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Breeders and Dealers
Amphibians, Lizards, Snakes, Turtles and Tortoises, A and B Reptiles, A1 Reptiles, Aaron's Frog Farm, Agama International Lizards, Alan Bosch Reptiles, Amazon Reptile Center, Animals.Com, Applegate Reptiles, Arboreal Ecstacies, Arizona Reptile Company
American Cricket Ranch, B and W Cricket Farm, Big Cheese Rodent Factory, Cajun Mice, CricketPals, ED's Fly Meat Inc., Fluker Farms, FlyCulture.com, Ghann's Cricket Farm, Grubco
Enclosures, Aquarium Center, Awesome Snakes, Back Roads Design, Big Apple Herpetological, Black Jungle Terrarium Supply, Chiltern Reptiles, Ecologic Technologies, Frantz Herpetological, Freedom Breeders, HerpSupplies
Purchase feeders, informational books on reptiles, reptile T-shirts, and also a wide variety of live snakes for sale.
Home Grown Herps
Reptiles, supplies, and caresheets.
Houston Herpetological Supply
Source for reptiles and items necessary for the health and maintenance of reptiles as pets.
LLL Reptile and Supply
Large selection of reptile care products, and exotics.
Pacific Constrictors
Offers captive bred Boas, custom-made rodent rack systems, large snake cages and rabbit hutches.
The Herp section of PetStation contain a library, bookstore, marketplace, and chat forum.
Reptile City
Offers a diverse selection of reptiles and pet products.
Reptile Haven
Retail/wholesale supplier of reptiles, exotic birds and items necessary for their proper care.
Reptile Kingdom
Specializing in exotic reptiles, and reptile supplies.
Reptile Shack
Offers terrarium supplies and live reptiles and amphibians.
T and C Terrariums
Terrariums, live mosses, reptile supplies and herp related books, as well as some live animal sales.
Terra 5 Designs
Offers construction and design solutions for custom, naturalistic vivariums which provide healthy environments for small captives.
The Reptile Depot
California storefront and online dealer that offers reptiles, amphibians, feeders and supplies.
Vivaria Projects
Reptiles, amphibians, and supplies, and custom-built vivariums. Includes articles and photo gallery.
Sells vivariums, incubators, thermostats, heaters and captive bred reptiles.