and bracelets.
Majestic Art
14k gold earrings. Retail and wholesale with minimum order.
Marne Ryan Designs
Fine designer jewelry in high karat gold and sterling silver. Vessels in sterling silver and copper.
Metal Elements
Unique, collectible handmade sterling silver metal art in sterling silver and gold.
One Gallery
Specializes in artistic and spiritual jewelry from Bali with gemstones and silver.
Opal Jewelry by John P. Kuehn
Opals are inlaid in lapis and other mother stones and set in fine art jewelry.
Optional Art
Designer jewelry in 14k & 18k platinum and gemstones. Gem quality white South Sea & Tahitian black pearls.
Orogami Art Jewellery
Jewelry inspired by the history of art and architecture, bringing their symbols through the times to their wearer.
Phipps Fine Jewelry
Fine gemstone jewelry in 14KT gold and sterling silver. Rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings in gemstone materials and beautiful color combinations.
PL Gemimport
Custom designed gold, silver jewelry. Expert gemmologists and goldsmiths.
Pratima Design
Contemporary European style designer jewelry in platinum and 18k gold, diamonds and colored gemstones.
Reinhold, John
Designer of the Rattle Ring, a two-piece tubular band of 18-karat gold with eight discrete interior compartments, each sized to hold one loose quarter-carat diamond.
Reynard Designs
Contemporary jewelry and wearable art in silver and gold.
Ross Coppelman, Goldsmith Inc.
High karat gold and unique gemstone jewelry.
Santa Fe Goldworks
Custom inlay gold Southwestern style jewelry with precious stones like diamonds, turquoise, sugilite, lapis and fine Australian opals.
Sarraf Jewelry
Specializing in 14kt gold jewelry sold by weight.
Seaglass Jewellery by Gina Cowen
Unique necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings using naturally frosted found glass from beaches around the world.
Shaw Contemporary Jewelry
Beachstone jewelry from Samuel Shaw inspired by living on the coast of Maine.
St. Pete Beach Jewelry
Collection of fine unique custom jewelry.
Stepahn Hoglund Fine Art Jewelry
Rings, wedding rings and bands, earrings and pendants featuring classic gemstones and unique regional gemstones such as thomsonite and Isle Royale greenstone. Buy online or visit our shop in Grand Marais Minnesota.
Steve Kriechbaum Designer/Goldsmith
Award winning goldsmith offering fine jewelry in 14K, 18K and platinum with diamonds and colored stones.
Susan Peacock Jewellery
Featuring diamonds, south sea pearls and unusual coloured gemstones.
Suzzanne M. Arkless
Custom jewelry design in 14kt, 18kt and 22kt gold and platinum using diamonds, rubies, sapphires, pearls and some unusual gemstones.
Svetlana Designs Jewelry
Contemporary handwrought silver jewelry inspired by nature and the Orient. An elegant line of jewelry that makes a statement.
T Lee Burnham
T. Lee Burnham is a studio of six hands crafting fine jewelry one piece at a time.
TAH Handcrafted Jewelry
Bracelets, cuff links, necklaces, earrings and buckles handmade in sterling, copper, Mokume gane, gold and gemstones.
Thomas Mann Design
Online catalog and artist information.
Todd Reed Metal Artist
Contemporary jewelry, in gold, silver, and gemstones. Rings, necklaces, pins, earrings, and bracelets.
Tony Williams, Goldsmith
One-of-a-kind designs from precious metals and precious stones.
Viking Jewelry
Viking jewelry reproductions of finds from 1500 B.C. - 1050 A.D. made in Denmark.
West Coast Metal Artists
Jewelry designs in silver, gold, semi-precious stones and pearls. Each piece is individually created by one of several jewelry artists.
White Light Productions
Sea Glass jewelry from antique and recycled glass. Gallery in Downington, PA. Wholesale and retail sales information.
Will Harjes Designs
Handcrafted designer 18k gold and sterling silver jewelry.
Wismar Gallery
Jewelry in gold, platinum, silver and gemstones. Offering handcrafted one of a kind rings, pendants, pins, and earrings.
Youngblood Kallas Designs
Jewelry designs by Nathan Youngblood - unique jewelry, wearable art, using 18k gold and precious stones.