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Blackpowder, Cabinets and Safes, Cleaning Products, Clips and Magazines, Clothing, Grips and Stocks, Gun Leather and Cases, Gun Parts Suppliers, Gunsmithing, Hearing and Eye Protection
Advanced Precision Products, Air Arms Portugal, Airgun Express, Airguns of Arizona, airpistol.co.uk, Airsport Direct Ltd, BBAirguns.com, Blackpool Air Rifles, C.H Weston, Cardigan Sports
Reloading, 22 Rimfire Ammunition - Outland Sales, AAA Arms and Ammo, Action Outdoors, Ammo Direct LLC, AmmoGuide, Ammunitionstore.com, Astro Ammo & Gun, Ballistics Bibliography, Barnaul Ammunition, Bell Brass
Antiques and Collectibles
20th Century Military, Replicas and Miniatures, 100 Guns, 1898andB-4.com, Acher Arms Pawn, Antique Firearms, Antique Guns, Antique Winchester Rifle, Antiquefirearms.com, Antiqueguns.com, Apacheria Traders, Armi Chiappa
Competition Shooting
Accessories, Cowboy
Custom Guns
A.R. Raven Incorporated Custom Firearms, Accuracy Systems, AW Custom, BC Armory, Berish Gun Shop, Brockman's Custom Gunsmithing, Clark Custom Guns, Custom Shop, Dan Coonan - Custom Handgun and Rifle Gunsmithing, Dlask Arms Corp.
Shotguns and Smoothbores
Avalon Guns ( U.K), Bill Hanus Birdguns, Keoteba's Shotguns, McDonald's Gunshop - Fine Shotguns and Double, The Essex Gun, The Gun Shop, Rugby
10 Ring AA Gun Sales
Nation wide retailer of fine firearms and gun accessories. Over 16,000 firearms with pictures and descriptions.
Ballistic Products
Shotgun shell releoading supplies and equipment, ammunition, shooting accessories, and gear.
C & S Metall-Werkes, Ltd.
Offering machineguns, tactical rifles, pre-ban and post-ban AR-15 type models, destructive devices, optics, handguns, combat shotguns, NFA shotguns, tactical knives, books, and MK-1 MP5 drums.
Contender Cache
Retail supplier of the Thompson Contender firearm and related arms equipment.
Dans Sporting Goods
Features the Imbel FAL semi-automatic rifle as well as ammunition, and parts.
East Meets West
Includes airguns, blank firing replicas, swords, hunting knives, and accessories.
Fulton Armory
Para-military weapons are the house specialty. Features articles on marksmanship and gun collecting.
Georgia Precision Shooting Supplies
Sells bullets, Vita Vouri powders, moly coat, gun barrels, and AR15 parts.
H-S Precision, Inc.
Offers a complete line of CAD/CAM Pro-Series 2000 bolt-action firearms, pistols, stock, and accessories. Products and prices included.
Internet Armory
Supplying the public with firearms, ammunition, and accessories as well as personal protection, hunting and shooting items, gun safes for security, and knives for survival.
Kovba Enterprises
Sells ammunition as well as new and used firearms including interstate transfers and consignment sales.
LA Guns
Brokers to Beverly Hills firearms and knife collectors since 1993. Specializing in hard to find firearms and knives.
Lomont Precision Bullets
Multiple class firearm and accessories dealer specializing in military type weapons including destructive devices.
Midwest Gun Exchange
Offers firearms, knives, and accessories to retail buyers as well as wholesale distributors.
Millers Guns
Delaware based distributor and retailer of both sporting and hunting shotguns. Suppliers of Krieghoff, Beretta, Browning, Perazzi, many other shotguns and accessories.
Only The Best
Offering firearms, electric BB guns, gas blowback, spring guns, and accessories. Buyer of pre-ban assault rifles and other firearms.
Pop Guns Firearms Trading Post
Source for gun and shooting supplies, firearm accessories, and tactical knives. Order information available.
Practical Shooting Supplies
Offers a broad sellections of accessories and gun parts, as well as reloading supplies and equipment.
Pre-ban Arms
Sales of pre-ban collectable rifles and accessories. Brands in stock include Colt, H&K, Polytech, IMI and Norinco. Accessories also sold.
RCS Guns, Inc.
Offering a wide variety of retail firearms sales.
Rick's Gun Shop
Buying and selling new and used guns. Ammunition and accessories are also available.
RLY Enterprises
Retail sales of firearms & accessories. All makes available.
Scottsdale Gun Club
Includes a 32 lane exclusive indoor range with dojo, tactical shoot house, retail sales and gunsmithing for members and non-members alike
SSME Deutsche Waffen, Inc.
Suppliers of the finest in European firearms.
Stan Baker Shooting Sports
Dealers in sporting rifles, shotguns, handguns, collectible sporting, and military firearms.
T. Stensby & Co. Ltd
Dealer in firarms for close to 200 years. Gunsmithing done on premises, in a well equipped workshop. A very large selection of new and used firearms are always in stock.
The Gunman
Retailing modern long guns and handguns as well as remanufactured Civil War and Indian War weapons.
The Shooting Edge
A firearms and tactical equipment dealer and indoor shooting range. Describes facility, products including firearms, optics, clothing and accessories.
Offers a variety of firearms and accessories.
Triple Break Products
Specializing in firearms, supplies and tactical gear.
Ultimate Outdoors
Offering a large selection of handguns, shotguns, rifles, and black powder guns. Offers a toll free number for ordering and has online ordering available.
Upper Hutt Gun Shop
Hunting, shooting and fishing equipment and accessories. Specializing in black powder and center fire custom firearms. Experienced gunsmith in the manufacture of silenced guns.
Valley Firearms & Paintball
Stocks a full line of firearms, paintball, and related accessories. Offers NRA pistol permit classes, gunsmithing and self-defense related classes.
Will's Gun Shop, Inc.
Includes rifles, handguns, shotguns, muzzleloaders, and apparel.
Williams and Son Arms
Exotic weapons and handguns, custom made rifles, and assault weapons. Specializing in Calico's, Cobray, M-11, M-12, 9mm and 380. carbines, pistols, and related accessories. Custom Ruger 10-22s.