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Center for Millennial Studies
News articles, scholarly research and other information from The Center for Millennial Studies (CMS) at Boston University, a project that is documenting the current millennium change and comparing it to previous ones in history.
Dreams of the Great Earth Changes
Big Dreams are those that seem to be messages for greater humanity, rather than for the individual dreamer. It branches out to other areas that are related, such as crop circle formations, UFOs/ETs, myths and religions. We feel that messages are coming from many sources concerning a great world change or transformation.
Gonzo Links
An online guide to millennial America.
Jerusalem Syndrome, The
Exploring the potential for violence in 2k Jerusalem resulting from cultism, fundamentalists and terrorism.
Millennia Consortium
A study on the effects of the new millennia to mankind. "We believe that within the next few years or even months, the earth's surface will undergo a catastrophic upheaval. Entire continents may disappear." The "evidence" includes religious texts.
Millennial Information Exchange, The
An experimental project designed to create a mechanism for dialogue regarding the end of the world.
Millennium I: Our Times
Brief essay about the millennium now and the coming millennium.
Museums and Millenium
Museums from around the globe have collaborated on this unique Web site. The journey through their various visions provides new perspectives on some of the existential issues facing humanity at the dawn of the third millennium.
New Millennium's Resolution, A
Proposes, as a new millennium's resolution, the adoption of a world pledge promoting social and environmental justice: "I recognize a vital unity/ linking me with all humanity/ and humanity with all life/ acknowledging that where none prevails over another/ each may prosper/ and all may continue."
Surviving Y2K
Book about the hysteria that preceded the arrival of the Year 2000, by Brian W. Fairbanks.
The Attack by Ufos and the Giant Deluge of Noah
Depicting UFO battles and a global deluge, with commentary on an immortality gene, angels, and other topics.
The Billennium
A once-in-a-lifetime global celebration of the achievements and accomplishments of 2000 years of history while providing a legacy of inspiration and hope for the next 1000 years.
The Millennium Myth
The American dream has evolved from puritanical frugality to pagan consumerism. It must be said that the old version of the dream, when the Millennium Myth was in full force, was an incentive to extraordinary deeds. The Millennium Myth has been a guiding force at critical junctions in American history.
Year Zero Campaign Home Page
With links to testimonials, news articles, the Year Zero calendar, FAQ, newsletters, and support registry.