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Association of Professional Futurists
Supports practicing futurists by advancing dialogue on state-of-the-art methods and strategic directions in futures studies; events, bibliography, and "provocations" free; members-only resources (requires qualifications and fee to join).
Bay Area Futurists
Contains weblog used to explore accelerating change in technology, science, society and business.
Choose Peace Now
A project of the Global Peace Council with messages about world peace, global prayer, higher consciousness, angels, and ideas for awakening humanity.
Contact: Cultures of the Imagination
Conference unites scientists, science fiction writers, and artists in exploring possibilities for humanity's future, and potential exo-cross-cultural contact, via interdisciplinary speculation; online offerings include registration information, past proceedings, artwork, and educational resources.
Craig Research Labs
A private sector scientific research firm, existing to accelerate the technological development of the human race.
Foresight for Regional Development Network
Project links scientists, technology foresight experts, and policy-makers working in Europe to create a toolkit to integrate participatory foresight techniques into policy formulation for regional development; website offers brief explanation, and members-only workspace.
Foresight Institute
"The non-profit Foresight Institute focuses its efforts on nanotechnology, the coming ability to build materials and products with atomic precision, and systems that will enhance knowledge exchange and critical discussion, thus improving public and private policy decisions."
Foundation for the Future
Non-profit organization offers seminars and publications related to envisioning future human evolution. Includes nomination information of the Kistler Prize for excellence in human genetics research.
Frontier Organizations on the Web
- A list of organizations engaged in frontier and visionary work such as future studies, philosophy, personal and social liberation, and advanced technology
Future of Science
Annual international conference in Mannheim, Germany.
Non-profit organization focused on sustainable development offers free e-journal and provides environmental scanning services related to trend-spotting.
Institute for Alternative Futures
Nonprofit research and educational organization specializing in aiding organizations and individuals to more wisely choose and create their preferred futures.
Institute for Future Studies (IFS)
Conducts research and public discussion of questions concerning future use of information and communication technologies, especially in the professional and educational worlds. Staff profiles, services and current project information, and publication library provided.
Institute for Prospective Technological Studies (I
One of the eight Research Institutes of the European Commission (EC), the IPTS organizes regional foresight studies on science and technology to inform political and economic decision-makers.
New Civilization Network
A network of people, projects and ideas for building a world that works.
New Environment Association
Background and current activities directed toward achieving a sustainable world that is supportive of all human beings.
Dutch community from people who have doubts about the future.
Northern Land Use Institute
Planning, environment and Land Use Issues of Northern British Columbia are all the focus of the Northern Land Use Institute at the University of Northern British Columbia
OmegaPoint: Futurism and the Technological Singu
Community of information theorists, consciousness researchers, and artists. Contains the latest information concerning techno-gnosis, paradigm shifting, quantum realities and the approaching event horizon.
The Alliance for Capitalizing on Change
A combined research, educational, consulting, think tank and volunteer organization designed to allow people to explore, understand and influence the shape of their future.
The American Polymathic Institute
A small group of research associates. Includes information about funding and associates; also their current projects.
The Center for the Study of Technology and Society
Keeping up with technology's developments is central to anticipating its social effects. The Center is a nonprofit research and educational group based in Washington, D.C.
The Centre for Future Studies
Futures think tank focussed on future trends and their impacts for applications including product development, strategy formulation, marketing communications, customer relationship management; site includes trends analyses, scenarios and predictions, upcoming events, and discussion forum.
The Club of Rome
International think tank composed of prominent intellectuals and decision-makers analyzing global, interlinked, long-term problems challenging the future of humanity and the planet using systems analysis and futures research; site offers reports, upcoming events, a forum, and links to further resources.
The DaVinci Institute
Comprised of over 150 scientists, researchers, and futurists located across the United States, it's goal being to track emerging technologies and speculate about future inventions.
The Digital Exploration Society - DEX
Multimedia authoring from remote, natural places allows children and adults to understand how to express themselves in the new media world of global digital communication.
The Long Now Foundation
A project of computer pioneer Daniel Hillis and Whole Earth founder Stewart Brand to develop a 10,000 year clock. This is long-term project that gets people thinking past the mental barrier of the Millennium.
The Millennium Project
Think tank of futurists, scholars, business planners, and policy makers.
The Mother's Service Society, Pondicherry, In
Social science research institute which has done extensive research in such areas as social development theory, economics, management, peace and governance, the future of money, the future role of the Internet, the future of science, the future World Army, and the Global Century.
The UACTO Universe
This is the UACTO Universe. This concerens what we think the future in 2020 will be like.
The UK Futurists Network
Supports community interested in discussing future implications of emerging changes and present policies, especially healthcare, education, and sustainability; discussion fora, events, emailed newsletters and updates, and membership list -- based in UK with global membership (free to join).
Universal Transparency
Explores the feasibility of a future surveillance society in which everyone has access to all the surveillance ("universal transparency of surveillance"); articles, forum, related books, links to related pages.
World Future Society
For people interested in how social and technological developments are shaping the future. Futurist forecasts, interviews, publications, upcoming events, and organization information.
World Futures Studies Federation
A professional society of futures researchers, academics, consultants, and their affiliated organizations. Includes activities, events, newsletter (and archives), membership directory, and members-only sections (fee required to join).
World Resources Institute
Non-profit organization supporting research, conferences, education, training, and policy initiatives for environmental stewardship and sustainable development; resources available online include essays, research reports, and powerpoint presentations.
World Space League
Primary Objective: To establish a World Wide Network of people who believe that Space Business / Travel /Education should be available to all people regardless of age, race, religion and income.
Organization explores implications of new information and communication technologies. Includes press releases, information on events and exhibits, and links to related resources.