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Alternative Futures Associates
AFA provides futures research services to business and industry. Using such methods as vision coaching, scenario development, environmental scanning and forecasting, and futures workshops, they provide futures studies on topics ranging from healthcare and pharmaceuticals, to finances, investment, and consumer products, to the natural and built environment, as well as emerging technologies such as nanotechnology. Case studies, staff biographies, and contact information is provided.
Amber Network - Creative Coaching and Leadership D
Leadership workshops and training programs for businesses and organizations; focussed on multiple leadership skills including foresight.
Annimac Consultants
Futurist Anni Macbeth provides seminars, workshops, keynotes, and essays; this site includes current and archived newsletters and articles exploring forecasts, ideas about the future, and life coaching based on current and emerging trends of change.
Christensen Associates Management Consultants, Inc
Offers seminars and workshops in futures research, project management, product development, and manager development. Located in Playa del Rey, California.
Creating At Will
Describes services offered by Laurie Sheppard in life coaching, individual change management and strategic planning, and career development; includes client testimonials, workshop descriptions, and books.
David Pearce Snyder
Contains current papers, interviews, letters, lecture descriptions, publications, and reprints; each focussed on a different change trend.
Future Management Group
Research and training to enhance entrepreneurial foresight, including data on change and emerging markets and management of both opportunities and uncertainties which result; presentations, research, and workshops.
Future Speak
Coordinates requests between organizations and futures speakers and facilitators for lectures, briefings, workshops, and conferences; lists sample forecasts.
Offers keynote speeches, seminars, scenario building and preferred future workshops; site contains many articles on future trends, ideas on business, space, and science fiction.
Gene Stephens, Futurist.
Includes background, clients, "creative futures" (a brief overview on futures thinking), and "food for thought" (examples of emerging change).
Global Future Forum
A fee-based service linking futurists, decision-makers, and business leaders in order to inject foresight into decision-making and expand available foresight tools; organizes conferences, research reports and projects, and workshop; site offers some links to relevant readings.
Global Options
Offers resources related to futures studies, peace studies, systems studies, conflict resolution, and spirituality; essays, course descriptions, course modules and workshops, and an introduction to futures studies available on site.
Infinite Futures: Foresight Training and Facilitat
Includes futures research-based presentations, essays, course syllabi, research tools, and group process exercises to enhance foresight in communities, organizations, and individuals.
Jim Pinto
Consultant with expertise in industrial automation offers technology foresight, business strategies, angel investing, and merger and acquisition services; site features extensive essay collection and annotated bibliography.
Joseph Coates Consulting Futurist, Inc.
Offers services including consulting, articles, workshops and speeches about the study of the future; extensive online resources list.
Karl Albrecht International
Lectures and workshops to improve thinking, leadership, and awareness of emerging change; includes lecture and workshop descriptions, books, videos, and downloads of powerpoint slides.
Leading Futurists LLC
Services include research on emerging issues of change, scenario building, keynote speeches, workshops, and strategy formulation; site includes "Insight" essays on futures thinking. Principals: Jennifer Jarratt and John Mahaffie.
Marcel Bullinga
Offers presentations and workshops focussed on emerging Internet trends and their impacts on organizations; site contains article reprints and description of "Future Check" workshops.
Planet-TECH Associates
Designs community and policy innovations for social, economic, and environmental progress; creates interactive websites for community learning and decision-making; and builds on-line futures learning environments linking public school classes globally to envision possible and preferred futures.
Offers training in foresight, emerging issues analysis, scenario building and planning, and in futures-focussed curriculum resource development for teachers, including an on-line interactive module for teachers and students, the "Learning eXpedition Map."
Basque futures consulting firm specializing in economic development and local and urban planning using trends-based impact assessment and strategy formation.
Roger Dennis - Technology Strategy and Research
Technological forecasting, research, and strategy services focussed on the computer and telecommunications sectors; contact information and link to example work on client's site.
Social Technologies
Offers services in technology foresight, forecasting, scenario planning, vision, creativity, and leadership; includes examples of typical "Global Lifestyle" briefs.
Strategic Futures International
Consultants offering strategic forecasting, planning, and management based on applied futures research used to enable foresight in all phases of corporate activity; approach overview and training seminar agenda, links to further futures research resources.
The Domani Group
Research, training, and design services in issues management, forecasting, and scenario-based planning; conducts focus groups and Delphi analyses of organizational stakeholders regarding critical issues; site includes clear descriptions of approach, process, and workshops.
The Futures-Lab
Forecasting and foresight for businesses, emphasizing creativity and the unexpected for purposes of branding, reinvention, and strategic positioning; on-line resources include program descriptions, articles, book reviews, and "news from the future."
The Vision Center for Futures Creation
A Swedish consulting and training company specializing in studies of the future; includes a futurist "learning style inventory," articles, an on-line newsletter (free registration required), and book and organizational resources.
Van der Werff Global
Concentrates on global trends that affect business and the future of the workplace. Offers critical trends listed by sector, a strategic planning model, articles, and an annotated bibliography.
Weiner, Edrich, Brown, Inc.
Firm founded in 1977 identifies and evaluates emerging issues of change for strategic management. Services include research, workshops, and speaking; the "From Our Files" section offers synopses of past trend reports.
Z + Partners
Specializes in emerging futures and forecasting as bootstraps to ideation, design innovation, and branding; articles, interviews, book reviews and blog available on-line.