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A-B-Seeds, Aardvark English, African Seeds, Amsterdam Aloha, Auld Reekie Coffee Shop, Bonsai Hero, Brain Resin, Bucket Bongs, Cannabis Culture, Cannabis Heaven
Detox Products
100% Test Kits, 4CleanP.com, A & B Detox Inc., ACS Herbal Tea Co., Affordable Urine Samples, Always Test Clean, Assured Testing Resources, Clear Test, Detoxify Brand Products, Drug Testing Clearinghouse
Head Shops
Glass Pipes, Wholesalers, 1Percent.com, 4thehead.com, Alaaddin's Cave, Area 51, Bopps, Canadian Hemp Company, Cheapvaporizer.com, Chillabong, Club 13, Cyber Headshop
Herbal Alternatives
Azarius Psychoactive Herb Shop, Bouncing Bear Botanicals, Constellation Herbs, Ecstacy Melrose, Elite Sports Products, Inc., Herbal Ecstacy, Herbal High, Herbal Kick, Herbal Smoke, Icaros DNA
Copelandia Magic Mushrooms, Earth's Tongue, Fungi Perfecti, Magic Mushroom Cove, Mushroom Spore Prints, Pet Fungus, Psychedelic Cafe, The Hawk's Eye
Salvia divinorum
allsalvia.co.uk, Angelfire, Beyond Blonde's Salvia Divinorum Shop, Burton Services, Deva Ethnobotanicals, Easy Geezer, Elixier Entheobotanic, Herbal Highlife, JLFcatalog, Kava Kauai
Providing an array of alternative drugs, synthetic caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, processed sugar.
Amazing Nature
Psyhoative herbs, seeds, mushrooms and cactii.
Basement Lighting Hydroponics
Offering grow lights, hydroponics systems and accessories for indoor cultivation.
Cacti, herbs, herbal products, oils, extracts, tea, ethnobotanical seeds and plants for sale.
Bouncing Bear Botanicals
Supplier of entheogens, rare plants, seeds, cacti, and mushrooms.
Cannapee Ethnobotanicals
Sells a variety of ethnobotanical from around the world.
Dope Fiends' Bookshop
Marijuana and cannabis related books and magazines available.
Provides seeds from entheogenic and sacred cacti, such as the Lophophora and Trichocereus genus.
El Clandestino
Online shop for psychoactives and marijuana products, including, magic mushrooms, peyote, salvia divinorum, herbal XTC, cannabis seeds, and supplies.
Mailorder store for ethnobotanicals like seeds, plants, sproreprints, teas and incense from around the world. In German and English.
Ethno Botany Source
Sells ethnobotanical plants and enteogens including salvia divinorum.
Sells peyote seeds, iboga, salvia divinorum, ayhuasca herbs, san pedro, and hawaiian baby woodrose seeds.
Sells psychoactive herbs, psilocybine mushrooms, ayahuasca, smartdrugs, peyote, san pedro, cannabis seeds, ephedra, guarana and supplies.
Offers a test for pills or capsules sold as Ecstasy to distinguish between fakes and XTC like substances.
FS Book Company
Offers books, videos, and magazines on drug education, use, and cultivation including psychedelics, marijuana, and mushrooms.
Go Sjamania
Shop for magic mushrooms, mescaline cacti seeds, mescaline cactus species (living and dry), psychoactive herbs, psilocybe mushroom grow kits, hallucinogenic seeds and other entheogens.
Sells cannabis related products. Also includes information, a discussion forum, and a search engine.
Green Keepers
UK distributors of the sweetleaf herb grinder. Offers illustrated instructions, photograph gallery,frequently asked questions, and ordering by post.
Herbal Explorations
Sells Peruvian Torch Cactus and other ethnobotanicals.
Inhome Health Services
Cheap & reliable international smart drugs mail-order pharmacy.
Life Energy Distributor
Ibogaine, herbs, hydrazine sulfate.
Offers mushroom spores and salvia divinorum.
Mazatec Garden
Provides shamanistic herbs and herbal extracts including salvia divinorum, dream herb, sinicuichi, wild dagga, damiana, incense, kava and ephedra.
Mushroom Galaxy Smartshop
An Amsterdam-based shop selling magic mushrooms, marijuana seeds, herbs, pipes, and jewelry.
Papaver Somniferum Seeds
Sells poppy seeds. Instructions for growing.
Poppies International
Sells dried poppy pods and poppy seeds.
Pot Seeds
Suppliers of cannabis seeds imported from Holland. Also sells salvia divinorum and hemp fabric t-shirts.
Carries an assortment of ethnobotanical and herbal products including Hawaiian (Copelandia Cyanescens) and Mexican (Psilocybe Cubensis) mushrooms, salvia divinorum, Ayahuasca preparations, San Pedro cactus and other psychedelic herbs.
Quality Health, Inc
Nootropics, smart drugs, aging, life extension and pharmaceuticals.
Sells their own brand of stimulants and comedown kits.
Riverdale Organics
Sells buds, digital scales, herbal extracts, smoking accessories, papers, and designer supplements.
Sagarmatha Seeds and Psychedelic Bookstore
Sells organically grown Cannabis seeds, hallucinogenic mushrooms, and books on psychedelics. Located in Amsterdam.
Snuff Bullets King
Sells snorting devices for storing, measuring, and inhaling tobacco and herbal snuff powders.
Tambu Passionstore
Magic mushrooms, herbal XTC, smartshop, cacti and aphrodisiacs.
The Basement Shaman
Sells plants, herbs, herbal smoking blends, aphrodisiacs and tools for exploring consciousness.
The Pukka Seed Company
Sells seeds, books, salvia divinorum, herbal highs, cactus, bongs and other accessories.
The Somni-Store
Sells opium poppy seeds, starter kits, books, and other related items.
TokaCoka Seeds
Rare plant species including peyote, salvia divinorum and cannabis sativa.
Vapie Marijuana Vaporizer
Sells a marijuana vaporizer. Testimonials, photos, and links to news stories about marijuana.
Offers bongs, mushroom grow kits, salvia divinorum, UV and rave accessories.