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Breeders and Dealers
Backwoods Farm, Critter Hut, Hedgehogs By Vickie, K & D Exotic Pets
Chinchilla Lover's Haven, ChinWorld, Lone Star Chinchilla, Paul Spooner Chinchillas and Equipment, Space Coast Chinchilla Supply
Aubrey Smith Hutches, Bunny Hop Central, Cages by Koch
Ferret Depot, Ferret Warez, For Ferrets Only, Furball Heaven Bedding, Fuzzies 'n' Snugglies, Hyper-Fur, Panna's Ferret Fun Beds, Tarzan's Jungle, Weaselpal
Hedgehogs in Space, Oxbow Pet Products, Sweet Meadow Farm
Prairie Dogs
Sioux Indian Art - Prairie Dogs
Enclosures, Bass Equipment, Bunny Bytes, Bunny Luv, Bunnyrabbit, Grandview Commercial Rabbitry, Leith Petwerks, Rabbit Ritz - Boarding and Rescue, The Busy Bunny
Rats and Mice
Rat Lovers' Association, Rat-alog, LLC, Ratty Corner Gifts, Spoiled Rat-Ten, The Rat Warehouse
Sugar Gliders
CalleJean's Creations, Glider Daydreams: Home of the Original Sugar Glide, Glidin' For Love, Sandman's Gliders, Sugar Glider Food and Supply Store, Sugar Glider Food Store, Sugar Glider Stuff, Sugar Gliders "R" US, SugarGlider Connection, Suggies.com
Brisky Pet Products
Specializing in products for hedgehogs, sugar gliders, ferrets, chinchillas, as well as other small mammals.
Bunny Bazaar
Offering natural treats, gift baskets, toys, and health and grooming products for rabbits, guinea pigs and rodents.
Supplying bowls, food, toys, grooming and health products, litterpans and treats for hamsters, rabbits, rodents, ferrets, chinchillas and birds.
Offering small animal supplies such as cages, watering systems, nest boxes, tools, medications and record-keeping systems.
Exclusively Hedgehogs
Hedgehog and sugar glider food, supplies, and themed items.
Offers foods and supplies for small and exotic mammals.
Pet Hammocks
Markets flat, tube, and pouch hammocks made of fleece. Provides product and application images. Located in the UK.
Piggie Pouches
Sleeping bags for guinea pigs. A portion of the proceeds benefit guinea pig rescues. Photographs and ordering information.
Prickly Pear Exotics
Books, food and supplies for African Pygmy Hedgehogs.
Summerhill Pet Supplies
Chinchilla, guinea pig, and rabbit toys, food, treats, and accessories.
The Critter Store
Wide variety of products for small pets.
Wee Critters
Offers food pellets, hay, treats, cages, grooming products and toys.