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Human Extinction
Technological Dangers, Beyond the Holocaust - Survival or Extinction?, Book: The End of the World - The Science and Ethic, Existential Risks, Musing on Beginning and End, Remarks on the Doomsday Argument, Salon - X Stands for Extinction, The Clock is Ticking, The Lifeboat Foundation: Human Rescue Service
Large Near Earth Object Impacts
Directories, Official Reports, Organizations, Asteroid Comet Impact Hazards [Official NASA site], Asteroid impact scale endorsed, Cambridge Conference Correspondence, Close shave with asteroid, DoomsdayAsteroid.com, Earth Impact Database, Future Asteroid Interception Research, Hercolubus or Red Planet, Impact, Is the Sky Falling? (from the CSICOP Skeptical Enq
Supervolcano Eruptions
Horizon - Supervolcanoes, Supervolcanoes could trigger global freeze [BBC Ne
Armageddon Online
Notes, news and links on destructive forces of the universe from volcanoes, tsunamis, plagues and nuclear weapons on Earth to stars collapsing and exploding into hypernovae across the galaxy.
Challenges of Nanotechnology Misuse Cited in Lesli
From the Foresight Institute (which specialises in nanotechnology).
Exit Mundi
A variety of apocalypses: meteors, black holes, technological disasters, weird physical phenomena, religious writings, robots, and aliens.
Let's Save the Future
A critical situation, arising due to a rapid development of the natural sciences, creation of powerful means of destruction and the use of ancient, military methods of resolving conflicts, is considered.
On the Danger of the End of Civilization
Essay by Prof. E.A. Abramyan concerning weapons of mass destruction, ecological dangers, and the need to motivate the populace.
Possible Future Global Catastrophes
This survey considers earthquake, pandemic, alien aggression, interplanetary impact, supernova, ice age, nuclear catastrophe, bioterror, and nanotech robot aggression.
Survive NBC
Information on different types of nuclear, chemical, and biolgocial attacks as well as how to prepare for and survive each of these catastrophes.
News blog covering possible doomsdays due to disease, nuclear mishap, earthquakes, asteroids, global warming, poleshifts, nuclear war and supernovae.
The Future Is
Near future in USA. Tsunami hits east coast, letters to President Carter about tsunami's, and Holocaust in prophecy places us in near endtimes.
Tsunami Project
The powerful earthquake and tsunami that hit Asia on December 26, 2004 was not the last in the masterminded sequence. The location of the next, and the final one is known. What we are still looking for, is only the date of this event.
WWW Bomb Shelter
Virtual "bomb shelter," based on instructions from Soviet Union Cold-War-era pamphlets, offers information on preparing for nuclear attacks, as well as histories and descriptions of various nuclear weapons.