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Arizona Bird Supply
Providing breeder supplies, toys, food, treats, cages, bowls, and accessories. Also bird care and behavior information.
Avian Biotech International
Provides DNA sexing, fingerprinting and disease testing on several species.
Beaver Creek Aviary
Pellets, seed mixes and toys for all sized birds.
Bird Brain
Product line includes perches, toys, cages and carriers, food and supplies as well as training videos and other equipment.
Birdie Boutique
Food, perches, cages, toys and supplies. Care information and chat with Dr. Greg about pet bird medicine.
Birds 2 Grow Aviary
Supplements, seed, medications, breeder software, insect foods, open leg bands and perches. Also various articles on bird care.
Birds, Etc.
Selling birds, cages, play gyms, food, and accessories.
Breeder's Blend Bird Food
Food, water bottles, concrete perches and handfed cockatoos. Also general information about macaws and cocatoos.
C and L Aviaries
Breeder supplies such as scales and incubators as well as food, cages, toys, play gyms, lighting, and carriers.
Clifford's Pet Supplies and Seed
Freshly mixed and packaged as well as custom-mixed and brand name seed diets along with cages, toys and other accessories. Also, reptile and small animal feed.
Feather Fantasy
Product line includes cages, toys, perches and related items as well as breeder supplies, food, books, and videos.
Feathered Kids 'n Stuff
Products include toys, swings, perches, diet supplements, food, treats, and cage accessories.
Fine Feathered Friends
Discount bird supplies including seed, pellets, treats, cages, and toys. Offers local delivery as well as nationwide shipping. Located in Oregon.
Fowl Play
Providing toys, food, perches, books and other supplies.
Gene Science
Offers DNA sexing from both feather and blood on several avian species, obtain the results by e-mail, mail, fax or phone.
Good Bird
Offers one-on-one help with behavior problems. Provides detailed assessment per email or telephone.
HotSpot for Birds
Parrots and other exotic birds. Nuts, incubators, air purifiers, heaters and cages. Articles on general bird care.
Jolley Feathers
Providing food, treats, and toys.
Kookaburra Pet Shop
Offers bird cages, food, and toys as well as products for health care and grooming.
MountainView Exotics
Food, vitamins, cages, toys, playgyms and perches as well as books.
Omar's Exotic Birds
Providing cages, food, toys and cleaners.
Parrot Playground
Avian product line includes food, toys, perches, cages, breeder supplies, and books. Also parrot information and chat.
Pet Bird Xpress
Offering toys, toyparts, cage accessories, food and treats, cleaners, and books. Also bird themed merchandise.
Toys, foods, sandy perches, cages and accessories. Also a cat chair and reptile starter kits.
Piper's Piece
Supplies including cages, perches, toys, feed and health products.
Roses Pet Emporium
Nuts, seeds and seed mixes, and other foods as well as toys.
The Feather Rainbow
Supplying cages, food, toys, novelties and other accessories as well as live birds.
The Grey Place
Product line includes cages, stands, toys, and food as well as books, jewelry and other African grey themed merchandise.
The Nature Chest Bird Shop
Products include seeds, pellets, treats, harnesses, toys and books.
West Coast Tropical Bird Studio Inc.
Cages, toys, foods, specialty lines, and other supplies. Includes a bird education center covering behavior, nutrition, and environment.
Windy City Parrot
Selling cages, food, books and toys.
Your Parrot Place
Carries organic parrot food along with pellets, cooked food and seed mixes along with supplements, toys, perches, and other accessories. Articles are also featured.