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100 Phenomena
Complete English text from the Finnish book "100 Phenomena" by Risto Linturi and Ilkka Hannula containing miniature scenarios for the years 2000 to 2020 illustrating what may happen in our future and how it will feel.
A Message From Future Generations
People of the future give advice on spiritual and political development. Excerpts from Dr. Allen Tough's book of the same title.
Australia's Future
A prediction about the nature of the impending Republic of Australia.
Be Afraid
Provides forecasts of scientific and social developments; tracks cutting edge technology like nanotechnology and genetics; offers insight into changes in near future lifestyles.
Carfree City Design
Exploring the prospect of designing auto-less, sustainable communities with alternative transportation, renewable energy, pedestrian orientation, mixed-use zoning, fiber optics and recycling facilities in all units and other green features to aid in long-term quality of life survival.
Consolidation for Social Awareness and Responsibli
Compendium of research papers, scientific studies and learned opinions regarding issues that will have profound affect upon our children.
Digital Fracture
Articles related to decision makers lag and its economic and cultural consequnces.
Dr. Arthur B. Shostak
Professor of Sociology, and futurist. Includes his essays and book reviews.
Future Studies
Essays on change, the future of humanity, and transhumanism, by Nick Bostrom; archival site, no longer updated.
Future Studies: An Interdisciplinary Vehicle for S
Essay on futures studies' use in the space science curriculum which includes example methods, suggested reading, and three futures course descriptions.
Future's Edge
Topics include world population, stem cell research, limits of science, climate change, and anthrax. Includes links to other resources.
Futurlogics a system of prospective thinking
Research method and a predictive model for dealing with the unknown.
Impact of Science and Technology on Society
Progressive side-effects of military, political, legal, religious, agricultural, economic and industrial processes attempting to appropriate a technology that may be far too sophisticated and powerful.
Innovation Watch
Follows developments in science, technology, business, society and the environment and assesses their impact.
Manifesto for the Peoples of the Third Millennium
An outline of processes for developing progressive alternative societies.
News for a Synergic Earth
A collection of discussions and articles focused on culture, systems thinking and how to create a more sustainable future.
Philosophy of Technology
Several essays centered on how the world will cope with humanity's natural drive towards cultural and physical speciation.
Reflections Of A Changing Era
Reflections Of A Changing Era, The American Dream, by Jim Bickford.
ROBOT: Mere Machine to Transcendent Mind, by Hans
Additional figures and text for Moravec's book on the next six decades.
Saving the Future
Suggests key changes that lead to an acceptable future. Offers articles and forum.
Scenarios: The Red Herring Column
Contains several papers about various topics. Including Yucca Mountain, the uture of the economy, and broad band.
Social Fiction - S. Flor
Report from the year 2029: local markets have become an important complement to the established global economic system.
Super-intelligence: Essays on the Far Future
Wide-ranging essays on our potential to create planet-sized Matrioshka Brains millions of times more intelligent than today's humans.
The Collegiate Landscape of the Future
The universities of the future won't be built around the Internet; they will be built around small residential colleges.
The Sky is the Linit
A personal discussion of the most relevant and actual of the world's problems.
Why the Future Doesn't Need Us
Article on how technologies, including robotics, genetic engineering, and nanotech, are threatening to make humans an endangered species.