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Angel Mothers Birthstone Ring, Angelic Impressions, Birth Angel, Crown Jewelers, Energy Angels Jewelry, Old Arts, The Marshall Mint
Animals and Nature
Aquatic, Equestrian, 14K Dog Jewelry, 14K-9, 24kt Goldenroses, A to Zoo Jewelry, All Animal Jewelry - Silver Collection, Animal Jewelry, Animal Jewelry Store, Arfworks, B. Bosco Designs, Best Animal Jewelry
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Fire Fighting
Firehouse Fashions, Firehouse Jewelry, Gennaro Jewelers-FireJewelry.com, International Firefighters Signet Co.
Albion Reproductions, Carl Lemke Unique Jewelry, Heraldicrings.com, Ivo Hesmondhalgh Heraldic Jewellers, Monogram Gems, Thomas Flack Master Engravers
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Sports and Recreation
Ace Golf Bracelet, All Sports Jewelry, Allen's Custom Skydiving Jewelry, Ann Gregory Fine Jewelry, Championship Jewelry, College Sports Jewelry, Cowabunga Style Surf Jewelry, Crocco Charms, DMS Croton Pocket Watches, Dumas Golf Jewelry
Abby Glen Designs
Silver and gold dipped solid brass jewelry with holiday, collegiate, and equestrian designs.
Adirondack Jewelry
Jewelry which reflects life in the Adirondack Mountains.
Alfaro Designs
Wine connoisseur jewelry, for the lady and gentleman wine aficionado.
Arctic Tulip
14kt gold and sterling silver jewelry and gifts for mother and baby. Engraving is available.
Arika's Jewelry
Celebrity imitation jewelry, in sterling silver and cubic zircona. TV, movie, and astrology themes.
Avelor Jewelry
Offers a large selection in baby, family and jewelry of faith.
B and S Enterprises
Western themed earrings, and pendants.
Baby Feet Jewelry
Birthstone bracelets, omega necklace slides, earrings, and charms with baby feet theme.
A functional pendant worn by expecting mothers to symbolize the pregnancy and help establish the first patterns of communication and bonding with the baby.
Ballistic Fashions
Authentic bullet jewelry including earrings, tie tacks, and pins.
Bead Trends
Mothers bracelets, name bracelets, mothers rings and baby jewelry in sterling silver, gold and semi precious stones.
Beads for a Cure
Cancer awareness gifts and jewelry.
Beaux Tie Designs
Jewelry and pink ribbon gifts.
Bijoutree's Jeweled Forest
Christmas and vintage theme pins in crystal and enamel.
Blessing Rings
Keyrings and pendants with faith messages.
Bracelets for a Cause
Bracelets sold to raise awareness of cancers and autism.
Braille Jewelry by Stracuzzi
Words with feeling collection of Braille jewelry that benefits sight research.
Bram Rollock Jewelry
Sterling silver baby gifts, miltary gifts, fine gold jewelry and charms.
Breast Cancer Awareness Bracelets
Offers breast cancer awareness bracelets, and a selection of Brighton inspired bracelets.
Breast Cancer Awareness Shop
Think pink ribbon jewelry, and gifts, candles, and bath and body products.
By American Company
Patriotic, state, novelty and custom designed pins made in the USA.
Features Disney characters including Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, and many childhood favorites on necklaces, watches, and rings.
Chandelier Earrings
Chandelier earrings, and jewelry making supplies.
Chinese Zodiac Symbols
Pendants, and gifts designed with Chinese horoscope symbols. Feng shui gifts and symbols.
Classic Creations Childrens Jewelry
Childrens jewelry, pendants, earrings, and rings.
DarcusTori Collection
Sterling silver, and 14kt gold bracelets, necklaces, brooches, pride and religious jewelry.
Darrah Cooper Jewelers
Features Adirondack theme charms, pins, pendants in solid 14 karat gold and silver.
David Lantz Basket Jewelry
Handcrafted basket design jewelry. Made by David Lantz in New Hampshire.
Deep South Imports
Specializing in handmade personalized Egyptian cartouche pendants.
Dems Nation
Handmade blue leather message wristbands for Democratic solidarity. Portion of every sale goes to Democratic causes.
Designs By Leigha
Jewelry for new mommies, sorority sisters, big and little sisters, and personalized bridal jewelry.
Diva In Pink
Pink handcrafted designer jewelry and fashion accessories.
Dunnon of Scotland
Celtic, Masonic and Clan crest jewellery. Also offers kilt pins, heraldic wear, badges, tankards, quaich's, kilts, jackets, sporrans, skean dhu's, pendants, and cuff links.
Mood rings, and astrological theme jewelry.
Enchanted Pewter
Australian retailer of fantasy pewter figurines, pewter and silver jewelry.
Esquivel and Fees Craftsmen
Handcrafted jewelry designs in animal, western, and wildlife themes.
Fiona's Faerie Cottage
A collection of fairy and Celtic jewelry and related items.
Flashing Flags
Flashing LED body lights pins, with flags, stars, and hearts.
Forecastle Treasures, Inc.
Coin and artifact jewelry made from the treasures of Spanish galleon Nuestra Señora de Atocha. Also provides a selection of coins and sample bezels to choose from for a custom design order.
Four Hands Online
Handmade jewelry, accessories, gifts and clothing with a hand or heart theme.
Future Primitive
Miniature musical jewelry. Hand enameled, hand-polished and finished in 24K gold plate or nickel silver.
Ganem Jewelers-Night Rider Jewelry
Sterling silver skull jewelry. Rings, belt buckles, bracelets, and a selection of Alice Cooper's watch collection.
Gem Stone Creations
A collection of gifts and jewelry in tennis, golf and Christian motifs for league and individual needs.
Generous Gems
Shop for 14K gold and birthstone jewelry. A portion of the profits goes to support several non profit groups for breast cancer research.
Gifts For Living
Sterling silver jewelry and gifts for people living with breast cancer.
Gold Bezels For Coins
Offers wire and rope, reeded edge, diamond cut and 3mm rope bezels for many gold coins.
Hand Cut Coins
Featuring designs cut out of actual US and foreign currency. Custom orders are available.
Offers various pieces of jewelry containing hand shapes designed for health professionals dealing with hands.
Happy Glass Fraternal
Masonic and estate jewelry, and collectibles for eastern star, amaranth, and shrine.
Harper Originals
Specializes in wildlife sculpture, elk jewelry, and one of a kind creations.
Heartsmith Jewelry
Offers a large selection of heart shaped jewelry for women and children.
Hip Hop Jewelry
Specializes in unique platinum style hip hop jewelry.
Hip-Hop Jewelry
Supplier of hip hop jewelry including 50 cent, g-unit, eminem, 2pac, DMX and all the major rap labels and rappers.
HLV, Inc.
14kt gold theme jewelry and charms including firefighters, football, cubes, teddy bears, and babies.
Iced Out Gear
Hip hop jewelry, silver and gold plated with cubic zirconias.
Specializes in LED technology, including flashing LED pins and similar products. Custom pins available.
Unique sign language jewelry, t-shirts, and cards.
Jacob Jewelers Fine Bling Jewelry
Offers the latest styles of iced out hip hop jewelry.
Janet's Dance Pins
Rhinestone pins, with themes mainly for line dancing.
Java's Crypt
Hand crafted sterling silver jewelry based on White Wolf's World of Darkness and other games is presented. Contact and ordering information is provided by this Canadian firm.
Jewelry by Jose Grant
Features a range of puzzle rings.
Jewelry Celebrating the Joy of Life
Over 2,000 pieces of jewelry with sealife and animal themes.
Collection of birthstone rings, baby shoe pendants, and children's jewelry.
Kendall's Crown Jewelry
Rhinestone and crystal pins, necklaces and earrings in the shape of a crown, for pageants and awards.
La Petite Princesse
Offers fashion jewelry for young adult women.
Lema Novelty Co., Inc.
Charm jewelry includes amish buggies, brand-name chocolates, pretzels, railroad and Liberty Bell.
Lifestyle Goddess
Features a variety of sensual jewelry.
Lifetime Mothers
Jewelry and gifts for mothers and grandmothers.
Louisiana Delicacies.
Thirty Louisiana themed 10KT Gold charm pendants.
Loving Family Gifts by Relios
Collection pays tribute to families with pendants, lockets, bracelets, and earrings.
Luck Factory Store
Products and cultural references related to good luck and good fortune.
Madbling Hip Hop
Hiphop jewelry. Spinning and rapper pendants, and dog tags.
Mira Jewelry
Grape themed jewelry in sterling silver and semi-precious gemstones including Victorian and bridal designs.
Mood Colors
Mood jewelry including rings, pendants, earrings, golf gifts, and patriotic theme gifts.
Mother Rings
Design a gold, ruby, sapphire, or diamond ring appropriate for mothers and grandmothers.
Mother's Rings
Mothers rings with the birthstones of her children.
Mothers Rings Online
Fine jewelry for mothers and grandmothers. Choose a ring style and select the stones.
Natural Forces Jewelry
Presents handcrafted sterling silver jewelry inspired and created from metals and stones formed from the forces and power of the four sacred elements.
Nazi Hitler Rings
WW2 German Nazi Hitler rings.
Nutcracker Jewelry
Sells Nutcracker jewelry and ballet stationery designed by a dancer.
Oh Baby Bracelets
Offers gift ideas for baby showers and baby bracelets.
Paco Designs
Jewelry featuring necklaces, pendants and pins. Themes include patriotic, religious, pet loves, and gifts for moms, teachers or nurses.
Pamela's Hemp Creations
Custom made hemp jewelry including, skydivers' closing pin necklaces, anklets and bracelets.
Patriotic Jewelry
Solid 14K gold quality lapel pins with a patriotic theme. Flag pins, USA, one nation under God, American shield of honor.
Patriotic Jewelry
Offers patriotic pins, earrings and pony tail holders, as well as handbags and flags.
Patriotic Lapel Pins
Patriotic lapel pins in rememberence of 911 and the WTC. NYPD and NYFD pins are included.
Petite Baubles Boutique
Childrens crystal jewelry and name bracelets. Made to match gymboree styles.
Pink Ribbon Jewelry
Jewelry and gifts that increase awareness and raise money for breast cancer research. In addition, an "America's Collection" honors US heroes the USA.
Pink Ribbon Jewelry and Gifts
Breast cancer awareness jewelry and gift baskets.
Pink Ribbon Shop
Offers breast cancer awareness pink ribbon products. Portions of every sale go to breast cancer research.
Awareness pins and pendants. Retailer supports research for breast cancer, and autism.
Pins Everywhere
Offers Austrian crystal pins in sports, occupational, recreational and holiday themes.
Pirate Jewelry
Sterling silver jewelry in pirate designs. Ships, skulls, swords and Jolly Roger flags.
PM Tool
Solid sterling silver jewelry in themes of engine parts, guns, sports, tools and fire.
Professional Commerce Ring
Canadian retailer offers a 14kt gold ring for commerce, business and management professionals.
Retro Style - Classic Watches
Classic 1914 watches and retro style watches.
Rippa's Custom Silver
Sterling silver breast cancer awareness jewelry.
Shipwreck Treasures
Collector coins wrapped in gold from the Atocha, a Spanish treasure galleon shipwrecked in 1622 off the Florida Keys.
Songbird Silverworks
Specializes in Western influenced silver jewelry employing spectrolite and gemstones.
Story Wheels
Offers gemstone Story Wheels by Nancy Brown to make custom necklaces that tell a story.
Jewelry for cancer survivors, abuse survivors, or any woman who needs inspiration.
The Atlantis Ring
Offers personal protection and immunity against mishaps. A good luck charm, or talisman.
The Copper Penny
Handcrafted world coin and gemstone jewelry. Panda, Eagle and Kangaroo pendants.
The Goddess Boutique
Hand beaded jewelry in sterling silver, crystal, and semi-precious stones.
The Going Out Ring
Rings for teenage girls to let the other guys know you're taken.
The Jewelry Exchange
Over 30 styles of 14k gold mothers' rings available online.
The Red Hat Site
Offers Red Hat society products. To support the American Heart Association's, Go Red for Women, campaign.
The Royal Lady
Red hat jewelry for society members. Also carries gift related items.
Hip hop jewelry, iced out watches, bling, jacob watch, chains, charms, and bracelets.
Top Gallant Merchants
Offers pendants, cuff links, earrings, money clips and tie tacks in themes which include nautical, Irish, equestrian, and Scandinavian coins. Also offering sheets.
Street signs and symbols transformed into jewelry and accessories.
TRS Jewelry
Custom French Eiffel tower themed jewelry, in sterling silver. Flash required.
Tutta Bella Baby Bracelets
Tutta Bella, makes handmade baby bracelets, baby and shower gifts.
Unity Symbol
Lapel pins in the form of an international symbol of unity. Profits are donated.
Wine Country Jewelry
Grape earrings, pendants, bracelets, and wine bottle jewelry.