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32 Questions
Predicts the end of life on Earth, and asks questions about the future of humanity.
Jamie Saunders offers futures-oriented readings, links, quotes, and a discussion space, to help individuals and organizations share ideas about the future and address change.
Josh Calder - Projections: A Futurist at the Movi
How the future of society and technology are depicted on film.
Nick Bostrom's home page
Essays, list transcripts, and anthologies on technological innovations and their impacts; observational selection effects; the ethics of artificial intelligence; philosophy of cosmology; foundations of probability theory; computational neuroscience (complex representations and memory); and transhumanism.
Predictions by Gary Allan Halonen
Contains many predictions of near and far futures.
Random Terrain
Lists of links, with commentary, to sites related to inventions or inventors.
Rational Futures: Making it Happen
Perry Cohen's web initiative to foster public participation in envisioning and evaluating long-range societal goals.
Seeing The Future
The world is teetering on the apex of its problems and cannot decide what to do. A.I. program predicts the future.
Sentient Developments
Transhumanist perspectives on science, history, philosophy, intelligent life, and the future offered by George P. Dvorsky; material includes articles, predictions, quotes, and original music and sf.
The Langridge Collection
Voices, photos and personal predictions from all sorts of people.