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Addexton Company
Features a semi-automatic cabochon machine that allows cutters to shape stones or other hard materials.
American Lapidary Wholesalers
Wholesale lapidary equipment and supplies for faceters, cabochon makers and jewelers. Secure on-line ordering. Visa and Mastercard accepted.
Sellers of faceting machines, laps, diamond and cerium oxide polishes, saws, scales, faceting rough and books.
Fac-Ette Manufacturing, Inc
Features a machine that facets gem with precision using audible or visual cues. For both the expert gem cutter and novice.
Gemlab Inc.
Manufacturing state-of-the-art electric resistance 1700°C furnaces for major users around the world.
Samson Technology Corp.
Manufacturers of portable brush (tankless) electroplating equipment and tank plating equipment
SEP Jewelry Tools of Chicago, Inc.
Jewelry tools and supplies including scales, cleaning supplies, engraving, polishing and rolling mills.