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Exorcism by Rabbis: Talmud Sages and Their Magic
An article by Meir Bar-Ilan centering on the Jewish sages of the Mishnah and Talmud who dealt with magic in the religious context of their times; demonstrates survivals of this ancient phenomenon in contemporary Israeli and Palestinian religious folklore.
Fetichism in West Africa
By Robert Hamill Nassau (1904), e-text from the Internet Sacred Text Archive.
Islamic Resurgence and the Belief System of Rural
A lengthy scholarly article by Anne Katherine Larsen that identifies and discusses traditional folkloric "extra-religious beliefs" and customs that reside beneath, and sometimes conflict with, the ostensibly Islamic Malay culture.
Moon Cakes
A UCLA Folklore Archive site presenting background, origin-stories, production methods, and folktales about duck egg yolk Moon Cakes and their important role in the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival. An illustrated interview with the head chef at a Cantonese Moon Cake bakery is included.
Popular Faith and Practice in Bulgaria Today
Article by Kristian Ismail and Gary Griffith on the remnants of paganism in popular christianity.
Popular Religion in Portugal
Appearances of the Virgin at Fatima, religion in the north of Portugal, and origins of selected Portuguese popular saints considered by Ray Vogensen from a non-religious viewpoint.
Santo Nino - The Infant Jesus of Prague in Filipin
A UCLA Folklore Archive site about the Filipino-American folk belief and tradition surrounding Santo Nino, a representation of the Infant Jesus Christ of Prague. A photo gallery depicts Santo Nino altars and celebrations in family homes.
The Significance of Baptism in Estonian Folk Belie
An article describing Estonian folk-religious customs surrounding baptism, baby naming, and the celebration of name-days.