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Kite Classifieds
A Wind Of Change Kites
Authorized dealer of Peter Lynn, Ozone, Revolution, Prism, Premier and HQ kites. Large range of sport and power kites. Based in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Above It All Kites
Dave Colbert offers a selection of over 400 kites, windsocks and air toys. Based in Long Beach, Washington.
Action Pact
Power kites, buggies and all-terrain boards. Based in North Yorkshire, UK.
Active Edge
Specializing in power and traction kites, buggies and ATB boards.
Aerial Stunt Kites
Specializes in kites for beginners to experts including single line kites to quad line power stunt kites. Also offers flags, spinners, windsocks, outdoor toys and educational games.
Aerostar Sportkites
Custom designed dual-line sport kites and fighter kites hand crafted by Paul Shirey PA, USA.
Air Born Kites
Power kiting specialists in Brighton and Kent UK offer a full range of kites and gear, and provide instruction in all forms of traction kiting.
Air-Fun Kites
Family owned kite shop offering a variety of classic and sport kites, windsocks, spinners and flags.
AirBlaster Kite
Powerful ram-air foil traction kite for buggying and landboarding.
AIRmania Windspaces ?Gallery
A selection of artistic kites and special custom made kites.
Kites and other outdoor sports equipment.
Amoka Wind Sports
Windsurf and traction kite shop located in Northwest Ohio and Maumee Bay offers Peter Lynn and Quadrifoil products.
Annie's Kites and Wind Things
New Jersey based store specializes in designer diamond kites, windsocks and Renegade sport kites.
Atmosphere Kites
Specializing in power kiting kites and accessories. Based in Bristol, UK.
B and C Creations
Offering sport kites, classic kites, box kites, windsocks and flying accessories.
B and S Kites
Full service kite store with a wide variety of classic and sport kites offers free lessons right on the beach. Located in South Padre Island, Texas.
Hand made Bali Kites from Indonesia.
Banshee Kites
Manufacturer and dealer of a unique, specially cambered sport kite design for recreational flying and kite surfing.
Belgian kite traction specialists offer a full range of buggy and kite surfing equipment for beginners and experts. [English, French, Dutch]
Entry level kites, sport kites, windsocks, air toys and practical jokes. Located in Virginia Beach, VA.
Choose from a huge selection of traditional kites, stunt and power kites plus buggies, foils, boards and accessories.
Big City Kites
David Klein operates New York City's oldest kite store providing an endless list of kites and accessories. Web site features lessons, photo galleries and secure order form.
Bike and Buggy
Small selection of power kites and buggies in the Highlands of Scotland.
A large assortment of sport kites, power kites, buggies, ATB mountainboards, kite surfing gear, plus juggling supplies, hammocks and outdoor games. Located in Vannes France. [French - English]
Breeze & Eeze Kites
Sydney, Australia dealer of the Buzz series entry level sport kites.
Breeze Chasers Kite Shop
Family oriented kite store offering a wide selection of kites, accessories and wind ornaments. Features helpful kite flying instructions and tips. Based in Lincoln, NE.
BrisKites - Australia
Specialist kite store located at the start of the Redcliffe Peninsula, just North of Brisbane Australia carries classic and sport kites, buggies, kitesurf kites and boards, kayaks and scooters.
Bristol Kitestore
Longstanding dealer in Bristol, UK sells traditional, sport and power kites, buggies and kite surf equipment. World wide shipping rates.
Buffalo Beano
An eclectic kite store providing the Lubock, Texas area with recreational kites, unique gifts, and garden decorations.
Buffalo Box Kites
Michael Decker makes and sells a classic, single-line box kite design in Buffalo NY.
Buyakite UK
Lancashire dealer of sport and power kites also features a kite and buggy rental program.
Carpe Ventus Kites
Lancaster County, PA suppliers of Go Fly a Kite and Prism products. Customers may also create their own kite designs to be made by Ed Shenk.
Catch the Wind Kites
Huge selection of kites, spinning windsocks, books, toys, and kite building materials.
Chicago Kite
Kites and outdoor toys. Based in Oak Park, IL.
China Kite Online
Hand-painted traditional kites from Weifang, China plus delta, diamond, sport, advertising and parafoil kites.
Importer of traditional Chinese silk kites to the U.S. Kites are hand made and beautifully painted in Weifong.
Chinese Kites
Inexpensive hand painted silk Chinese kites imported from Weifang China.
Featuring hand made, hand painted traditional Chinese kites including the Serpentine Dragon.
Clippership Shop
Over 130 styles of traditional hand-painted Chinese silk & bamboo kites.
Coastal Kites
Online trader of classic and sport kites, windsocks and windwheels. Based in San Luis Obispo, California.
Cobra Kites
US dealer of sport and traction kites including Flexifoil products. Additional information on kite surfing and sport kite flying tips.
Colors on the Wind
Kite store Spokane, Washington selling single and multi line kites, windsocks, decorative flags, mobiles, windwheels and yo-yos.
Dealers of handmade single-line Eagle, Butterfly, Dragonfly and Boogie Boat kites.
Cutting Edge Kites
Kite store in Ocean Shores Washington with a large selection of kites and accessories. Also the authorized repair center for "Top Of The Line" Kites.
Discovery Kites
Malaysian dealer sporting a range of kites from Prism, HQ, Eolo Gayla and Jackite including lines and accessories.
DMC Kites
Australian power kite specialists selling DMC, Peter Lynn, Flexifoil, Benson, Prism, HQ and Revolution kites, buggies and accessories.
Eden Kites
DeSoto, Texas based kite store with a selection of Tori Tako, Premier, Revolution, and New Tech products. Local sales only.
Extreme Kite Shop
Full selection of power kites, sport kites, buggies, lines, videos and accessories.
Extreme Kites
Power kiting specialists in the North West of the UK sells kites, boards and accessories, and offers instruction and demo days.
Firebee Kites
Traction kites for buggying and landboarding.
Force Nine Kites - Kiteworld
Large selection of classic, sport and power kites, buggies and spare parts, juggling equipment, gag gifts. Display van available for festivals near Essex, UK.
Forever Flying
Kite store in Decatur, Alabama offers long list of popular and hard to find kites, plus juggling supplies and air toys. Site contains hundreds of info pages.
Four Winds Kite Shop
Erv and Gail Crosby in Everett, Washington carry a wide variety of kites, windsocks, windwheels and chimes.
Sales of kites and accessories. Product catalogue with online ordering. Based in Newcastle.
Gomberg Kite Productions International
Distributor and retailer of specialty giant show kites, inflatables, line laundry, banners. Site also contains international kite travel, lots of photos and a directory of U.S. kite shops.
Gone with the Wind Kites
Online kite store offers hundreds of kites in all styles and experience levels plus accessories, building materials, lawn ornaments and air toys. Site features active discussion forums.
Goodwinds Kites
Materials, accessories and information to build, repair, and fly single-line kites, dual-line and quad-line sport kites, windsocks, and banners.
Gulf Coast Kites
Large selection of classic and sport kites.
Gypsy Wind
Gypsies Steve and Becky Hartman travel the Folk Festival circuit in the midwest USA offering kites, lawn ornaments and beaded jewelry.
Wind-powered toy gyroplane flies like a kite.
Hang-em High Fabrics
Supplier of sailcloth, framing materials, connectors, hardware, kite building kits and line.
Hi Fly Kites. Kite Online Shop.
Wide range of kites, windsocks, accessories, kite equipment and flying toys. Based in Merrivale South Africa.
Highflyers Flight Company
Sparky the Kitedog shows off his large selection of kites and accessories in Newport, Rhode Island.
Highline Kites of Berkeley
Tom McAlister has provided kite sales and service to the San Francisco Bay area for more than 15 years and is host to the annual Berkeley Kite Festival.
Hold The Line Kites
Kite store in Wembley, Australia owned by Neil Taylor offers a wide variety of recreational, sport, kite surfing and kayaking kites.
Authorized dealer of GFAK, Premier, New Tech, Avia, Level One and Advance Kites based in in Welland, ON Canada.
Indiana Power Kites
Power kite specialist with a wide range of popular quadline foils. Based in Evansville IN.
Into The Blue
Entry level kites, wind socks, mobiles, learning toys, games and puzzles. Located in Point Reyes Station, North of San Francisco.
Into The Wind Kites
Hundreds of classic, sport and power kites, accessories, building materials, flags, windsocks and outdoor games. Request a copy of their 80-page print catalog or shop online.
Jackite Inc.
Designer and retailer of realistic tyvek bird kites and windsocks. Looks like you're flying a bird on a string. Based in Virginia Beach, VA.
Jinkoko Sport Kites
Malaysian shop offers a small collection of sport designs.
Key West Kite Company
Billy Jones and Greg Lavelle's Florida kite shop has a large selection of kites, windsocks, flags, wind wheels, pinwheels and kite accessories.
Kite Country
Kite shop active in the San Diego area for 15 years provides kite supplies and service for all types of flying.
Kite Farm
Kansas dealer of single line, novelty, and sport kites and accessories. Site provides novice kite flying tips.
Kite Flying Video For Kids
Learn how to build and fly your own kite in this 30 minute video.
Kite Fusion
Power kites, kitesurfing kites, buggies, landboards and accessories. Site features kite gallery and forum. Based in Stoney Point, Ontario Canada.
Kite Place
Don Swords sells kites and accessories, wind toys, throwing disks and Boomerangs.
Kite Shack
Bridlington UK dealer of kites, buggies, kite surfing gear, land yachts, and skimboards.
Kite Site
Bristol kite shop offers a selection of kites by off-mainstream manufacturers.
Kite Stop
Kite store on the Space Coast of Florida features pleasure and power kites, kite surfing gear, sport kite instructional videos, windsocks and spinners. Also publishes a kite flying e-zine.
Kite Studio
Specialist dealer of kite building supplies such as sail cloth, framing materials, fittings, tools and patterns.
Kite World
Includes single-line, stunt, and power designs. Also offering kiteboarding gear, videos and accessories.
Sells a variety of kites including single, dual, quad-line, and power. Also includes flags, toys, wind socks, windwheels, banners, and parts.
UK power kite enthusiasts specialize in Ozone Razor and Ozone Little Devil quad-line foils.
KiteLines Bookstore
Offers a comprehensive selection of kite books in print. Back issues of KiteLines magazine also available.
Kite store in South Devon, UK specializing in power kites.
Kites Galore
Kite shop in Randburg South Africa also sells several original kite designs.
Kites Inc.
Premium selection of performance sport kites for all ages and skill levels.
Kites On A Roll
Hands-on kite building activity. Plastic roll of 20 printed kite patterns in 3 designs. Pre-cut sticks & string included.
Kites Plus Company
Direct sales of hand painted traditional kites and Kite Reel line winders made of solid red oak.
Kites Tails & Toys
Easy to use site with a great selection of single line, sport and traction kites. Secure online ordering. Founded 1986.
Classic kites, sport kites, power and kitesurfing kites, boards and buggies. Based in Ireland.
Original designs by Tom Mallard including bird kites, fighters and the uniCell, a tumbling and fighting box kite.
A complete selection including stunt kites, rigid frame or framless kites and accessories.
Retail and wholesale distributor of kites, windsocks, flags and accessories with products from over 20 different companies. Indian Rocks Beach, Florida.
One of Canada's largest selection of kites and supplies from Prism, White Bird, Shanti, Crystal Kites, and Spectra Sport.
Kitty Hawk Kites
Large full service kite store in North Carolina with a huge inventory of single, dual, and quad-line kites. Also kite surfing and hang gliding lessons.
Klig's Kites
Wide variety of recreational and specialty kites, flags windsocks, toys. Located in Myrtle Beach, SC.
Kosmic Kites
Power kites, Buggys, Mountainboards, kitesurfboards, plus accessories for all kite traction sports.
Leading Edge Kite Company
Australian kite manufacturer offers medium range of single-line and sport kites. Also sells power kites and buggies.
Let's Fly A Kite
Kite shop in Corpus Christi, Texas sells a variety of classic and sport kites, building supplies and windsocks.
Mackinaw Kite Company
Offers a variety of kites and yoyos.
Mainframe Kite Shop
"Tacoma's favorite kite shop". Comprehensive range of quality kites, flags and windsocks.
Mariah Kites Windsports and Hobbies
Offers a variety of kites and accessories, windtoys, kiteboarding gear and hobby items. Located in Stockton, California.
MegaKites UK
UK based kite store selling decorative kids kites, sport and power kites and lots of accessories.
Minikite Company
Hand crafted pocket sized Minikites. Distributor and retail packages available.
Mistral Kites
Full range of power and surf kites, buggies, boards, mountainboards and accessories. Sport kites too. Based in Cornwall UK
A large selection of single and multi line kites, power kites, buggies, boards, air toys, instructional books, videos and kiting accessories. Based in Galway, Ireland.
Monkey Air
Dealer of Peter Lynn Kites and Monkey Air Kiteboards in Malibu.
Specializing in classic and sport kites, wind chimes, spinners and flags from Go Fly A Kite.
Once Upon a Breeze
The oldest kite shop on the Oregon coast. Online catalog features photographs of exotic kites from all over the world.
Oregon Kite Company
Has various styles of handcrafted sport kites and wing gliders. Links to kite clubs and organizations on site.
French dealer of single-line and sport kites plus accessories. [French and English]
Power kite shop in Switzerland features the Spider Competition bar and the UDS-Universal de-power system.
Parafoils by Roy Mueller
Parafoil kites designed by Roy Mueller. Also sells single line diamond, box, and delta shaped kites. Based in Boca Raton, FL.
Penney Lynn Windtoys
Designer kites, windsocks, spinners, flags and candles.
Performance Kites
Texas dealer of kites, windsocks, garden spinners, and flying toys.
Hand-sized delta kite that fits in your pocket.
Power Kite Sales
Web site of the Western Isles Kite Company. Suppliers of power kites and equipment. Mail order available. Also kite and surf wear.
Powerkite World
Supplier of power kites and kiting equipment accessories and general advice. Based in the UK.
Rainbow Flight & Kite Shop
An excellent selection of quality kite products and services in Nelson, New Zealand.
Raindrop Kites
Single line applique kites and banners custom built per request. Popular models in stock. Catalogue available.
Rehoboth Toy and Kite Company
Rehoboth, Delaware based kite and toy shop.
S and P Kite Company
Specializing in Prism, Flexifoil , Revolution, Premier and other popular kites as well as an extensive line of Disc Golf supplies. Charlotte, NC.
Scoop's Kite Shop
Buy traction kites from Scoop based in West Virginia, USA.
Power kite specialist offer a complete range of sport and recreational kites in Pontycymer, Bridgend, UK.
Seattle AirGear
Dealers of WindDance parafoil kites. Web site features videos, graphs, and technical information.
SETI Kites
Kite store near Philadelphia, PA. specializes in Peter Lynn, Premier, and HQ Invento products.
Sky Diamond Kites
Hand painted bird, butterfly, dragon and Gecko kites from Bali.
Skyblooms UK
Hand crafted windsocks, display banners & kites from the UK. Many with detailed applique designs.
Specializing in stunt kites, parafoils, single line kites and accessories. Plus windsocks and airtoys. Cornwall UK.
SkyDancer Sport Kites
Malaysia's on-line dealer of Flexifoil, Sky Delight, HQ, and Active People kites.
SkyHi Kite Shop
Selling full line of HQ kites for sport, traction and recreation.
Smooth Winds
Oklahoma based e-shop selling dual line stunt kites and accessories.
Something In The Air
Decorative flags, windsocks, wind chimes, air powered toys, lawn spinners, garden accessories, and unique gifts. Based in Nashua, New Hampshire.
Richard & Sheila Goodwin have been selling kites, flags, windsocks and windchimes from their home shop in Gardner, MA since 1989.
Sunshine Kite Company
Top sport kite competitors operate a full service shop in Redondo Beach, CA providing free kite flying lessons and hosting 2 annual festivals.
Sunshine Kite Company
Kite and yo-yo store located in Redondo Beach CA. Contains images and videos of their merchandise, information on free yo-yo classes and dates for kite flying events.
Tail Spin Kites
Canadian manufacturer of Skytiger power kites also stocks a list of popular traditional and sport kites.
The Kite Company
Newport, Oregon dealer of classic and sport kites, windsocks, banners, flags and gifts from around the world.
The Kite Company
Wind Sled Kite Kit. Build a kite in 20 minutes.
The Kite Connection
Dave Shenkman has spent a life's time selling kites, spinners, flags and air toys in Huntington Beach, California.
The Kite Guys
Sells a full range of traction kites and windsocks. Also offers flying lessons.
The Kite House
Israeli dealer of single and multi line kites, power kites, building materials and accessories. Manufacturers of kite kits for workshops. Site offers English translation.
The Kite Loft
One of the largest USA kite stores with 3 locations in Ocean City, Maryland. Web site features a huge selection of kites, flags, banners, spinners, air toys, beach web cam, and fly a kite online game.
The Kite Shop
Specializing in Flexifoil and self manufactured kites. Sells only to South Africa and the neighboring states.
The Kite Shoppe
Vancouver, Washington based kite store sells a variety of kites and accessories, garden decor, flags, toys, spin socks, wind socks.
Trick of the Eye Kites
Guernsey dealer of sport kites, power kites, buggies and accessories. Web site features map of traction locations in the UK.
Two Lees Studio
Leigh Blakey and Lee Taylor make and sell custom decorative single line kites and banners in British Columbia.
Up 4 Kiting
Retail outlet based in Southend-on-Sea selling a range of power/traction kites, buggy's and mountain-boards.
Vent en Fete
Kite shop based in Quebec. Site in English and French.
Virtual Kite Store
Dealer of power kites, buggies, mountainboards, and accessories. UK customers only.
Westwind Toys
Novelty kites, recreational and educational flying toys. Based in Cornwall UK.
Wicked Wind Power Kites
Offering a variety of kites for traction enthusiasts including Quadrifoil and KiteSurfer, Competition X-Foils, Q2000 series, Aqua and accessories.
Wind and Water
Features a large supply of kites, buggies, landboards and kitesurfing gear. Courses available with trained instructors. Based in St Andrews, Ireland.
Wind of Atlantis - KitesOnline
Florida based kite shop offers a wide selection of single, dual, quad-line and custom kites, windsocks and flags.
Wind Weavers Kites and Toys
Family run kite shop in Levan, Utah offering a wide selection of kites, boomerangs and toys.
Wind Wizard
Dan Rubesh runs this resource page for traction kiting in Southern CA, and deals in kites, buggies, and specialty wheels.
Wind Wizards Online
Family owned kite, sport kite, power kite center with kite surfing equipment, windsocks, wind art, yo-yos, juggling, & unique toys. Host to the Prairie Winds Kite Festival.
Windborne Kites
Monterey, CA dealers of high quality kites and windsocks since 1985.
Windchasers Kite Shop
Featuring an on-line catalog of stunt, power and specialty kites. Based in South Padre Island, Texas.
WindPower Sports Kites
Featuring sales of a variety of kites, landsailers, kite buggies, windsocks, mountainboards, wind gauges and accessories. Site offers newsletter and instruction.
WindSong Entertainments
Deals in classic, sport, traction kites and accessories, plus wind toys and garden decoration. Showroom in Austin Texas.
Windsong Kites South Africa
Manufacturers and retailers of kites and accessories serving South Africa.
Windstar Kites
Con Engels sells Skydancer, Revolution, Prism, HQ kites, plus building supplies, books and videos in Greater Pittsburgh North.
A collection of kites, flags, ceramic windchimes, spinners, windsocks and accessories.
WindWeavers Kites
A family run kite shop located in Levan, UT selling box kites, diamond kites, delta kites and stunt kites. also mobiles, boomerangs and Orbydisks.
Wonder Works
Dealer of kites, windsocks, spinners, and feather banners in Rochester, NY.
World Smallest Kite
Post card size kites made in Ireland are small enough to fit in the pocket and really fly.
World Wind Kites - ikite
Kite store in Austin, Texas specializes in New Tech, Prism, and Revolution kites. Web site features customer reviews, discussion forum, news and upcoming events.
Wright Kites
Kites of all sizes, styles, and prices. Based in Waterloo, NE.