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Advice from Jim
Free advice on a variety of subjects; read what others have asked.
Promises no-nonsense advice on love, sex, relationships, work, or play.
Ask Ally...
Straight talk - straight from the heart. Advice on marriage, dating, divorice, children, and life in general.
Ask Ann
Irish agony aunt who posts replies to questions asked on the site.
Ask Art Anything
Advice counseling about anything. Offers private e-mail and answer posted on site options.
Ask Daphne
Have a problem? Need a friend who is impartial? Ask Daphne!
Ask Daphne
Have a problem? Need a friend who is impartial? Ask Daphne!
Ask Jim: Advice and Answers
Offers to answer questions about computers, printers, scanners, the Internet, photography/graphics, automotive problems, relationships, parenting, anger, consumer issues, and science.
Ask Me Anything.
Free, confidential advice, personal opinions, and feedback on any subject.
Ask Miss Lee
Middle aged woman who offers to listen to your problems and answer your questions. Download a chat application and talk one-on-one to her.
Ask Rach
Provides opinions to everyday issues or problems.
Ask Surak
Receive insightful, logical and entertaining advice on nearly anything.
Dear A-Z Solutions
Husband and wife team offer advice on relationships, marriage, dating, in-laws, teens, family, work, neighbors, community, parenting, personal issues, spiritual/ethical issues and miscellaneous questions.
Dear Adam
Help and advice those problems that cannot be discussed.
Dear Cabby
In life, in love, in labor or just plain lost, Dear Cabby offers to help. Practical free advice service.
Dear Dragon. . .
Promoses plain, unvarnished truth, from a Draconic point of view.
Dear Jamie
Help and advice given on all aspects of life. Answers appear on site.
Dear Kate
Self-directed coping strategies. Offers "sometimes humorous but always sincere" advice in response to readers requests.
Dear Mrs.Web
Email advice, regular columns, answers questions on marriage, family, relationship, neighbor and work. Archives by subject.
Dear Lily offers down to earth advice. Questions on any topic answered.
Help and Advice
Aimed at the depressed. Responses posted on site.
If You Want My Opinion
Offers the views of the "Opinion Guy" on a variety of topics.
Integrity Advice
Answers questions both privately, or response on site.
Offers advice on personal matters via e-mail for a fee. Free questions can be submitted, and some are answered on the website.
KarmelOttie's Counseling and Advice
Answers to questions posted on the site.
Life Questions?
Promises cool, honest advice on anything "always quick, confidential and helpful".
Miss Lynn's Advice
Advice offered no matter what the problem is.
Mystic Beagle
Free advice on love, romance, dating, life, relationships, and parenting.
Our Advice
Married couple that offers advice on anything.
Sara's Advice Page
An open forum for advice on love, money, relationships, or life in general.
Sarepta's Love Advice
Helpful advice on love and relationships; includes useful psychology links.
Smart Answers, Advice and Suggestions
Offers free answers and advice to help manage everyday life.