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American Civil War
AAA Munitions, Civil War Leather Reproductions, Civil War Musket Transport Boxes, Dixiewood, Greenewood Civil War Ammo Boxes, Howard Romero Photography, Memorial Brass Civil War I.D. Tags, Orchard Hill Sutlery, Rebel Flags, Regimental Quartermaster - Civil War Reproductions
NeroStuff, Sharkee, Inc., The NERO Emporium, Tyger Knight Smithy
Medieval and Renaissance
Advanced techniques in SCA heavy combat, SCA Juried Merchants List
Custom Forged, Age of Chivalry, Albion Armorers, Ancient East, Armadillo Armory and Collectibles, Armi Sport Reproduction Black Powder Muskets, Arms and Armor, Arms of Valor, Black Faerie, Black Knight Armoury, Brothersmith-swords.com
Ancient Circles and Quick Silvers
Drop hammered, hand made fine bronze and silver medallions and replica coins from the Renaissance period. Ordering information.
Ancient Oil Lamp Reproductions
Company supplies accurate replica oil lamps for Greek, Roman, Egyptian, early Islamic, Judean Periods; catalog of images, ordering information.
Armas Don Diego
Features a variety of replica weapons, genealogy items, and some decorative pieces. Includes search feature.
Beaver Buckets
Jim Gaster hand crafts replica wooden buckets, washtubs, Civil War canteens, kegs, and other containers of past eras for reenctments and similar events. Photos, ordering information, based in Indianola, Nebraska.
Bill Bureaus Militaria
Reproduction items for the WW2 German reenactor and collector including uniforms, headgear, accessories, and reference books. Includes company information and links.
Blue Heron Mercantile
Goods and services used by and in historical reenactments with an online catalogue and information on services, trail tips, trading post, historical events listings, resources and contacts.
Bows and Buckskins
Naturally made braintanned buckskin hides and custom tanning; hand crafted bags and pouches; traditional longbows and recurves made with domestic and imported woods. Information pages on buckskin and tanning; ordering information; accepts credit cards.
By The Sword
Company supplies swords, pole weapons, archery equipment, armor, shields, leather goods, costumes, and accessories for historical re-enactments and Faires; ordering information, accepts credit cards, on line and paper catalogs, based in Fort Myers, Florida.
C&D Jarnagin Company
Ready-made reproduction clothing and supplies from 1750-1865. Specialty is American military, but some civilian items as well. Sale items, size and fitting form, online catalog ordering, and extensive links collection. (Corinth, Mississippi, USA)
Der Dienst
Reproductions of military medals, badges, insignia and awards of items from 1775-1945.
Dopey Dragon Dry Goods
Weaponry, wooden eating implements, beads, feathers and skins/leather, clothing and rugs. Online catalog with images. (Egg Harbor City, New Jersey, USA)
Dragonfly Reproductions
Retailer of 19th Century reproduction goods offering tacked knife sheaths and belts, clothing, books and assorted items from the early 1800's.
Dragons Hallow
Supplier of Renaissance and Medieval leather goods, weapons, armor, costume patterns, and jewelry for Faires and similar events; on line catalog and ordering information, based in Mill Creek, Washington.
Five Rivers Chapmanry
Hand-crafted historical reproduction cooperage, fabrication by traditional tools and methods, cooperage demonstrations. Hand sewn embroidered costumes; historic patterns and fabrics; embroidery demonstrations. On line catalog; accepts credit cards.
Great Northern Trade Company
Assorted civilian goods from the French and Indian War, the Revolutionary War, and the Fur Trade Era.
Heath Iron
Practicing blacksmith Bob Heath has several how-to books available for fabricating Reenactment equipment and general methods; content descriptions and ordering information.
Illinois and Wisconsin Fur Company
Historically correct, handmade items for the frontiersman, voyageur, and fur trade era reenactor; moccasins, bags, powder horns, accessories. Ordering information, accepts credit cards, based in Buffalo Grove, Illinois.
J.Henderson Artifacts
Custom manufactured historic stoneware replicas; mugs, jugs, bottles, jars, chamber pots, candle holders, lanterns, inkwells, pitchers, pots, bowls, pie-birds, whistles, dolls, marbles, figurines, trenchers, plates, churns. Ordering information, based in Bushnell, South Dakota.
Jas. Townsend and Son, Inc.
Online catalog featuring clothing, camp goods, books, and music. Caters primarily to American Revolution and French and Indian War reenactors. (Pierceton, Indiana, USA)
Medicine River Rendezvous!
Authentic recreations of the tools, clothing, and the utensils for the period from 1750-1880 in North American history.
Medieval Mayhem Online
Reenactment and Faire supplies; arms, armor, goblets, feastware, costumes, jewelry, heraldry items, castle and garden decorations, books, music. Catalog; on line ordering accepts credit cards; shops at Faires.
Medieval Reproductions
Historically accurate reproductions of medieval arms, armour, and artwork, Roman to Renaissance; Period costumes, accessories, furniture, architectural embellishments. On line catalog.
Offers a range of reproduction British uniforms and weaponry, accessories, and related items. Includes historic information and magazine.
Olde World Fine Clays
Authentic reproduction pipes for the early 17th Century to late 19th Century smoker.
Panther Primitives
Historical accurate reproduction tents for reenactments and collectors; Medieval to American Colonial. Mail order catalog; contact information.
Piedmont Flag Company
Historical flag research and manufacture, covering King Phillip's War to the Spanish-American War and specializing in Confederate flags.
Pirates Treasure
Renaissance and Medieval weaponry, historical artifacts, shipwreck findings, unusual jewelry.
Poison Pen Press
Books for the reenactor and Faire patron on medieval cookery, costuming, and domestic aspects of the Middle Ages and Renaissance; on line catalog and ordering information.
Publialba S.A.S.
Specializes in reproduction World War II German and Italian uniforms, boots, and accessories. Also offers other weaponry and Roman armor.
Rendezvous Trader's Outpost
Company provides reenactment supplies of all types from Medieval to American Civil War, particularly leather craft supplies including leather, dyes, finishes, tools, findings, and kits. Ordering information, based in Beaumont, Texas.
Smoke and Fire Company
Colonial, Scottish, and Medieval clothing patterns, books, historic camp gear and Period accoutrements.
Sullivan Press
Period documents, forms, books, and stationary; Colonial through Civil War.
Switz Forge Home
Hand forged ironware, knives, oil lamps and other Primitive Period items for reenactments and outback living. On line catalog and ordering accepts credit cards.
The Pirate's Shop
This site is dedicated to providing online shopping for things related to pirates. This includes but is not limited to movies, books, toys and posters.
The Virginia Public Store
Retailer specializing in historically accurate reproductions for Revolutionary War living history reenactment. Includes clothing, gear, equipment, fabric, and patterns. Ships worldwide.
Trunk Shoppe
Historical accurate trunks, boxes, chests, cases and similar items; American Colonial through Civil War.
U-boat Silver
Replica U-boat Cap and hat devices handcrafted from Nickel Silver and brass Sheet; designs include 3X Blackcat and Edelweiss.
West Point Sutlers
Merchant supplies accoutrements for American Civil War reenactors and collectors and general militaria for the World Wars; antique pistols and edged weapons, badges, military uniforms. Events schedule, ordering information, reenactment image gallery.
Wilde Weavery
Colonial America reproductions of blankets, sashes, bags, and accouterments; fine handweaving and leatherwork. Products photo gallery; contact information.
Wooded Hamlet Designs
Natural fiber trims, tapes ribbons, cords, and webbings for reenactment work; antique and reproduction tools. Ordering information; accepts credit cards.
World War Two Ration Technologies
Merchant offers instruction kits with labels on diskette for making World War Two replica K-Rations, C-Rations and D-Rations. Ordering information, based in Oregon City, Oregon.
WWII German Paratrooper Helmet Liners
Maker of reproduction helmet liners for reenactors and militaria collecors.