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Custom and Specialty Knives
Classifieds, Accent Knives, Aceros de Hispania Knives, Africut, Balisong World, Balisong.com, BenchMade Knives, Booysen Handmade Knives, Brian Lyttle Knives, Clickett Inc., CQC Tactical Knives
A.G. Russell Knives
Oldest knife mail order company in the United States.
Absolute Knives
SOG knives, fixed blades, folders, pocket knives and multi-tools.
Affilatura Fabbri Knives
Hunting, military, folders, for collection, diving, sailing. Disk forged knives, sharpening steels, grinding machines.
AJ's Knives
Martial arts weapons like tonfa and nunchaku.
American Edge
Complete line of hard-working Kershaw knives.
Arius-Eickert Co.
Hunting and sailing, chef and kitchen, custom, survival, and tanto blade folding knives.
Arizona Custom Knives
Folders, art, automatics, tactical, and investment knives. Includes pictures of products.
Averson Blades
Folding, outdoor, cooking, miscellaneous knives.
Axtion Bladez Conceptz
Jeff and Rhonda of Lebanon, Tennessee, offer knives, swords, other weapons, and unusual accessories.
B & D Knives and Swords
Collectibles and tools, including Hibben, United, Harley Davidson, Spyderco, Case, Gerber, and Colt.
Bayou Lafourche Knife Works
Collector sets and swords including Spyderco and Gil Hibben.
Beckwith's Blades
Name brand knives, knife terminology definitions in encyclopedia section.
Beltrame Italian Knives
Automatic models and stilettos.
Bernard and Linda's Athame
Swords, knives, athames, bolines, medieval weapons, and sheaths.
Best Knives
Manufacturers include Al Mar, Boker, Benchmade, Buck, William Henry, also law enforcement knives.
BlackJack Info Pages
Coverage for collectors of BlackJack knives. Also buy, sell, trade.
Blackstocks Inc.
Includes fixed and folders, tactical, utility, and art.
Blade Play Knives
Large selection of hunting, law enforcement, collectibles, and some clones. Forums, general and model tips.
Dealer of Tops knives, blades, and accessories.
Blades by Brown
Established brand knives, collectibles, and accessories.
Blades from Scandinavia
Custom handmade knives and knifeblades, mostly from scandinavian artists.
Buck Knives
Manufacturer of hunting, outdoor, tactical, and everyday knives. Retailer directory.
Bud K Catalog
Knives, swords, and other edged weapons.
Bullman Cutlery
Includes Swiss Army, Buck, Leatherman multi-tools, and Knives of Alaska.
Chandon Knives
Family business makes folders, fixed blade, ladies, and steak knives.
Cove Cutlery Ltd.
Kitchen cutlery, sporting knives, tactical, automatic, and custom.
Cristo's Blades
Fantasy, fixed blade, and folding knives, as well as straight razors and swords.
Superstore with typically over 2,500 knives from 45 plus brands.
Cuchillerias of Spain
Handcrafted and collectors knives from old world Spanish cutlers.
Cumberland Knives and Cutlery
Also accessories such as sharpening equipment and display cases.
Cutler's Cove Knife Emporium
Specializes in vintage factory made knives, including folders and fixed blades. Show schedule, and collector information.
Cutlery Shoppe, Inc.
Retailer of name brand cutlery, sharpeners and tools. Located in Meridian, Idaho.
Dave's Knife Store
Includes automatics, balisong, and butterfly.
Dealers Mart
Many varieties of fixed blade and folding knives, printable order form, based in Kingsport, Tennessee.
DLT Trading
Limited edition custom and brand knives. Most Marbles knives 20 percent off.
Dunn Knives
For hunting, fishing, trapping, use in kitchen.
Discounted items. Folders, fixed blades, books, sharpeners.
Offers a diverse line of knives and accessories.
Featuring work knives and collectible pieces. Owned and operated by Smoky Mountain Knife Works.
Entrek USA
For the Entrek line of knives, includes warranty and contact information.
Excalibur Cutlery
Knives, swords, cutlery, razors and shaving supplies, and groomsmen's gifts.
Exquisite Knives
Custom collectors knives, from various makers.
F & W Sales
Manufacturers include Colt, Case.
Fox Quality Knives
New, used, vintage, for collectors, hunters, fishermen. Dealer for Gerber, Buck, Case.
Heartland Knives
For hunting, fishing, kitchen, military and specialty.
Himalayan Imports
Hand-forged khukuris, the knives of the Gurkhas, in a variety of traditional and modern patterns.
InnerPoint Cutlery
Specialties include Microtech, Al Mar, Cold Steel, Emerson, Kershaw, Paragon, and Spyderco.
Italian Knife Connection
Traditional and modern knives of Italy, including switchblades, stilettos, balisongs, pocket knives.
JMD Toys, Inc.
Includes folders by High Tek.
Kellam Knives Company
Specializing in knives including custom, puukko, folding, hunting, kitchen cutlery, and gifts. Knife forum and chat.
Knife Collection
Features knives for hunting, camping, working, throwing and collecting.
Knife Country
Specializing in traditional pocket knives by a variety of manufacturers including William Henry, Schrade, Case, and Browning.
Knife Outlet
Includes Buck, Gerber. Also sharpeners and accessories.
Knife Pros
Provides sales of knives by manufacturers including Spyderco, Gerber, Puma, Meyerco and Benchmade knives, and sharpeners.
Knife Search
Fixed blade, combat, survival, military, hunting, fishing, and self defense.
Knife Site
Selection of knives and multitools from various manufacturers.
Knife World
A monthly periodical covering knives, some razors. Also publishes and sells reference books.
Specialist in Cudeman knives. Also offers budget knives.
For many purposes, offers numerous brands.
Knives of Corsica
Collectible knives from old world cutlers handcrafted in silver and natural materials.
Knives USA
Production, tactical, and automatic knives, micro-lights, and sharpeners. Kershaw, Microtech, and Masters of Defense.
Kutters Knives
Retailer of knives and accessories from around the world.
Lone Wolf Knives, Inc.
Created using high-grade steels, natural and manmade handle materials. Dealers USA wide.
Michael Prater & Co.
Case, Hen and Rooster, pocket knives, handle material.
Mikov Internet Store
Offering Mikov automatic knives made in the Czech Republic.
Nordic Knives
Large selection of Randall made knives, vintage and new. Custom knives also a specialty.
Northwest Knives
Pocket, sheath, military, bowie, dirk, ethnic knives and swords. Handmade and factory knives also.
On the Edge Knives
Pocket knives, fixed-blade knives, from makers such as Benchmade, Buck, and United Cutlery.
Includes automatics, butterfly, sharpeners and accessories.
Pacific Solution
Wholesale sword and knife importer.
Primo Knives
Custom, handmade, and vintage knives from makers of the past, present and future.
Quick Knife
Brand knives including Columbia River, Benchmade, Colt, Gerber, and Cold Steel.
Randall Knives
Sheath knives, designed and forged, creating blades of the hunting, camping, fishing, bowie, outdoor, and cutlery styles.
Rayjay Knives
Includes Microtech, Dalton, Hubertus, and Italian Stilettos.
Manufacturer and exporter of all types of swords, pocket and hunting knives.
RC and J Enterprises
Major brands, specialty, throwing knives.
Specializes in knives with an emphasis on hunting, fishing, and kitchen cutlery.
Sarco Pocket Knives
New and antique, private line of Case commemoratives and groomsmen gifts. Valuation book and free monthly antique list.
Saski's Knives
For Case XX knife collectors.
Sharper Things
Includes Case, Buck, out of production, custom, and hard to find knives.
South Shore Knives
Manufacturers including Benchmade, Al Mar, Spyderco, Cold Steel, Leatherman, and Buck.
Sport Knife
Sport utility knives with serrated stainless steel locking blades, belt clip, and composite handle.
Star Knives
Discounts on Case, Harley-Davidson, KA-BAR, Boker.
Includes Colt, Spyderco, fantasy weapons. Free catalogs.
TNT Wholesale, LLC
Offers multitools, scissors, axes, daggers, replicas and armor.
Tomar's Ka-Bars
Authorized Ka-Bar dealership offering fully guaranteed Ka-Bar knives and accessories.
Top of Texas Knives
Factory and custom knives including pocket, tactical, folders, fixed blades, and kitchen.
True North Knives
Dealer of quality custom knives and production knives.
Vinny's Knives
Includes Balisong, United Cutlery, Kit Rae, Gil Hibben, Puma, Colt, and custom.
Vintage Knives
Pocket knives from dealers with verifiable history of integrity.
World Knives
Imports including Mercury, Herbertz, and Bulldog. Boot knives, and daggers for outdoor hunting, fishing, multi use.