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Offers a voice activated wireless earset.
CD Recording Software
Retailer for CD recording recording software, CD burners, soundcards, plug-ins and music software for home studio recording with your PC or Mac Computer.
Digital Pro Audio
Hard disk recording hardware, software and pro audio recording equipment for recording studios and musicians.
Kelly's Music and Computers
A source for computer music software and equipment.
Mac MIDI Music
Online dealer in digital audio equipment. Interfaces, software, plug-ins, CD recorders, microphones, monitors, processors, keyboards and accessories.
Music Technology Learning Center
Music software, hardware and recording gear. Music technology resources and how-to articles.
Musical Computers
Custom PC builder specializing in PC systems for MIDI and digital audio applications. Machines are built to customer specifications for CD editing systems, MIDI systems, and full-blown digital audio workstations. Order online.
Red Submarine
Computer systems for music, audio, MIDI, and video editing.
Studio Gem
Custom-built PC based recording systems for home studios and professional musicians.
Voyetra Technologies / Turtle Beach Systems
Sound cards; digital audio MIDI, sequencing, and editing software; educational multimedia CD-ROMs.