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Articles, Crime Times, Dealing with work place violence, Domestic Abuse -- Why They Do It, Gangs and At Risk Kids, Hidden Hurt - Domestic Abuse Information, Incest and Sexual Abuse of Children, Law & Abused Immigrant Women: Forms of Abuse, Persons Against Ritual Abuse-Torture, Preventing Abuse, Six Forms of Abuse
Books and Authors
Rule, Ann, Alcatraz Island: Memoirs of a Rock Doc, Almost Perfect, An Interview with Robert D. Keppel, BloodPage Books, Faulconer, Tom, Greenhill, Jim, John Douglas, Murder Can Be Fun Library, Olsen, Jack, Outlaw Legends
Outlaws, A Book of Remarkable Criminals, CelebCourtHouse.com, Crime and Justice, Famous Criminals, Straight Shooter, The Newgate Calendar, View a Thief, World's Most Wanted
Domestic Violence
Domestic Violence Coordinating Council, North Durham Domestic Violence Forum
Internet Crime
C4I.org - Computer Security & Intelligence, CNN, Computer Crime Research Center, Cyber Criminals Most Wanted, Cyber Forensics Ltd, Cybercrime, Cybercrime Penalties a Nightmare, Cybercrimes at the U. of Dayton School of Law, Dissertation on fighting Cyber-crime, Federal guidelines for searching and seizing compu
Dunn, Richard Alan, Hearst, Patty, Encyclopedia.com - Kidnapping, FBI's Kidnappings and Missing Persons, Surviving a Kidnapping by Duncan Long
Assassinations, Black Dahlia, Boy in the Box, Bulger, James, Clutter Family Murders, Genovese, Catherine 'Kitty', Ice Box Murders, In Memoriam, Lennon, John, Lisk-Silva Murders
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Media and Crime, All Headline News: Crime, Crime and Punishment News, Crime News 2000., CrimeBlog, Criminal Justice Links, Criminal Justice MegaLinks, Current Crime News, CyberSleuths Crime News, Outside the Gates, Prime Time Crime
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Capone, Alphonse, Gotti, John, Kray, Reggie and Ronnie, About.com: Organized Crime, Alleged Mafia Site, American Organized Crime, AmericanMafia.com, Bootlegger's Paradise, Carlos Marcello, Charles Arthur Floyd, Colombo Family, Dutch Schultz, Eve's Magazine: Farewell to Gotti
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Child Pornography, Court Cases, Incest, News and Media, Organizations, Prevention, Rape, Sex Offenders, Statistics and Research, Abel Screening, Adolescent Sex Offenders, Central Park Attacks, Civil Commitment of Sexually Violent Criminal Offe, Clinical Criminology, Creating Healthy Options In Confronting Exploitive, Defending False Allegations of Abuse, Forensic Examiners.com, Inpsyte, Megan's Law Registered Sex Offenders
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Blake, Robert, Borden, Lizzie, Lees, Patrick David, Leopold and Loeb, Lindbergh Kidnapping Case, Peterson, Scott, Rosenberg, Julius and Ethel, Sacco and Vanzetti, Simpson, O. J., Steinberg, Joel
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A Compendium of True Crime Resources
A comprehensive collection of resources and articles surrounding true crime.
Centre for Crime and Justice Studies (CCJS)
Charity which aims to inform and educate about all aspects of crime and the criminal justice system. Houses a wealth of UK criminal justice links, events, and publications, including The British Journal of Criminology and CJM.
Crime Library
Crime stories and information on: serial killers, the mafia, assassins, and forensics.
Crime Magazine
Comprehensive site about crime - from prisons to assassinations, celebrity crime to gangsters, fugitives to the unjustly convicted.
Crime News 2000
True crime web links including criminal investigations, news archives and resources.
Crime Spider
Crime and law enforcement sites related to criminal activities.
International information service on crime, criminals, criminal records, missing persons, wanted persons and unsolved crimes with focus on Australian crime and law enforcement.
CrimeNews2000 Forums
Forums for discussion of current events and true crime issues.
CyberSleuths - True Crime Features
Crime-related nonfiction articles and books.
National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC)
A non-profit educational group formed to address the causes of crime and violence and reduce the opportunities for crime to occur. Site provides information about conferences, programs, advertising, research, publications, and information about the mascot, McGruff the Crime Dog. Also provides an extensive library of crime-related factsheets and tips.
Smoking Gun
Large collection of public documents on crimes, celebrities, politicians, and the FBI.
The Crime Site
Provides links to other interesting crime sites.
The Internet Journal of Criminology
Publishes international and scholarly criminology articles, written by leading experts, on criminal justice, crime reduction, and deviant social behaviour.
The World Justice Information Network
WJIN is information gateway and research forum for the global community of 10,000+ criminal justice and legal professionals in 120 countries.
Web directory of crime and law enforcement sites on the web, including web directory of news, prevention, statistics, law, famous crimes, forensics, corrections, and victims' sites.