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Death Care
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In Memoriam
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Near Death Experiences
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BellaOnline Life Clock
Take this on line quiz to get an estimation of how long you'll live. See how various life factors affect your probably death date.
Brain Injury and Brain Death Resources
A resource including the Japanese controversy, diagnosing, persistent vegetative state and religious views.
Bruce Goddard
A fourth generation funeral director from Reynolds, Georgia is available as a public speaker throughout Georgia and the United States. He presents the lighter side of what can be a very stressful occupation, while, at the same time, giving thought provoking observations about life from the perspective of a small town "undertaker".
Contemplate death if you want to learn how to live
An archive of articles from various sources on ways of dealing with death.
This site uses actual mortality and life expectancy tables to calculate your actual day of death, what you will most likely die from, and where you will die.
Dead or Alive?
Lists famous people and whether they are dead or alive.
Death and Dementia
The internet resource for death and related topics.
Death and Dying
Buddhist insights into death and dying.
Death in Cyberspace
A social and cultural analysis of the development of funeral and mourning practices on the internet.
Death in the Family - Online Report
Short online summary of research carried out by Michael Anderson of Newcastle's Centre for Family Studies (UK). Selected Bibliography and Useful Contacts.
Death Online
This site explores what happens when we die and the ways that we deal with death. Includes articles, links and video.
Death Timer
Uses published global life expectancy statistics to calculate your lifespan.
Death, Life and the Question of Identity
How are our identity and our life affected by the omnipresent fact of our inevitable death?
Death, Loss and Bereavement
Articles on how to deal with death and suicide, and how to communicate with others about the illness.
Death: Anytime coming soon
Insights about death from the mystic Osho.
Demystifying Dying
A workshop to deepen the experience of living by considering our dying.
Epitaphs and Poems about Death
A collection by Nicholas Gordon that can be used free for any personal or non-commercial purpose.
Is there Death after Life?
Are people really dead after their life has come to an end - or is death a key which unlocks the door to some mystical afterlife? There is one (God) who knows the answer to all of these mysteries.
Kearl's Guide to Sociological Thanatology
Articles and resources about the sociology of death and dying.
Last Meals by R. A. Barrington: Celebrate Your Fre
Confronts the idea of executions of death-row prisoners. Then in timely measure contrasts it with the possibility of death by terrorism. Paintings of the Signature Room of the John Hancock Building atop Chicago.
Last Rights
An in-depth look at how Americans meet the needs of terminally ill people. Includes a series or newspaper articles prepared by Scripps Howard News Service.
Life after death
A comprehensive examination of the various types of evidence for and against an afterlife.
Life in the World Unseen
An e-book of an account of life in the spirit world, as received through mediumship from someone passed on.
Living Dying
Free online book which provides a very different and thought provoking view on disease, illness, living and dying.
Medbroadcast.com: Death and Dying
Articles on grieving and unhealthy grief, palliative care, and pain, plus links to related channels.
New Englander and Yale Review - "Euthanasia:
An 1891 journal article by E. P. Buffet, M. D., asserting that death is painless and not to be feared.
Online Course in Basic Death Investigations
Learn all about the different methods of investigating a cause of death, both natural and criminal.
Roadside America - Pet Cemetery
A listing of offbeat pet cemeteries in the United States. Includes morbid facts.
Seeing the Difference: Conversations on Death and
Interdisciplinary conversations on death and dying, including perspectives from the arts, humanities, and medicine. Sponsored by UC Berkeley's Townsend Center for the Humanities.
Suite 101
Death is discussed as the last stage of Human Growth and Development. All related questions on the topic are addressed.
A repository of morbid curiosities.
The Death and Grief Page
Provides information on the dying process and subsequent grieving.
The Death Clock
The Internet's friendly reminder that life is slipping away, second by second.
The Final Journey
Stories of death and dying which deal with the actual time of death including terminal delirium, agitation, pain contol, confusion, and hallucinations.
The Resurrector
About all aspects of brain death: viewpoints, pathology, diagnosis, and therapy.
The Temple of Azrael
All for the love of the Arch-Angel Azrael. Cemetery photos, and virtual memorial.
Where do We go when We Die
A study of the most reliable evidence for life after death. An article by Rod Smith.